10 Cannabis Conferences You’ll Want To Visit

While cannabis was once an underground market due to prohibition, legalization in over 20 states has made it a legal and growing industry with its own cannabis conferences. Multiple business conferences have sprung up over the years to address the needs of retailers, wholesalers, marketers, and more. The cannabis business continues to grow, and these conferences aim to provide networking and education opportunities. Some cannabis conferences focus on specific segments of the industry, such as hemp growers or dispensaries. Others offer something for everyone within the many cannabis-related fields. Find a new event to attend in 2024 and beyond with this list of the top 10 cannabis conferences in the U.S.

Top 10 Cannabis Conferences in the U.S.

While there are conferences around the world for the cannabis industry, these are the top 10 options within the U.S.

1. MJBizCon

The Marijuana Business Conference, or MJBizCon, is one of the largest gatherings of industry professionals held in Las Vegas, Nevada, each year. Equity and expansion into psychedelics have been the focus of the sessions held over the last few years. It’s considered one of the events with the largest number of exhibitors, often including over 500 businesses networking with each other to build new business opportunities. It’s been covered by local news outlets for its many interesting exhibits of new cannabis products.

2. Cannabis Drinks Expo

For an event focused specifically on drinks containing THC and CBD, look no further than the Cannabis Drinks Expo. It’s held in San Francisco each year, with a follow-up event in Chicago so businesses across the country can find new opportunities. This event welcomes consumers along with insiders in the cannabis industry, making it a great place to debut a new cannabis drink product. You can check out videos from previous events to learn more.

3. USA CBD Expo

Attend the largest CBD-focused conference in the country by making plans to visit the USA CBD Expo. Over 1,000 exhibitors have set up booths in recent years, serving thousands of visitors with samples of their products and sharing information about new business opportunities in the field. Increasing demand for CBD makes this a must-visit event for anyone selling or producing these products. It has recently changed its name to the Alternative Products Expo, but it remains a top choice for anyone involved in the world of CBD. There are many videos available that sum up the vibe of the event.

4. CannaCon

Consisting of five different events scattered from Albuquerque to St. Paul, CannaCon is one of the most well-distributed national conferences for the industry. Dedicated wholesalers can visit multiple events to connect with local retailers and distributors, or you can focus just on the conferences that include training or breakout events that are relative to you. CannaCon’s videos are also helpful and keep you updated on industry news even when it’s not time for a conference.

5. Cannabis Science Conference

This conference aims to involve medical professionals, scientists, and cannabis producers who want to stay on the cutting edge. Research into psychedelics is also presented at the Cannabis Science Conference. While it is held in the U.S., top names from around the world attend each year. Highly technical presentations will appeal to anyone in the development and research sides of cannabis businesses.


NECANN includes six to eight different events held each year across the Northeast to increase business-to-business (B2b) connections in the cannabis industry. Over 40,000 visitors attend between the various gatherings. No matter your market or which end of the relationship you’re on, this conference includes a session or exhibition that will expand your marketing horizons. The strict focus on networking between retailers, wholesalers, producers, and marketing experts ensures high-level talks and training sessions that make a difference. The conference’s videos will prepare you for attendance.

7. Cannabis Conference

No other cannabis conference is more aptly named. This expo is put together by the Cannabis Business Times, one of the top magazines supporting business owners at all levels of the industry. Cultivators host a roundtable to discuss every topic of importance, while video access allows anyone to attend without physically traveling to Las Vegas. Check out their video content now to find out what makes this convention stand out.

8. Vermont Cannabis & Hemp Convention

The Vermont Cannabis & Hemp Convention is another conference that targets growers, producers, and retailers in the Northeastern region. 150 or more exhibitors show off the best THC and CBD products the state has to offer to buyers from around the world. Other parts of the state’s tourism and cultural industries are also showcased to encourage investment in the state. If you call Vermont home, it’s a great place to rub elbows with other cannabis business owners in the area.

9. Lift Expo

Lift Expo began as a Canadian cannabis conference primarily held in Toronto. As the U.S. market grew, it also expanded to include events held in Colorado and California in certain years. Lift invites both retailers and consumers to mingle and develop new breakthroughs in the cannabis world. There’s a particular emphasis on focus testing for new food and drink products so that producers and retailers can learn what customers really want to buy.

10. Southern Hemp Expo

One of the largest conferences in the world focused solely on hemp production, the Southern Hemp Expo serves the CBD and fiber industry as much as the cannabis market. Other related events include the Hawaiian Hemp Expo, the NoCo Hemp Expo, and the Winter Hemp Summit. There are dozens of opportunities to learn from the biggest names in the hemp world at these events.

Put a few of these events on your calendar for the next year. There’s plenty to learn and lots of ways to grow your cannabis business when you choose the right cannabis conferences.

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