Slurricane Strain — Sweet, Sedating Stress Relief

The Slurricane strain probably won’t have you slurring your words, but as its name suggests, this indica-dominant bud is definitely a heavy hitter. Whether you’re looking to wind down after a long, stressful day or you need to alleviate nagging aches and pains, the sweet, fruity Slurricane strain might just become your go-to Mary Jane.

Slurricane Strain
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With its unique sweet and skunky flavor profile, the Slurricane strain might as well be a funky fruit salad in bud form. Each toke will tickle your tongue with notes of:

Herbs and pine

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Slurricane Strain Information

The Slurricane strain is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid that clocks in at an alarmingly high average THC content of 28%. The strain has virtually no CBD, but 1% CBG, which makes it a solid choice for alleviating pain, cramps, headaches, muscle spasms, stress, and anxiety.

Although the Slurricane high is a bit of a creeper, the strain’s effects tend to last a looong time once they set in. The experience kicks off with a slow-hitting, mounting sense of cerebral euphoria that quickly kicks stress and negativity to the curb. As your mind happily floats in a sea of contentment, a potent, heavily sedating body buzz will gradually set in, bringing intense relaxation that’ll lock you to your couch for hours on end.

Like most indica-dominant strains, Slurricane is known for bringing on some pretty overwhelming munchies, so if you’re gonna partake, have snacks on deck. Given this strain’s super-relaxing effects and ridiculously high THC content, it’s probably best reserved for tokers who’ve built a decent tolerance.


Slurricane Strain Effects



Helps With



Dry eyes
Dry mouth

Slurricane Strain Pairings

Pairs With Music

Khai Dreams — “Drifting Away”
Feng Suave — “Sink into the Floor”
David Bowie — “Space Odyssey”

Khai Dreams — “Drifting Away”: As you let Slurricane lift your mind and soothe your body, listen to this soothing tune and let it drift you away.

Feng Suave — “Sink into the Floor”: While Slurricane sinks you deep into your couch, let this relaxing indie-soul jam soothe your mind.

David Bowie — “Space Odyssey”: Slurricane will definitely have you floating in the most peculiar way, so this classic should fit right in with your high and happy vibe

Pairs With Food

Frozen grapes
Fresh berries

Frozen grapes: When those Slurricane munchies hit late at night, reach for these icy balls of deliciousness. The mouthfeel is amazing when you’re blazed, and they’ll help keep you from devouring your entire snack cupboard.

Fresh berries: Juicy, sweet-tart berries are an excellent companion for the fruity Slurricane strain. Plus, they’re an easy grab when you’re feeling munchy, but your limbs feel a bit like lead.

Cheesecake: Nosh on some decadent, creamy cheesecake while Slurricane’s berry notes still linger on your tongue. Appreciate how the flavors complement one another.

Pairs With Spirits

Raspberry Bellini
New York Sour

Slurricane: Before the Slurricane strain was created, rapper E-40 came out with this ready-to-drink, rum-based cocktail of the same name. They’re basically two peas in a pod.

Raspberry Bellini: Sip on this slightly sweet, slightly tart, champagne-based cocktail to help keep your energy levels up after a few tokes of Slurricane. The berry notes in both play nicely together.

New York Sour: This bourbon-based cocktail is a classic nightcap and delicious to boot. When you sip it alongside a few puffs of Slurricane, you might just get the best sleep of your life.

Where The Slurricane Strain Is Grown

Slurricane was developed by the breeders at In-House Genetics when they crossed Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch.

Slurricane Aroma

The Slurricane strain smells fruity, spicy, herbaceous, and earthy, kinda like a blend of sugary berries and grapes, pine, damp wood, musky herbs, and spices.

How to Grow the Slurricane Strain

You can successfully grow Slurricane indoors or out, either in soil or a hydroponic setup, as plants tend to thrive in both environments. This strain tends to respond well to low-stress training techniques (trellising can be particularly effective), so it’s generally not that tough to cultivate, no matter your experience level.

Slurricane is a photoperiod strain that needs nutrient-rich, well-draining soil, regular fertilization and periodic pruning, and, of course, a good light source. You’ll want to veg plants for at least four weeks and flower them for eight to 10 weeks before harvesting your bud.

Slurricane Full Flavor Terpenes

The most abundant terpene in the Slurricane strain is D-limonene (also referred to simply as limonene), which lends a citrusy flavor and aroma to flower. This strain is also high in:

  • Terpineol, which is floral and piney
  • Caryophyllene, which is spicy and slightly pungent
  • Ocimene, which is citrusy, sweet, herbaceous, and woody
  • Linalool, which is floral, citrusy, and woody
  • Pinene, which is herbaceous, woody, piney, and hoppy

Top 3 Strains Similar to Slurricane

Black Diamond

Like Slurricane, Black Diamond is an indica-dominant, stress-relieving, mood-boosting strain with a fruity, earthy, herbaceous flavor profile. It’s known for bringing on the giggles and munchies and is also great for alleviating depression and anxiety.

Death Star

Death Star is a 75/25 indica-sativa hybrid that tests as high as 27% THC. Like Slurricane, this strain is high in spicy caryophyllene and delivers an all-consuming, intensely euphoric high that’ll bring you inner peace and leave your body ridiculously relaxed for hours.

Black Out

The potent, heavily indica-dominant Black Out strain won’t actually make you black out, but it will 100% soothe your brain and body and help you get a great night’s rest, just like Slurricane.

FAQs About the Slurricane Strain

Does the Slurricane strain make you drowsy?

Slurricane is very relaxing and a bit of a creeper, so it may not make you drowsy immediately, but as your high wears on, you’ll probably feel bleary-eyed and ready for bed.

How much flower does the Slurricane strain yield?

Slurricane generally yields 15 to 20 ounces per plant indoors and one to two ounces per square foot outdoors. Your mileage may vary, however, as yield depends heavily on growing conditions and technique.

What is the Slurricane strain good for?

Slurricane can help relieve pain, alleviate anxiety and depression, and soothe stress. Because this strain is pretty sedating, it can also be helpful for insomnia and other sleep-related issues.

Slurricane Strain Summary

Whether you’re stressed, anxious, or in pain, a few tokes of the Slurricane strain will have you feeling right in no time. And if you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep, this bud can definitely help you out with that, too. Strains with similarly relaxing effects include Grape Ape, G-Force, and Granddaddy Purple.

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