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The CEO and co-founder of Mission Farms CBD, Ben Joyce, is a pioneer in hemp farming. Without chemicals or pesticides, growing hemp in the rich volcanic soil and natural sunlight of Central Oregon rocketed Mission Farms CBD oils into popularity.

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About Mission Farms CBD

As Ben Joyce’s hemp grew in popularity, additional growers, now co-founders, joined him in his budding business in Bend, Oregon. Mission Farms CBD continued developing, researching and improving its products until the company had 5-star reviews across the United States.

Ben Joyce and colleagues founded Mission Farms CBD in 2018. The company is constantly exploring and refining its effective products and even has its own blends of CBD oil with essential oils and terpenes.

Mission Farms CBD’s mission is clear: to help people find relief from stress, insomnia, pain, and more using all-natural methods. What began as a humble hemp farm now offers solution-based product formulations to support anyone who needs relief.

The company is deeply devoted to delivering the health benefits of oils to as many people as possible. Their customers receive the highest level of purity and quality because the company monitors the entire process, from planting the seeds to mailing the packages.

Mission Farms CBD regularly donates CBD products to help others, including physical therapists, chiropractors, physicians, and even veterinarians, all of whom share Mission Farms CBD products with their patients. The company also helps its community locally, donating CBD products to Central Oregon Veterans Outreach in Bend, Oregon.

Mission Farms CBD Products

Mission Farms CBD is known for its high-quality CBD oils at affordable prices. They have a variety of CBD products that come straight from the “Napa Valley of hemp.” They offer over 20 products on their website, including bundles. The most popular products are Relieve CBD Oil, Pure CBD Oil, and Relieve CBD Cream.

Mission Farms CBD Oils

Full Spectrum Max: A custom blend of full-spectrum CBD enhanced with organic essential oils and select cannabinoids (CBN, CBG, CBDa, CBC) for powerful, targeted relief.

Full Spectrum Plus: Mission Farms CBD’s flagship CBD oil is a custom blend of full-spectrum CBD and organic essential oils for targeted relief.

Full Spectrum: Pure CBD Oil is made from a custom blend of full-spectrum CBD and tasty flavors that boost your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

THC-Free: THC-Free Pure CBD Oil is a THC-free CBD oil that tastes delicious and boosts your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Berner’s marketing of the Cookies brand name is genius-level advertising. Everyone wants to try Cookies’ weed because it’s so hard to get. By ceaselessly promoting new strain drops, customers line the block on opening days, ensuring that each new product sells out in minutes. That’s what makes Cookies’ weed so desirable.

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Mission Farms CBD Oils for Pets

CBD Oil for Pets: A full-spectrum CBD blend with beef jerky flavoring that helps keep pets feeling young, vibrant, and stress-free.

Mission Farms CBD Topicals

Relieve CBD Joint and Muscle Gel: A full-spectrum CBD blend with soothing aloe, menthol, and essential oils that provide quick relief. This CBD topical is Mission Farms’ number one selling product.

Relieve CBD Balm Stick: A full-spectrum CBD blend with cooling menthol and healing oils for lasting relief of discomfort and inflammation.

Relieve CBD Roll-On: A full-spectrum CBD blend with essential oils to ease pain and inflammation.

BD Goat Milk Creams: A luxurious combination of full-spectrum CBD, curative goat’s milk, and organic essential oils for skin hydration and targeted pain relief.

Mission Farms CBD Edibles

Pure CBD Gummies with Nano CBD: Daily wellness gummies with extra-strength Nano CBD for holistic health support and stress relief.

Pure CBD Peppermint Mints: A portable and delicious CBD edible that comes in 200mg or 600mg for emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

Mission Farms CBD Bath Soaps

CBD Bath Soaps: Loaded with nourishing goat’s milk, healing essential oils, and full-spectrum CBD to enjoy a spa day in the comfort of your own home.

Prices for Mission Farms CBD products and oils range from $120 for one ounce of Full Spectrum Max Oil to $15 for their CBD mints. Customers can also subscribe to monthly auto-deliveries for discounted pricing and free shipping.

Overall, Mission Farms CBD’s product prices are average for their range of products. Considering their third-party lab reviews and reports, prices are fair and affordable for these pure, high-quality oils.

Mission Farms CBD Reviews & Reputation

Mission Farms CBD’s products and reputation are mostly five stars across the board, with customers having only positive sentiments to share. The company offers a 30-day refund policy for dissatisfied customers, and Mission Farms CBD also has customer service reps that are easily reachable through email or phone.

Mission Farms CBD Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Mission Farms Relieve CBD Cream?

Mission Farms’ Relieve CBD Cream, one of the company’s biggest sellers, is often sold out. However, you can order the Relieve CBD Goat Milk Cream topical directly from their website right here. Currently, customers can purchase two ounces of 900mg CBD Healing Evergreen cream for $59.

Where can I find Mission Farms CBD reviews?

Mission Farms CBD reviews are everywhere online, from mommy blogs to retailers. You can find the most reliable reviews right on their website, with product-specific reviews on each product page.

Does Mission Farms CBD sell CBD soap?

Yes, Mission Farms CBD has a line of popular CBD soaps made with goat’s milk. Each 4.5 ounce CBD Goat Milk Soap bar is $16 for the 200mg bar. The soaps are available in:
· Rest in lavender blossom
· Relax in honey grapefruit
· Relieve in spearmint eucalyptus
· Pure CBD in honey and oatmeal for extra sensitive skin

Mission Farms CBD Contact Information

Brand Name: Mission Farms CBD

Address: 1001 SW Disk Dr, Ste 250, Bend, Oregon, 97702, United States

Phone Number: (202) 335-9988

Website: missionfarmscbd.com

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