Top 5 Weed-Infused Restaurants in Los Angeles

Want to upgrade your bud game? Weed-infused restaurants in Los Angeles are the next big thing following full legalization. If you’re ready to chow down on some epic weed-infused food, the City of Angels is the place to be.

Does California have weed restaurants? This is a booming industry that goes beyond simple THC gummies. This guide provides you with our top five picks for infused food restaurants in Los Angeles.

Five Best Weed-Infused Restaurants in Los Angeles

Whether you’re a local looking for a good time or you’re a tourist that’s already checked out the best weed-infused restaurants in NYC and the top cannabis restaurants in New Jersey, Los Angeles has plenty to keep you busy.

With $3.6 billion spent on edibles in 2021 across the U.S., this is a massive growth area. So, if you’re ready for the seventh heaven of great food while hearing Bob Marley in your brain, here are the best places for THC-infused food in LA.

1. Popcultivate

Step into a chef-designed cannabis-infused food experience with gourmet cooking that rocks the everyday dining scene. All ingredients within these edible recipes are organic and sourced with extreme care.

Infusions are developed from sun-grown cannabis, with no nasty fertilizers or additives. Each dish’s standard dose is 5 mg, so you don’t have to worry about weed measurements. Additionally, you can sip on an artisanal alcoholic beverage containing psychedelic infusions.

If you want some good home cooking without the snobbery of fine dining, Popcultivate is the ultimate cannabis experience.

Note that Popcultivate serves the entirety of the LA area, with regular pop-up restaurants.

What Others are Saying…

“To say this was an experience would not even come close to articulating my journey to discovering how Cannabis, Art, and Food could intertwine. PopCultivate gave me a completely different impression of the 420 movement, and simply put – I loved every bit of it.”

–    Derick M.

2. The Original Cannabis Café

Head for lunch or dinner at the restaurant that started it all. Formerly known as Lowell’s Café until December 2019, America’s first-ever cannabis café is located in West Hollywood. Since its name changed to take advantage of its place in history, this location has welcomed thousands who believe food and cannabis can work in perfect harmony.

They serve everything from brunch to dinner, allowing you to combine your favorite meals with some delicate infusions. Is weed-infused coffee a thing? The Original Cannabis Café was one of the pioneers.

Moreover, you can even bring your own bud, which cannot be said for other weed-infused restaurants in Los Angeles!

What Others are Saying…

“This was my very first day in Cali, and we just had to stop at this place. Not only was it the coolest place where you could sit and smoke a joint, the food you could order was great! Service was quick and friendly!”

–   Ashley L.

3. Cheba Bakery

Is this your first time trying edibles as part of your cannabis journey?

Maybe you just want to try something beyond Cannabutter or your home cocktails cannabis recipes. Whatever your story, Cheba Bakery in Westlake offers some of the most reliably high-quality weed edibles in town. Additionally, each of their baked goods is dosed perfectly to guarantee sweetness over dankness.

Cheba’s premium edibles are easily a cut above other food outlets, and this is also one of the places specializing in baked goods. Some cannabis-infused avocado key lime pie or a slice of weed-infused chocolate cake? Yes, please.

What Others are Saying…

“Thanks, Cheba Bakery for baking me the best Marijuana / Cannabis Birthday Cake ever!!! I didn’t realize you guys are the only edibles collective serving Los Angeles with premium marijuana edibles. These guys are legit.”

–    Michael P.

4. Cannabis Supper Club

Not every cannabis dining experience has to be casual. The Cannabis Supper Club aims to be one of the first world-famous fine-dining locations with a cannabis-infused twist.

Beware that the Cannabis Supper Club is an exclusive place, requiring you to purchase a membership. However, unlike your local gym, each member receives unique, personalized dining experiences.

This chef-driven restaurant aims to achieve a sophisticated ambiance that puts an end to the “stoner” stereotype. This exclusive, intimate environment uses only the freshest ingredients, including premium cannabis, to achieve a unique flavor.

Each event has a theme and usually consists of a tasting menu based on haute cuisine. But the location often varies based on what’s happening, with only members receiving the exact location ahead of time.

If the idea of fancy dishes like black-eyed pea summer cannabis salad or cannabis-infused hollandaise sauce makes your mouth water, sign up for a membership today. It’s worth every penny!

What Others are Saying…

“Chef Duran-Zecca took the stoned, laughing diners on a nostalgic and unique culinary journey that melds her cooking style with the style of her Italian husband. She is more focused on the pairing than infusion, but guests were given the option of adding edible tincture to their dishes, equalling about 25 milligrams. It tasted divine.”

–   Lindsey B.

5. Gusto Green

Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Gusto Green is the ambitious project launched by female restauranteur Janet Zuccarini. The restaurant works with Ziese Farms to bring diners some much-needed green infusions.

Although you’re welcome to bring your own bud, each dish contains a generous helping of the good stuff. Note that this is mainly a plant-based menu, so if you’re looking for creative cuisine like cannabis-infused vegan gyros with tzatziki, this is the place.

Gusto Green also makes a selection of delicious cocktails. One such standout is the Uptown Girl, made from dry rum, oleo saccharum, absinthe, and a dash of lime. Of course, you can expect your regular dose of terpenes.

They are temporarily closed as they reboot the concept under a new chef in the coming months.

What Others are Saying…

“What a treat to have lunch here today! The ambiance and art installation were so beautiful. The food was beyond delicious and very “clean eating.” The staff was incredibly friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable.”

–    Anne D.


These weed-infused restaurants in Los Angeles merely scratch the surface of this thriving culinary scene. If you’re wondering what your next cannabis strain should be, try one of the many weed-infused restaurants in Los Angeles instead.

Where’s your favorite place in town to pig and smoke out?

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