N.J. Governor Signs Bill Reducing Consequences for Possession of Magic Mushrooms

Easing Penalties for Psychedelics in NJ After Governor Signs New Bill

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill into law downgrading the offense for people caught with magic shrooms to face less jail time and fines.

Our Thoughts

We eagerly welcome change and reform in law and law enforcement, and even more so with offenses of drugs that are decriminalized, and that we are still discovering the benefits of.  We hope this shift brings more drive for marijuana legalization.  There is change happening across the country, from decriminalization in Colorado to Oregon voting to legalize use of shrooms for medicinal purposes so it would only make sense to progress to end arrests over mushroom possession.  Specifically, the harshest penalties in place could be six months in jail and $1,000 fine versus normally facing three to five years in prison.  It is still criminal and risky, but if you are caught with up to one ounce of magic mushrooms you are facing less penalty in New Jersey and hopefully more change to come.

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For more on the signed bill and details, check our the article – 

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