Zookies Strain — Get Lifted With the Zestiest of Cookies

When you’re looking for a balanced, relaxing high that’ll get you just energized and focused enough to tackle your to-do list, give the Zookies strain a try.

This balanced hybrid bud (sometimes referred to as Zoo Cookies) is pretty potent, but its effects are levelheaded enough for daytime use. And although Zookies delivers the soothing body high that’s typical of a strong indica; it’s widely known for giving users a functional, creative, motivating push that’s great for staying productive.

Zookies Strain
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Sweet and nutty like one parent strain, sour and diesel-y like the other, Zookies offers up a unique flavor bomb of:

Black pepper

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Zookies Strain Information

Zookies is 50% indica and 50% sativa with an average THC content of 23% to 25% and almost no CBD. This strain produces a super-uplifting high that kicks off with a fast-hitting rush of mental euphoria that’ll bliss you out for hours on end.

A calming body buzz that’ll relax you from head to toe quickly follows, but it’s not so soothing that it’ll sedate you. While this bud’s indica effects are definitely pronounced, its sativa side is strong enough to keep you from sticking to your couch.

Both medical and recreational tokers turn to Zookies when they’re looking for a plant-based fix for pain, cramps, nausea, depression, stress, muscle spasms, social anxiety, and low appetite.

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Zookies Strain Pairings

Pairs With Music

Wiz Khalifa, Empire of the Sun — “The Thrill”
Sugar Ray — “Fly”
The Doors — “Light My Fire”

Wiz Khalifa, Empire of the Sun — “The Thrill”: This upbeat jam will keep you feeling stimulated and sunny even while Zookies gently soothes your physical form.

Sugar Ray — “Fly”: While you fly high on a few tokes of Zookies, crank this bouncy, alt-rock, reggae-fusion tune. Sing along. You know you know the words.

The Doors — “Light My Fire”: Play this rock classic while you light up some Zookies. Appreciate how the distinctive keyboard solos and Jim Morrison’s vocals sound soooo smooth with a brain buzz.

Pairs With Food

Spicy beef satay with peanut sauce
Smoked paprika chicken kabobs

Cookies: If the munchies come calling after a few tokes of Zookies, reach for your favorite cookies and get snackin’.

Spicy beef satay with peanut sauce: Bring out the peppery, nutty notes in Zookies with this zesty, savory dish. Add a little sweet chili sauce for some extra zing.

Smoked paprika chicken kabobs: Perfect for an afternoon nosh alongside some Zookies, the flavors in these smoky, grilled skewers can really enhance the taste of your toke.

Pairs With Spirits

Nutty Irishman
Espresso Martini

Nutty Irishman: Enhance the nutty, slightly buttery notes in Zookies with this smooth, creamy whiskey-based cocktail.

Espresso Martini: If you wanna stay as perked up and productive as possible while you ride your Zookies high, this cocktail should do the trick.

Negroni: Sweet, balanced, and satisfying, this classic gin-based cocktail is a lot like Zookies.

Where The Zookies Strain Is Grown

The breeders at Alien Labs came up with Zookies when they crossed two widely loved, award-winning strains, Animal Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4.

Zookies Strain Aroma

You’ll recognize Zookies by the signature aroma, even when it’s still in bud form. This strain mostly tastes like freshly baked peanut butter or almond cookies. Aside from a nutty and sweet smell, it also has a hint of diesel that becomes more prominent in the flavor. The sweet smell is part of why it’s also known as Zoo Cookies. The flavor is more sour and spicy, but you won’t necessarily smell these details as much as you’ll taste them.

How to Grow the Zookies Strain

This strain prefers outdoor growing in a climate that is not too humid. A Mediterranean climate is preferred so that it doesn’t become affected by disease brought on by high humidity. You can grow Zookies in a greenhouse, but it needs a longer growth period of 10 weeks or more when cultivated that way.

The Full Flavor Terpenes of the Zookies Strain

Linalool provides the citrus flavors you’ll experience but keeps them mild enough they’re not that dominant in the aroma. Bisabolol contributes some of the nuttiness and sweetness, which is further reinforced with plenty of caryophyllene. Valencene rounds out the profile with spiciness and woodiness.

Three Strains Similar To the Zookies Strain

Watermelon Zkittlez

If you can handle a sleepy experience, up the sour candy flavor with the Watermelon Zkittlez strain.

Girl Scout Cookies

Find another sweet cookie-flavored experience in Girl Scout Cookies. It’s a distant relative of this strain.

Jack the Ripper

For an energy booster with a spicy pepper flavor, look for Jack the Ripper instead.


What percentage of THC is in Zookies?

Depending on how it’s grown, Zookies can contain 22% to 30% or more THC by weight.

Does Zookies make you sleepy?

Zookies often causes nodding off or yawning, which is helpful for people with insomnia.

How does Zookies make you feel?

It combines a deep body relaxation with a mild head buzz to make you feel engaged and interested.

Zookies Strain Summary

Whether you’re a fan of relaxing indicas or stimulating sativas are more your style, the Zookies strain might be right up your alley. This well-balanced bud delivers the best of both worlds with its strong, soothing body high and mildly energizing, productivity-inducing effects. If you like this strain, you’ll probably also enjoy strains with similarly balanced effects like Alchemy and Booger.

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