Purchasing Weed T-Shirts – Everything You Need to Know

Taking the time to buy weed T-shirts will prepare you for your next party or 4/20 celebration. But if you’ve only ever seen weed patterns in cannabis marketing, you may not know what to look for in a novelty shirt. Plenty of funny weed T-shirts are available in all sizes and designs. For the more serious and snappy dresser, high-end weed couture uses more subtle decorations to hint at a cannabis theme. There’s a weed T-shirt for every occasion and sense of style if you know where to look.

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Where to Buy Weed T-Shirts

You can’t buy weed T-shirts on the basis of their design alone. Are you the type who prefers a 100% cotton T-shirt? Or is the softer feel of a polyester/cotton blend more your speed? Make sure the company providing your funny weed T-shirt lists the fiber content of the shirt along with an accurate size guide to help you order the right fit. FlavorFix is a great example of a source for weed T-shirts that gives you all the info you need to decide if a particular shirt is right for you.

Make sure the retailer you choose also uses a high-quality T-shirt printing method like screenprinting or dye sublimation to ensure the print stays colorful and crisp after years of wearing and washing.

How to Make a Statement with Weed T-Shirts

Not every 420 T-shirt has to be funny or colorful. A well-designed shirt can show off your love for specific indica or sativa strains. Other people might want to make a strong statement in support of legalization or broader access to recreational marijuana in their state. It’s all up to you about how much of a statement you want to make when you buy weed T-shirts. 

Some designs are subtle and hardly hint at their true nature as a signal of support for cannabis. Try keeping a range of different weed T-shirts on hand, and you’ll always have something to throw on for an impromptu session with your friends.

Is It Legal to Wear a Weed T-Shirt?

There are no federal and few state-level regulations regarding what can be printed on a T-shirt and worn legally in public. Local laws may prohibit wearing an obvious weed strain design on clothing, but this is rare and unlikely to actually apply. Wearing a pot leaf or other image on your clothing is considered part of your speech, so it’s protected by the first amendment. Even shirts showing off CBD products are protected in the same way.

Why Is Weed-Themed Clothing Controversial?

If you choose to wear weed-themed T-shirts to work or to a social event, there is a chance you may be asked to take a drug test. Keep up on your rights to know when to refuse that kind of invasive testing. Some people worry that wearing a weed T-shirt or hat may attract interest from the police due to probable cause laws. That’s a concern you’ll have to investigate in your area before wearing your favorite weed-themed designs out in public.

Funny Weed T-Shirt Designs

Silly and sarcastic T-shirt designs help you break the ice when meeting new people. Show off your love for both marijuana and fine spirits with a straight-to-the-point cocktails and cannabis T-shirt. Or try shirts that show off entire edible recipes to share your love for combining cannabis and cooking. Designs based around common 4/20 and marijuana jokes are always appealing for weekend celebrations.

Supporting Cannabis Related Causes

Aside from rushing to buy weed T-shirts that remind you how to roll a blunt, consider supporting a wide range of important causes by finding shirts that donate to them. For example, you might help fund cannabis research to expand treatments for rare and life-threatening diseases while also enjoying a cool new shirt. Other weed T-shirts might generate donations to help clear the record of those with prior convictions living in states where marijuana is now legal. No matter which cannabis cause is closest to your heart, there’s likely a design to help support it.

If you’re a fan of clothing featuring psychedelic designs inspired by shrooms and cannabis, there are lots of options to explore your inner hippy. But other weed T-shirts are modern and stylish with a more understated kind of appeal. No matter what kind of cannabis fan you are, you can buy weed T-shirts to express your love for the plant.

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