What is a Gravity Bong & How to Get the Best One

Gravity getting you down, then have you tried a gravity bong to smoke weed from? If you’re in a carpe diem mood, consider taking your go-to cannabis strain to the next level with this innovative and famously hard-hitting contraption.

Gravity bongs are all about taking what your usual bong gives you and flicking off the safety switch. Veteran stoners love these bongs – and for a good reason – because there’s no harder hit around.

So, what is special about gravity bongs for marijuana? Find out below.

What is a Gravity Bong?

You likely already know what is a bong, but what are gravity bongs?

Gravity bongs are a different way to consume cannabis. Instead of using a traditional bong, this variant uses only two empty plastic bottles to funnel smoke through water and into your lungs.

Also known as a gravity pipe or grav bong, this is a homemade variant of the classic bong. You’re cooling the smoke by pushing it through water first, but in this case, you’re filling a vacuum with smoke rather than coming into contact with the water directly.

So, why is a gravity bong more effective at giving you a massive high?

They work by submerging a small bottle in water with a bowl of your favorite celebrity weed brands’ cannabis in a larger bottle on top.

Just light the cannabis and slowly draw the bottle out of the water to allow it to fill with smoke. Unscrew the lid, place your mouth over the bottle, and then push the bottle down to harness the power of gravity to force the smoke into your lungs.

Is a Gravity Bong Better?

This is why most stoners switch from ordinary bongs to the gravity variant. You’ve got more smoke volume compacted together to create density.

In other words, you’re getting a more intense bong hit than you would from your usual bong. So, if you want to get more from your quarter of weed, this is the device for you.

Is it Safe to Smoke Out of a Gravity Bong?

Are you one of the 21% of Americans upcycling their products? While grav bongs might seem like an excellent way to upcycle, all is not as it seems.

All single-use plastic bottles often contain chemicals that are released when exposed to heat. So, in many cases, expect strange tastes and unpleasant smells. This is why glass and silicon bottles are often used for getting through your zip of weed.

But if plastic bottles are all you have, there’s nothing wrong with using a grav bong occasionally. Just beware that although it’ll give you a Mike Tyson punch of a THC hit, it may change the usual flavor of your preferred strain.

Pros and Cons of Gravity Bongs

Some of the benefits of gravity bongs include:

·  Bigger hits.

·  Easy to rip your bong.

·  Simple to make at home.

In contrast, there are some disadvantages:

·  Too intense for beginners.

·  Health concerns from using plastic bottles.

The History of the Gravity Bong

Bongs are nothing new. According to National Geographic, the earliest examples of bongs were uncovered in Russia in 2013. It was thought that Scythian tribal chiefs used these gold vessels to smoke cannabis and opium 2,400 years ago.

But the grav bong emerged in the 1990s as smokers got creative while searching for bigger hits. It wasn’t until 2004 that the first commercially made gravity bong for sale entered the market. It was an all-glass bong known as the Gravitron, created by Dave Daily.

However, despite all the fancy cannabis marketing, smokers still prefer the nostalgia of the old-fashioned DIY method of using whatever they’ve got lying around.

What is the Difference Between a Bong and a Gravity Bong?

Technically speaking, there are two types of grav bong you might come across if you’ve traveled the world on a cannabis tourism trip, and these are:

·  Bucket Bong – Favored because of its DIY potential, just put the weed in the cap, light it, and pull. The enclosed space creates a vacuum to draw the smoke. When it’s full, remove the cap and start drawing.

·  Waterfall Bong – This bong also creates a vacuum. But in this case, you light the cannabis and allow the water to drain. Once drained, plug the hole, remove the cap, and draw.

The working method is the primary difference between the above two bongs and a traditional bong. Regular bongs use water filtration, whereas grav bongs use a vacuum without direct water contact.

This is why you don’t get a smooth hit with a grav bong. The smoke is going directly into your lungs all at once. If you’re learning how to roll a blunt for the first time or can’t yet tell the difference between joints vs. blunts, we wouldn’t recommend starting with gravity bongs.

It depends. Under a sub-section of the federal Controlled Substances Act, selling or shipping bongs across state lines is illegal. However, states that have legalized marijuana have also legalized devices like bongs.

Like using street names for weed, sellers often list bongs as “water pipes” and claim they’re for tobacco use to circumvent the laws.

How to Make a Gravity Bong

Are you ready to put your weed measurements to good use? Then you can make your own bong at home.

1. Use a knife to make a hole in the bottom third of a one-liter bottle.

2. Cut off the bottom third of the bottle.

3. Puncture a hole in the top third of your other two-liter bottle.

4. Now cut off the top one-third of your two-liter bottle.

5. Make a small hole in the cap of your smaller bottle.

6. Slide the bowl piece through this hole.

7. Screw the bottle cap back on and place the small bottle into the base of your large bottle.

It is that easy. And if you want some other fun things to do while high, you can even make your own DIY bowl.


Indulging in weed recipes and strain experimentation are just some ways to expand your horizons. At Flavor Fix, we have a range of guides and recommendations for how to get more from your stash.

If you’re ready to graduate from the grav bong or want to shake things up, find your flavor with Flavor Fix today.

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