Mandarin TK Strain — Sublime Citrus Energy

Let the sweet citrus flavors of Mandarin TK carry you away on a cloud of relaxation. While it won’t quite put you to sleep, it’s an indica-dominant strain known for being calming and mood-lifting.

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Mandarin TK Strain
9Expert Score
Mandarin TK Strain Flavor Scale

Each puff of Mandarin TK will reveal new layers of flavor, including major notes of:

Sweet citrus
Ripe oranges
Freshly brewed coffee

      AVO Ratings



      20 -24%




      Mandarin TK Strain Information

      Like Tahoe OG, Mandarin TK is great for relaxation at the end of a long day. However, it tends to create less of a couch-lock effect than similar indica strains, making it a good choice when you still need to focus.

      Mandarin TK Strain Effects

      Relaxation 71%
      Mood improvement
      Mood improvement 64%
      Euphoria and joy
      Euphoria and joy 66%
      Helps With
      Stress 65%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 63%
      Fatigue 64%

      Mandarin TK Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Clean Bandit — Rockabye
      Clean Bandit — Rockabye 62%
      Bootsy Collins — Munchies for Your Love
      Bootsy Collins — Munchies for Your Love 79%
      Mort Garson — Incubus
      Mort Garson — Incubus 64%

      Clean Bandit — Rockabye: Kicking back and letting Mandarin TK lift your mood is a little easier when you’re grooving to this reggae-inspired track.

      Bootsy Collins — Munchies for Your Love: The beat rolls on with this strain and a classic love song from one of the godfathers of funk.

      Mort Garson — Incubus: For a truly psychedelic experience, try this ambient experience from synthesizer wizard Mort Garson.

      Pairs With Food
      Deep-fried chickpeas
      Deep-fried chickpeas 57%
      Lemon Italian ice
      Lemon Italian ice 53%
      Creamy Asparagus soup
      Creamy Asparagus soup 61%

      Deep-fried chickpeas: Crunchy, nutty, and perfect with spices, chickpeas are an ideal snack for pairing with the citrus flavors of this strain.

      Lemon Italian ice: Bring out the sweetest and most delicate flavors of Mandarin TK with sweet and bracing Italian ice.

      Creamy Asparagus soup: Asparagus pairs so well with subtle citrus flavors that a cup of creamy soup seems like the obvious pairing for this strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Viognier wine
      Viognier wine 62%
      Mandarin Gin Fizz cocktail
      Mandarin Gin Fizz cocktail 50%
      Citrus-infused vodka
      Citrus-infused vodka 60%

      Viognier wine: A rich and bold white wine, the peach flavors that dominate it are ideal for mixing with the fruity flavors of Mandarin TK.

      Mandarin Gin Fizz cocktail: With sparkling seltzer and the sweet taste of fresh-squeezed Mandarin oranges, this gin-based drink brings out the best of this strain.

      Citrus-infused vodka: Different from artificially flavored vodka, a spirit infused with real citrus peel or zest is ideal for sipping.

      Where The Mandarin TK Strain Is Grown

      Ethos Genetics is the breeder behind this strain, having crossed Mandarin Sunset with Triangle Kush. The TK in the name hints at its Kush heritage, as does its roasted coffee flavor that lingers.

      Mandarin TK Strain Summary

      Make a date to try Mandarin TK the next time you need to relieve some stress and unwind without getting overwhelmed. For a contrasting effect, try comparing it to Jet Fuel.

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