Lucifer OG Strain — Dance With the Devil Himself

Named after the original Bringer of Light to humanity, you shouldn’t let the devilish name of this strain scare you off. While it can have a dark side if overused, in the right amount, it’s a powerful hybrid with both sativa and indica effects, much like Gelatti.

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With a complex profile of flavors reminiscent of the woods, most users report major notes of :


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      15 -22%




      Lucifer OG Strain Information

      Lucifer OG’s primary effects are disorientating and mood-lifting, which makes it great for a party or afternoon with friends but not so good for working or focusing. Save it for the weekend when you want something different from your usual routine.

      Lucifer OG Strain Effects

      Tingling 64%
      Munchies 68%
      Mood Lifting
      Mood Lifting 62%
      Helps With
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 59%
      Depression 63%
      Stress 65%
      Anxiety 47%
      Headache 41%
      Dizziness 44%

      Lucifer OG Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Fire — Arthur Brown
      Fire — Arthur Brown 75%
      Sun Models — ODESZA, Madelyn Grant
      Sun Models — ODESZA, Madelyn Grant 54%
      Edamame — bbno$, Rich Brian
      Edamame — bbno$, Rich Brian 60%

      Fire — Arthur Brown: You’ll feel the fire of this strain when you put on an original hit from the era of early rock and roll.

      Sun Models — ODESZA, Madelyn Grant: Blazing in the sun has never been as uplifting as when you pair Lucifer OG and this smooth techno joint.

      Edamame — bbno$, Rich Brian: Stay upbeat as this strain twists and turns you with a silly song to lighten the mood.

      Pairs With Food
      Stuffed baked mushrooms
      Stuffed baked mushrooms 53%
      Multi-grain porridge
      Multi-grain porridge 61%
      Mixed nuts
      Mixed nuts 66%

      Stuffed baked mushrooms: For an earthy appetizer that can handle the pine notes of this strain, try stuffing baby portabellas with cheese and baking them.

      Multi-grain porridge: The milky flavor of porridge made with mixed grains like oats, barley, and buckwheat can keep you grounded while enjoying this intense strain.

      Mixed nuts: Lean into the nutty flavors of Lucifer OG with your favorite nut mix.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Melon Ball cocktail
      Melon Ball cocktail 50%
      RumChata shots
      RumChata shots 61%
      Cava wine
      Cava wine 64%

      Melon Ball cocktail: The syrupy sweetness of a Midori-based drink will help enhance your enjoyment of this strain.

      RumChata shots: Creamy horchata-inspired liqueur is perfect for shots with Lucifer OG.

      Cava wine: Sparkling and light on the tongue, Cava is the perfect sour accompaniment to the Lucifer OG strain.

      Where The Lucifier OG Strain Is Grown

      Created by crossing Hell’s OG with an OG Kush strain, it was cultivated by Karma Genetics of Amsterdam.

      Lucifer OG Strain Summary

      This powerful hybrid strain is ideal for those times when you need both body and head effects from the same package. Give it a try along with similar OG Kush-derived strains like Girl Scout Cookies.

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