5 Top Weed Infused Restaurants And Cafes In New Jersey – With CBD Options

Have you ever thought of visiting cannabis restaurants in New Jersey? There are actually establishments where you can legally pair the ecstasy of good food with the relaxation provided by marijuana. From modern pop-ups to tried-and-true classics, here is our list of 5 Top Weed Infused Restaurants New Jersey.

Everything from gourmet burgers to locally sourced farm-fresh options await, so prepare for an experience unlike anything else as we dive into these extraordinary eateries.

1. The Infused Boil

Taking their culinary dreams to a whole new level, two Jersey City entrepreneurs have embarked on an adventure of cannabis-infused seafood with decadent and subtle THC flavor pairings.

Chef Raven Smith and Brand Marketing Developer Germise Simeon created The Infused Boil, providing superior quality seafood meals through online services. Their mission is not only about serving up delicious, weed-infused cuisine but also about educating others about this generation’s most sought-after delicacy!

Winifred says, “A small order lasted two days! Everything was on point. Tasty and the desired effects. Just order it, you won’t regret a thing.”

Looking for Infused Foods in Newark NJ?

2. 420 Fuzed Life Luxe Smoke Lounge

Looking for a fun evening in Newark? Come explore 420 Fuzed Life Lounge, located downtown. This Black-owned cannabis-centered restaurant has a beautiful and spacious lounge where you can enjoy cannabis-based non-alcoholic drinks made fresh by their mixologist.

Where do you stand on BYOB parties? At 420 Fuzed Life, you’re encouraged to bring your own bottle of liquor or favorite weed to enjoy. They’re happy to accommodate both. Plus, check out weekly events with DJs ranging from hip-hop jams to chill vibes.

After visiting 420 Fuzed Life, Ashley says, “…I came here with an equal amount of smokers & nonsmokers…I left the establishment on Mars. I don’t think I was even able to open my eyes. They sell treats and desserts at the entrance, and there’s a $20 cover charge up front you pay prior entering. 

I ordered wings & fries, & my table had infused catfish bites & fries, chicken quesadillas, & another platter of wings. This is a great spot for anyone that loves Mary Jane!”

3. NJWeedman’s Joint

New Jersey’s very first weed restaurant, NJWeedman’s Joint & Dispensary, is the perfect place to get all your cannabis supplies plus a delicious meal. Their menu includes classic comfort foods like pizza and sandwiches, vegan and vegetarian specialties, and tasty delights like brownies and ice cream. Their wide variety of food options lets everyone find something pleasing to their palette.

And talk about your one-stop shop! NJWeedman’s is also a dispensary, so grab a bite and a baggie at the same time. This dispensary offers quality flower, edibles, and concentrates.

Lance, a 5-star reviewer says, “I’ve been around the United States north to south, east to west and this is my favorite spot by far edibles are great the joint just has that laid back atmosphere”

2 Best Cannabis-Infused Cafe and Juice Shops within New Jersey

4. JÜS Organic

From the far reaches of Bali to a nearby farmer’s markets, Renee Dorski used her creative energy and global travels as inspiration for JÜS Organic. This Atlantic Highlands-based venture combines local flavor with a unique bohemian vibe. She serves up delicious creations from Medusa in Asbury Park and the raw vegan cheesecake recipe graciously shared by Lands End Cafe Uluwatu, along with adaptogenic drinks using Moon Dusts sourced all the way from LA. Talk about a unique experience!

JÜS Organic offers CBD-infused cupcakes and beverages with the menu’s Boosts and Add-ons that include 25 mg of CBD Oil or Honey.

Yolanda on TripAdvisor loves JÜS, saying, “If you’re bored with the same old juice selections, be bored no more at Jus Organic!  One day, I went with a terrible headache and ordered an adaptogenic drink and it vanished. Like magic, and it was delicious, too!”

5. Java Love

Java Love in Montclair is now serving the cannabis-friendly Green Man drink. The café au lait beverage offers a sweetened honey taste with an extra boost from Rooted Heart Remedies’ Full Spectrum CBD oil. Made locally from hemp flowers, this coconut-based concoction elevates your coffee. And if that isn’t enough for ya’, Java Love lets you add $3 of their premium CBD extract to any other order too! Both locations offer the special brew, so don’t miss out on its grooviness.

Rob says, “The quality ingredients and sustainability marks (low impact/ethical sourcing/ composting food scraps) really make all the difference. Staff and shop were very nice too.”

A Bonus For the Cannabis Lovers

6. Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza - Best NJ Infused food Delivery

What’s the only thing better than freshly baked cookies when you have the munchies? PIZZA! Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza is pushing boundaries with a focused vision and enthusiasm for an outstanding cannabis-infused experience.  Chris (The Pizza Pusha) opened his pizza palace in 2017 and now has multiple locations right across the water in NYC.  Their menu is nothing but the classics, with foods like ganja knots, canna cannoli, and outstanding gelato.

There is only delivery available in NJ as of right now and make sure you’re serious about your pizza purchase as delivery starts at a $300 order minimum. Eek (Or just call 30 friends and throw a pizza party!) Of course, you could make your own cannabis-infused gourmet pizza anytime.

Now Go Eat All the Weed-Infused Things!

That’s our top weed and cbd restaurants and cafes in New Jersey. We hope this list puts some spice into your usual culinary routine. Plus, these restaurants are (mostly) ones you can feel comfortable taking your family or friends to. And who knows? You might just get addicted to the fantastic munchies they offer!

Thanks for joining us on this tasty tour. We have no doubt that each of these outstanding eateries will be at the top of your go-to list when you are in the Garden State.

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