5 Cannabis Brands You’ll Love

Since legalization has grown to encompass over 21 states and territories, major cannabis brands are perfecting their craft to dominate the market. Most of the big brands sell multiple types of products and work with partners in several states at once. This helps them bring the best flavor and quality to the market by producing in volume and investing in quality assurance testing. Explore today’s top cannabis brands to find something new to try, no matter what kind of products you prefer.

Cannabis Marketing Vs. CBD Marketing

Cannabis brands are far more limited in their ability to market themselves, especially in states that have only recently approved medicinal or recreational use. Cannabis marketing is often limited to only areas where adults gather and may be limited in showing the actual products and their uses. In contrast, CBD marketing is often far more relaxed in the same areas. Even in states with legal recreational use, there’s a chance that a customer may have to deal with a drug test after using a product. This can limit the growth of cannabis brands.

What Makes a Great Cannabis Brand?

The top brands tend to all have a cannabis strain or two that is distinct to their company. They may also have initiatives to help improve the diversity of the cannabis industry or programs to work on overturning previous convictions in the states they sell in. You may see the same names regularly topping cannabis news headlines. It doesn’t hurt to top the sales charts either.

Top 5 Cannabis Brands

Finding the top cannabis brands could help you stock your shop or just try something new as a consumer. These are the top five cannabis brands for 2023 and beyond, thanks to top-grossing sales and expansive product selections.

1. Curaleaf

Curaleaf easily tops the sales charts in the USA for cannabis because one of the next largest companies by sales is their subsidiary Select. Between these two companies, Curaleaf brings in almost $2 billion a year in profits. They produce both cannabis and CBD products and sell them in over a dozen different states.

2. Verano

While Verano doesn’t top the sales charts at only $950,000,000, they’re still one of the largest cannabis brands making waves in the industry. It widely supports social justice efforts and has headquarters in Chicago while selling in 14 different states.

3. Green Thumb Industries

Green Thumb Industries is still growing, but it’s a widespread provider of concentrates and vaping products that continues to expand. Their revenue is only around $300 million a year, but they’re quickly moving to overtake larger cannabis brands that are shrinking to stay competitive. Green Thumb Industries sells both through partnered retailers and their own dispensaries.

4. Trulieve

With processing and growing facilities in nine states and as the top-selling brand in New York, Trulieve is truly one of the top cannabis brands. They’re headquartered in Florida and sell in almost every state with legal marijuana on the East Coast and in some Western locations. Trulieve is primarily medicinal and has not yet expanded into the recreational market.

5. Stiizy

Stiizy tops the sales charts for vaporizers in both CBD and THC categories. This brand also produces flower products and edibles that are widely sold under their own brand name and through private-label partnerships.

Best Cannabis Brand by Category

Aside from the biggest names in the industry, there are also winners in each of the major cannabis brand categories.


Cann is one of the top-selling cannabis drinks rivaling canned cocktails. They also sell CBD-based drinks, all free of alcohol and ideal for a night out without the hangover the next morning.


High Country Cones is the brand to turn to for the highest quality indica and sativa pre-rolls. Their products are not only fun to smoke, but they have packaging that catches the eye and stands out at the dispensary. Sherbinskis is another brand that produces some of the most popular cannabis flowers out there with the best-selling Gelato strains under their umbrella.

Vaping Products

For vaping products, Stiizy remains the most popular disposable option across the board. Select Oil produces the next most popular line of both refillable and pre-filled cartridges. You’ll have dozens of flavors and strains to choose from between these two top contenders.


Edibles are often produced locally from carefully guarded weed recipes. On the larger market, OM Edibles is highly popular among the medicinal crowd and is even endorsed by Oprah.


Some cannabis brands even work with psychedelic mushrooms and other interesting ingredients to create true experiences. Make sure you know what you’re ordering when you buy from Marley One, a brand launched by family members of Bob Marley to promote both cannabis and psychedelic research.

Find something new by exploring these top cannabis brands. There’s something for everyone within the product lines of these well-known, trusted brand names.

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