Blackberry Kush Strain — A Powerful Pain

Looking for an herbal remedy for persistent pain or mental tension? Then pack yourself a pre-bed bowl of Blackberry Kush (aka BBK), kick back, and put your feet up. This super-soothing strain is the lovechild of the evenly balanced Blackberry strain and a pure Afghani indica that’s well-known and widely loved for its powerful analgesic effects. While it may not be ultra potent on paper, Blackberry Kush is a heavy hitter that’ll swiftly soothe and sedate both your mind and physical form.

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Blackberry Kush Strain
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Blackberry Kush Strain Flavor Scale

Blackberry Kush’s moniker all but gives away its flavor profile. With each toke, you’ll taste notes of:

Tart blackberries and blueberries
Sweet earth and herbs
Diesel fuel

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      Blackberry Kush Strain Information

      Blackberry Kush is an almost pure indica strain with an average THC content of about 20% and CBN content of roughly 2%. After just a couple of tokes, you’ll feel a soothing sensation flow from your head down to your toes that’ll almost instantly eradicate pain and tension. As Blackberry Kush works its analgesic magic on your physical form, it’ll also liberate your headspace, leaving you feeling euphoric, carefree, and perhaps even a bit creative.

      As your high builds, you’ll feel a remarkably relaxing sense of weightlessness take over your body and brain that’ll have you looking for a soft surface where you can crash. And chances are you’ll eventually conk out wherever you happen to plant your tush.

      Blackberry Kush Strain Effects

      Relaxed 86%
      Joyful 82%
      Hungry 81%
      Sleepy 78%
      Helps With
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 83%
      Stress 76%
      Insomnia 79%
      Depression 82%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 45%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 41%
      Dizziness 40%
      Mild headache
      Mild headache 35%

      Blackberry Kush Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Glass Animals — “Gooey”
      Glass Animals — “Gooey” 83%
      Lord Huron — “Lost in Time and Space”
      Lord Huron — “Lost in Time and Space” 75%
      Feng Suave — “Toking, Dozing”
      Feng Suave — “Toking, Dozing” 81%

      Glass Animals — “Gooey”: This funky, enthralling, exotic-feeling track pretty much embodies the gooey state you’ll enjoy after your high sets in.

      Lord Huron — “Lost in Time and Space”: After a few tokes of Blackberry Kush, you’ll enjoy an intimate understanding of this soothing, absorbing indie-folk song.

      Feng Suave — “Toking, Dozing”: This Dutch duo’s psychedelic soul vibe is perfect for chilling out while you’re tokin’ and dozin’.

      Pairs With Food
      Chili con carne
      Chili con carne 79%
      Chocolate 81%
      Jerk chicken and veggie kabobs
      Jerk chicken and veggie kabobs 85%

      Chili con carne: This hearty, comforting dish can satisfy even the meanest case of the munchies and pairs nicely with Blackberry Kush’s caryophyllene-heavy terpene profile.

      Chocolate: If you get a munchies-fueled craving for sweets, nosh on your favorite chocolate. It’s strangely soothing and has mood-boosting properties, too.

      Jerk chicken and veggie kabobs: Nosh on these if you like a bit of a spicy kick and want a tasty pairing for Blackberry Kush’s sweet, fruity, earthy notes.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Blackberry sidecar
      Blackberry sidecar 88%
      Citrus IPA
      Citrus IPA 77%
      Hot Toddy
      Hot Toddy 80%

      Blackberry sidecar: Sip on this gin-based, citrusy, berry-forward nightcap if you want a double dose of the fruity and herbal notes in your smoke.

      Citrus IPA: Kick back and crack open this refreshing, lemony libation that pairs nicely with Blackberry Kush’s berry, earthy, and fuel notes.

      Hot Toddy: Savor this classic, soothing nightcap alongside a few tokes of Blackberry Kush if you’re looking for an ultra tranquilizing experience.

      Where The Blackberry Kush Strain Is Grown

      No one really knows who created the Blackberry Kush strain, and its original genetics are up for debate. Although Blackberry and Afghani are the strain’s most widely accepted parents, some in the cannacommunity believe that lineage isn’t quite right. Various sources say the strain is actually a cross of Afghani and DJ Short Blueberry. Some people also believe the strain was originally a cross of Blackberry and Bubba Kush.

      Blackberry Kush Strain Summary

      If you need some strong herb that’ll quickly quell pain and set you up for an excellent night’s sleep, reach for Blackberry Kush. If you’d prefer something relaxing but not so immediately sedating, try out Blackberry Trainwreck instead.

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