Top 4 Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Cheers! Here’s to starting the year off right with cannabis-infused beverages of every variety. From juice to beer and water to wine, there’s a libation for every cannabis consumer to enjoy.

With no known long-term side effects caused by intoxicating substances like alcohol, cannabis is a healthy alternative for a relaxing beverage that also has proven health benefits. From reducing anxiety to decreasing pain, cannabis-infused drinks can certainly do a lot of good for many people around the world.

Perhaps more will say goodbye to the alcohol hangover and hello to a good night’s rest with cannabis drinks instead.

The Future of Cannabis-Infused Beverages

report published in 2019 by Zenith Global, a global food and beverage drink firm, estimates that the cannabis-infused beverage market will be worth $1.4 billion by 2024. This is a whopping 15x increase from 2018 sales of $89 million.

Looks like the future is bright for cannabis-infused mocktails, lattes, and the like.

CBD Infused vs. THC Infused Drinks

A Cannabidiol (CBD) infused beverage will have some similar effects to a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) infused drink, but without the high that is produced by THC.

Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant. They are also the most abundant, and therefore, the most studied cannabinoids. There are over 113 known cannabinoids, and others like CBN, CBC, and CBG are making their way into research studies today.

There is a broad misconception that CBD is not psychoactive. This is untrue, as CBD is indeed quite psychoactive. What people mean when they say CBD is non-psychoactive is that it does not produce a high. This is because current federal law states that CBD must be derived from the hemp plant and must contain less than 0.3% THC. Since THC is the intoxicating cannabinoid, people say that CBD is non-psychoactive because it does not produce a high with such low THC percentages.

CBD is psychoactive because it does affect the central nervous system, including the brain. One way it does this is by inhibiting an enzyme that breaks down anandamide in our bodies, which is a compound made by our endocannabinoid system (ECS) that helps with feelings of joy or bliss. By CBD inhibiting this enzyme, it causes anandamide to hang around longer, decreasing feelings of anxiety while improving mood. How’s that for psychoactive!

Let’s take a look at what the industry has to offer thus far around cannabis-infused drinks.

Cannabis-Infused Water


Sparkling water infused with adaptogens and hemp extract can be found under the Recess brand. Adaptogens are known for creating balanced reactions to stress, similar to hemp.

Infused with real fruit, these all-natural waters come in a variety of flavors including black cherry, coconut lime, blood orange, peach ginger, pomegranate hibiscus, and blackberry chai. Order the sampler to get one of each before committing to a favorite flavor.

Cannabis-Infused Juices and Teas

Gentle Giant – All Natural Cannabis-Infused Herbal Beverages

Only enjoyable in a select number of states like Oregon and Washington, Giant, a cannabis-infused line from Mirth Provisions, offers a combination of medicinal herbs in their holistic beverages.

With four varieties including Waking Giant/Sativa, Gentle Giant/Indica, Jolly Giant/Hybrid, and Mental Giant/1:1 CBD/TCH, each beverage has its own concoction of medicinal herbs.

The Gentle Giant Indica is a combination of powerful relaxing and balancing herbs like chamomile, passionflower, lemon balm, and ashwagandha. With added terpenes limonene and linalool, this cannabis beverage creates a harmonic convergence of mind and body, according to Mirth.

Otto’s CBD Cider

Also a Mirth Provisions brand, Otto’s CBD Cider is THC free and made from Washington’s finest organic apples.

Available in Hopped Apple, Pear Rhubarb, and Pineapple Passion flavors, this CBD-infused cider is farm fresh with no gluten or alcohol. Otto’s is the perfect beverage for a relaxing time without intoxicating side effects.

Cannabis-Infused Wine

Hill Street Beverage Company

Supporting consumers who suffer from conditions that do not allow alcohol consumption and those who simply have no interest in drinking alcohol, Hill Street Beverage is crafting award-winning non-alcoholic libations.

Having recently acquired global rights to Lexaria Bioscience’s THC assets, Hill Street now has exclusive rights to Lexaria’s DehydraTECH. This technology will allow Hill Street to make beverages infused with cannabis. The deal also grants Hill Street a license with Lexaria HempCo, allowing them to create CBD-infused drinks globally for 10 years.

We are excited to see the cannabis-infused wines and beers that Toronto-based Hill Street will release with their new acquisition.

Perhaps they will infuse some of their already popular beverages. Here are a few we would like to see infused with THC or CBD, or both:

  • Vin(Zero) Cabernet Sauvignon – A bold and hearty red, this alcohol-free wine is big, bouncy, and juicy! The black and red currant with cherry fruit sensation should pair nicely with THC.
  • Hill Street Craft Brewed Lager – This non-alcoholic beer is a safe way to enjoy a crisp, cold beer after a long day. You get all the taste of a beer without the hangover and regret. CBD could be the only thing this lager is missing!

Cannabis-Infused Drinks, the Future of Adult Beverages

With publicly traded companies such as New Age Beverage, Canopy Growth Corporation, Alkaline Water Company, and Puration Inc. all invested in the cannabis-infused beverage market, there is nothing but growth on the horizon for the latest in adult beverage trends.

With more people on medications that do not mix with alcohol, and millennials drinking less alcohol than the generations preceding them, there is definitely room for a beverage that is psychoactive but not toxic to the body. Cannabis fits the bill well, and we are all here for it!

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