Mexico Votes to Approve Legislation to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Mexico May Soon Be the Largest Marijuana Market in the World

On Wednesday night a bill was approved in Mexico, voting to legalize recreational cannabis in the country.  The Chamber of Deputies in Mexico passed the vote with 316 to 129, more than three years after medical marijuana was legalized and two years after the Mexican Supreme Court ruled against the ban on recreational cannabis for the country.  After this vote the legislation will go through the Senate and then to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who is anticipated to approve the law based on support to legalize in the past.  The measures passed allow adult consumption of cannabis, as well as growing a small number of plants at home with a permit.

This legislation is expected to make Mexico one of the largest cannabis markets in the world.  In addition to Canada and Uruguay, Mexico will be added to the list of countries with legalized cannabis in the Americas.

What does that mean for the USA?

Besides the fact that the countries we are sandwiched in between are  becoming the world’s largest market for marijuana and we can barely get our legal act together?  It means the red tape in this country is thicker than blood and it may sadly send our citizens flocking to other countries for a safe outlet to partake, and we can’t blame them one bit.

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For more information on the vote and how the citizens of Mexico feel, check it out for yourself:

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