Purple Punch Strain — Knock Yourself Out With a Heavy Hitter

The Purple Punch Strain is legit. If you’re looking for an experience that’s sure to knock you out, put the legendary Purple Punch strain on your list of after-work to-dos. This heavily indica-dominant bud is widely loved for its sweet, juicy flavor profile and strong cerebral and physical effects that leave users in a state of pure mental bliss and physical tranquility.

Purple Punch Strain
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Purple Punch Strain Flavor Scale

The Purple Punch strain might as well be an after-dinner dessert with its sweet, almost candy-like flavor profile that tastes strikingly like:


AVO Ratings




18% to 20%





Purple Punch Strain Information

Purple Punch is an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid with an average THC content of 18% to 20% and virtually no CBD. This strain’s effects kick off with a fast-hitting slam of mental euphoria that’s quickly followed by an all-consuming, sedating body high that’ll gently carry you into a blissful, peaceful sleep. If you’re not looking to pass out completely, take it slow with this one, as just a few too many tokes will likely have you unconsciously drooling on your couch.

Like most indica-heavy strains, Purple Punch is known for bringing about some serious munchies, which makes it an excellent medicinal choice for tokers with a low appetite. The strain is also widely used for alleviating stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, headaches, and insomnia.

Purple Punch Strain Effects



Helps With



Dry mouth
Dry eyes
Mild dizziness

Purple Punch Strain Pairings

Pairs With Music

Empire of the Sun — “Walking on a Dream”
Bunny Wailer — “Dream Land”

BROCKHAMPTON — “Sugar”: While you slight into a state of relaxed bliss, let this sweet, soothing R&B jam carry your mind away.

Empire of the Sun — “Walking on a Dream”: Put this fun jam on while you light up some Purple Punch. It’s peppy enough to prevent you from passing out but not so upbeat that you won’t be able to chill.

Bunny Wailer — “Dream Land”: Let this soothing, classic reggae jam float your mind away while Purple Punch gently carries you off to dreamland.

Pairs With Food

Blueberry Cheesecake
Frozen Grapes
Coconut Shrimp

Blueberry Cheesecake: This decadent, sweet-tart dessert is ridiculously easy to crush when the munchies hit. Plus, its flavors play nicely with Purple Punch’s berry and vanilla notes. Have your dessert and smoke it too.

Frozen Grapes: These chilly little balls of awesome are weirdly satisfying when you’re floating on cloud nine, and if you’re not trying to eat your whole pantry late at night, they’re a great alternative to more typical stoner fare.

Coconut Shrimp: If you’re craving something more savory, crispy, golden coconut-crusted shrimp is pretty much irresistible after a few tokes of Purple Punch. Pair it with some sweet chili sauce and enjoy how the sweet, savory, and slightly tart flavors meld perfectly.

Pairs With Spirits

Blueberry smash
Whiskey sour

Blueberry smash: This berry-forward, slightly tart, vodka-based cocktail does a great job of cutting the sweetness of Purple Punch, and it’s super simple to whip up even when you’re stoned.

Sangria: It’s basically an alcoholic punch, which makes it a natural pairing for the Purple Punch strain.

Whiskey sour: If you like a little sour with your sweet, this classic cocktail’s warming and soothing effects pair nicely with Purple Punch.

Where The Purple Punch Strain Is Grown

Purple Punch was created by the growers at Supernova Gardens when they crossed Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. The strain was later refined and popularized by Symbiotic Genetics in California.

Purple Punch Aroma

The Purple Punch strain smells a lot like it tastes and will punch you in the nostrils with a potent blend of grape, blueberry, and sweet candy-like scents.

How to Grow the Purple Punch Strain

Purple Punch is a bit tricky to grow, so you’ll want at least a little cannabis cultivation experience to be successful with this photoperiod flower. If you don’t have any experience, definitely do some research on picky cannabis plants so you know how to help this gem thrive.

Potential complications for this short and stocky plant include mold and pests, so regular pruning and treatment with bug deterrents will likely be necessary, especially if you’re growing outdoors.

Purple Punch typically reaches a height of 60 to 80 inches, finishes flowering in 56 to 75 days, and is ready for harvest after about nine to 10 weeks. If you want to achieve the characteristic purple hue this flower is known for, you’ll need to expose your plants to cooler-than-usual temps for a few weeks before harvest.

Purple Punch Full Flavor Terpenes

The Purple Punch strain is high in caryophyllene, which is spicy and peppery, as well as geraniol, which is sweet, citrusy, and floral. Other terpenes abundant in this strain include limonene, myrcene, phellandrene, and linalool.

Top 3 Strains Similar to Purple Punch

If Purple Punch tickles your fancy but you’d like to expand your cannacollection with some similar flower, check out these strains with comparable effects.

Purple Sunset

Like Purple Punch, Purple Sunset is an indica-dominant strain that’s fruity and super calming. It also has a comparable THC content of about 22% and is excellent for winding down the day.

Donkey Butter

Donkey Butter is a particularly potent (27% THC), heavily indica-dominant strain that, like Purple Punch, will melt you into your couch and keep you there for hours. But beware: If fruity strains are your favorite, this super-funky skunk might not be your thing.

Blackberry Kush

This fruity, earthy, indica-dominant strain makes for a great pre-bed treat with super-soothing effects that can help eliminate pain, stress, and a less-than-stellar mental state. Like Purple Punch, Blackberry Kush is quite potent and will likely leave you looking for a soft surface to sink into.

FAQs About the Purple Punch Strain

How much does the Purple Punch strain yield?

When grown outdoors, the Purple Punch strain yields an average of 15 to 20 ounces per plant. When grown indoors, it generally produces around one to two ounces per square foot or 400 grams per square meter.

Is Purple Punch a downer or an upper?

The Purple Punch strain is heavily indica dominant, so it’s much more sedating than it is stimulating.

Is Purple Punch a strong strain?

Purple Punch is pretty high in THC and quite mentally and physically sedating, so it tends to hit users hard and keep them high for hours.

Purple Punch Strain Summary

When you’re looking to unwind and gently drift yourself into a state of sleepy bliss, the Purple Punch strain might just become your new go-to. Strains with similarly uplifting and tranquilizing effects include Granddaddy Purple, Bubba Kush, and SFV Dog.

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