Six Shooter Strain— Blasts You Away

When you need to reload and prepare for a big day, Six Shooter is a great choice to keep holstered. It’s a powerful sativa-dominant strain with a rich background that includes six popular varieties like Trainwreck.

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Six shooter strain
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      Six Shooter Strain Information

      Six Shooter is a sativa, but it has some indica genetics to help keep it grounded and make it a more creativity-stimulating mix. It’s a great choice for daytime use, but it’s calming enough to use in the evening without affecting your sleep or causing anxiety.

      Six Shooter Strain Effects

      Creativity 76%
      Focus Boost
      Focus Boost 66%
      Euphoria 67%
      Helps With
      Headaches 64%
      Stress 73%
      Fatigue 62%


      Six Shooter Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Lorde — Mood Ring
      Lorde — Mood Ring 57%
      Habstrakt — The Sound
      Habstrakt — The Sound 55%
      The Carpenters — Top of the World
      The Carpenters — Top of the World 66%

      Lorde — Mood Ring: For those days when you need the inspiration brought on by Six Shooter, this new hit from Lorde is the perfect soundtrack.

      Habstrakt — The Sound: Get bouncy and ready to go with a hard-hitting house track that captures the raw energy of this strain.

      The Carpenters — Top of the World: Just a few hits of this strain will be enough to have you singing along to this ’70s classic.


      Pairs With Food
      Stuffed Eggplant
      Stuffed Eggplant 63%
      Carrot Cake
      Carrot Cake 60%
      Fried shrimp puffs
      Fried shrimp puffs 64%

      Stuffed Eggplant: Whether you prefer to stuff the tasty vegetable with meat, cheese, or vegan fillings, a short roast in the oven will produce the perfect pairing for Six Shooter.

      Carrot Cake: Highlight the sweet and earthy notes of this strain with a classic sweet carrot cake, as you would with similar strains like Kaya Island Girl.

      Fried shrimp puffs: With a delicate seafood flavor and satisfying crunch, this snack is perfect for a session with this strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Dirty Martini
      Dirty Martini 59%
      Cinnamon-flavored Beer
      Cinnamon-flavored Beer 65%
      Floral Gin
      Floral Gin 64%

      Dirty Martini: An old-fashioned dirty martini is an ideal drink to sip while enjoying a Six Shooter, James Bond style.

      Cinnamon-flavored Beer: For a unique pairing that brings out the sweeter side of this strain, try a beer with cinnamon or other fall spices added.

      Floral Gin: Highlight both the delicate and citrus flavors of this strain with a floral-infused gin.

      Where The Six Shooter Is Grown

      Bred by American seed producers FastBuds, Six Shooter combines genetics from six strains that include Northern Lights, Haze, Super Skunk, and more.

      Six Shooter Strain Summary

      Make Six Shooter your next strain to try if you’re looking for an energizing experience with a complex flavor profile. Make the most of its delicate terpene profile by using a temperature-controlled device like a vaporizer rather than just burning it up in a bowl or joint.

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