Lilac OG Strain — Relax and Get Together

With a profile of effects perfect for medical marijuana patients, it’s no wonder Lilac OG is popular across the country. Similar in effects to Kaya Haze, this strain is ideal for people struggling with chronic pain or conditions that make it hard for them to feel social. It has a powerful flavor that pairs well with many drinks and foods.

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Lilac OG Strain
9.5Expert Score
Lilac OG Strain Flavor Scale

While the name may sound delicate, Lilac OG’s flavor is far more potent. Most users report a combination of:

• Pungent diesel flavor
Sour lemon
Floral notes

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      Lilac OG Strain Information

      Few modern hybrid strains are as appetite-stimulating as Lilac OG. Designed with medical-grade effects in mind, this strain also helps stimulate social interaction and conversation. It’s primarily an indica strain, but it’s well balanced, so it won’t make you sleepy or too excited.

      Lilac OG Strain Effects

      Mood-boosting 74%
      Appetite stimulating
      Appetite stimulating 76%
      Social encouragement
      Social encouragement 69%
      Helps With
      Digestive issues
      Digestive issues 70%
      Chronic conditions
      Chronic conditions 67%
      Pain 68%
      Fatigue 73%
      Social anxiety
      Social anxiety 69%
      Sleepiness 39%
      Couchlock 43%

      Lilac OG Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      M83 — “Midnight City”
      M83 — “Midnight City” 71%
      Sparks — “Lawnmower”
      Sparks — “Lawnmower” 66%
      Ed Sheeran — “Bad Habits”
      Ed Sheeran — “Bad Habits” 72%

      M83 — “Midnight City”: Groove along to this classic electronic dance hit that will vibe well with Lilac OG.

      Sparks — “Lawnmower”: Make the most of your uplifted mood from this strain with the latest release from Sparks.

      Ed Sheeran — “Bad Habits”: Take a few puffs of this strain, and you’ll be ready for Sheeran time.

      Pairs With Food
      Halloumi burger
      Halloumi burger 68%
      Leek and potato soup
      Leek and potato soup 72%
      Dark chocolate
      Dark chocolate 60%

      Halloumi burger: A nice alternative to beef that’s still rich and filling, fried halloumi burgers are ideal for pairing with this strain.

      Leek and potato soup: Give your soup plenty of time to simmer as you puff on Lilac OG, then enjoy with your favorite crackers or crusty bread.

      Dark chocolate: Bring out the toasty cocoa notes of this strain by snacking on your favorite dark chocolate, with or without additions like citrus zest or nuts.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Scotch 74%
      Lilac Lady cocktail
      Lilac Lady cocktail 70%
      Green apple cider
      Green apple cider 73%

      Scotch: A classic full-bodied scotch is sure to balance out the sweetness of this popular strain.

      Lilac Lady cocktail: Create a delicate lilac-colored drink by mixing 1908 gin with lemon juice, egg white, and lavender syrup.

      Green apple cider: Highlight the sour notes of this strain with a cider made with green apples.

      Where The Lilac OG Strain Is Grown

      The product of Ethos Genetics, this strain came from the combination of Lilac Diesel and Triangle Kush. It’s related to Mandarin TK, another strain from the same breeder with a shared parentage.

      Lilac OG Strain Summary

      Lilac OG is a little more fruity and a little less diesel-flavored than its parent strains. If you need something to help boost your appetite or your energy for mingling, give this strain a try during the day or evening.

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