Are Psychedelic Mushroom Vacations the Next Big Wave in the U.S.?

Trippy Retreats Are No Longer an International-Only Thing

Psilocybin, the element in magic shrooms, is legal in Jamaica (as well as The Netherlands) and there are retreat centers you can visit internationally if you are seeking a unique kind of trip, and soon the US will be next. 

Our Thoughts

Psychedelic retreats have always been around in the underground scene but now with the Oregon vote to legalize psilocybin in therapeutic settings, this will become a lot more widespread and common.  The current retreats in Jamaica are legal alternatives to an at-home trip and they have counseling available for post-trip experiences.  Why are we pro psilocybin?  When compared to other drugs and alcohol, it is safer, non-addictive and toxicity is very low.  Have a nice trip, see ya when ya get back.

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