Loud Scout Strain — Soothe Pain Without Snoozing

It’s rare to find a hybrid strain that manages to provide pain relief and calming effects without completely knocking you out for the day. Loud Scout is an ideal daytime strain since it can reduce pain without causing too much sleepiness, much like Strawberry Blue.

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Loud Scout Strain
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Loud Scout Strain Flavor Scale

Loud Scout has a diverse background of:

Sugary-sweet cookie dough
Ripe grapes
Sour berries

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      Loud Scout Strain Information

      Not unlike Gelatti, Loud Scout is a mix of both sativa and indica type effects. It’s high in THC, with many samples measuring 20% or higher. As the name suggests, it has Girl Scout Cookie strain genetics in its background to give it both a sweet taste and a powerful painkilling effect. Yet, the sativa in its background keeps it from being too sedating.

      Loud Scout Strain Effects

      Mental stimulation
      Mental stimulation 74%
      Pain relief
      Pain relief 76%
      Calming and relaxing
      Calming and relaxing 77%
      Helps With
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 71%
      Fatigue 69%
      Headaches 74%
      Cough 42%
      Anxiety 37%

      Loud Scout Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Oliver Tree — “Life Goes On”
      Oliver Tree — “Life Goes On” 72%
      Phil Collins — “Another Day in Paradise”
      Phil Collins — “Another Day in Paradise” 70%
      Frank Ocean — “Ivy”
      Frank Ocean — “Ivy” 67%

      Oliver Tree — “Life Goes On”: Lay back and let Loud Scout relax you along with this Oliver Tree jam.

      Phil Collins — “Another Day in Paradise”: Go full retro with Loud Scout’s creativity-inspiring effects and the best of Phil Collins.

      Frank Ocean — “Ivy”: Another laid-back option for enjoying while indulging in this strain.

      Pairs With Food
      Carrot cake
      Carrot cake 71%
      Classic deli potato salad
      Classic deli potato salad 73%
      Dried kiwi snacks
      Dried kiwi snacks 74%

      Carrot cake: Sweet and full of warm spices, carrot cake brings out the best notes of this weed strain.

      Classic deli potato salad: Grab some potato salad from your favorite deli for a mid-day break with Loud Scout.

      Dried kiwi snacks: More sweet than sour, dried kiwi is easier to eat than fresh when under the influence of this strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Grape and Gin Crush
      Grape and Gin Crush 74%
      Gamay 70%
      Biere de Garde
      Biere de Garde 72%

      Grape and Gin Crush: By muddling red grapes with gin and fresh rosemary, you can create a unique cocktail with the best notes of this strain.

      Gamay: A light-bodied red wine that can tend toward the sweeter side, Gamay is a great pairing for Loud Scout due to its similar flavors.

      Biere de Garde: This French beer is a perfect pairing for this strain, a malted pale ale that is both sweet and sour.

      Where The Loud Scout Strain Is Grown

      Created by a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Platinum OG, this strain’s name is also partially derived from the breeder’s name, Loud Seeds. The cross won the Cannabis World Cup in Amsterdam in 2012.

      Loud Scout Strain Summary

      If you’re looking for a sweet-flavored strain with powerful painkilling effects, give Loud Scout a try. It’s a high THC strain that isn’t too sedating.

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