What are Moon Rocks – Plus how to smoke them

Moon Rocks are highly potent and great fun. If your first guess was “something to do with getting so high that you visit the moon,” congratulations! That’s the promise of moon rocks.

Specifically, moon rocks are a type of weed with so much THC that you should know what you’re getting into — this is the stuff. And to help you understand exactly what that means, read on.

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moon rocks

Alright, quit teasing: what are they?

Moon rocks are marijuana buds and then some — they’ve been dipped into hash oil and then rolled around in kief. If you’re unfamiliar, kief is a name for the powdery loose trichomes from cannabis flowers.

The result? A potent bud that sports around 50% THC. Compare that with the average cannabis flower, which sits around 20%, and you can quickly see that this stuff will get you high like it’s going out of style.

Moon rocks may have originated from the Starbudz760 dispensary, but it’s not entirely clear whether this is the case. They were popularized by Kurupt, the West Coast rapper, who came out with his own brand called Kurupt Moonrock.

What is the high like?

It’s a freaking experience, man.

It starts in your head and moves steadily and thoroughly downward to your feet, failing to miss a single speck of you in its mission for total awesomeness. It’s a slow burn, so proceed with caution. A little bit goes a looong way.

For reference, you may find that you still feel high 12 hours after smoking.

So are moon rocks a good thing or a bad thing?

Hey, just because they’re potent doesn’t make ’em bad! Let’s do the honest thing and list what’s good and bad about moon rocks:

The good:

  • With a super high THC content, they’re great for medical patients.
  • They’re super-duper potent
  • If you’re looking to save money, a little dab of moon rock will do the work of many dabs of other types of weed
  • They’re just so darn cute

The bad:

  • They may just wreck you — like seriously; they’ll get you super high
  • They can get melty if not stored properly in a dry, cool place
  • They can cause a mess, so smoke them in a blunt, joint, or glass — don’t use your grinder

How are moon rocks made?

If something is this powerful, how exactly is it made?

It starts with buds. Any buds will do. You can even pick your favorite strain. Those buds get dipped into hash oil, typically heated up to make it less viscous.

Finally, this oil-soaked nug is coated in crystal kief, marking the completion of your moon rock. They simply need to dry before smoking.

How do I smoke moon rocks safely?

Moon rocks are sticky and tricky. Here are a couple of ways to smoke them:

1. Start slow

It’s like anything in the weed world. You don’t want to dive in at 110%. Start small and work your way up slowly to avoid the dreaded too-high feeling.

2. Opt for glass

Glassware is optimal for moon rocks because they’re just not what you’re used to. They’re greasy and thick, and you need to break them apart before you smoke them.

3. Add it to other weed

It can be hard to keep moon rocks lit, given their oily texture. That’s where other cannabis can come in handy — throw it on top of some dry bud, and it will light easily. You can do this as part of a joint or blunt. Just go slowly since you’re adding even more THC to the mix.

4. Get everything done that needs to be done before you smoke

This ain’t your “let’s cram for the exam” type of weed, pal. Got chores, errands, or tasks that need completing? Get them done before you smoke up. Don’t expect to be productive once the moon train comes partying through.

5. Make sure you’re well-fed and hydrated

Moon rocks could make you nauseous, so have something in your stomach. They’ll also make you super dehydrated, so hydrate many hours before you smoke. Beware of the cottonmouth!

6. Be in a good headspace

You must be the Vibe Master when you’re doing moon rocks. You’ll be pretty stuck once you smoke, so make sure you’re in a setting and a mental place to enjoy the ride.

If you play it smart and are prepared, you’ll have the time of your life with moon rocks. Just don’t forget your spacesuit.

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