Lucky Charms Strain — For When You’re Feeling Lucky

Named after the favorite cereal of many children and adults alike, Lucky Charms has the marshmallow flavor you need to sweeten up your day. It’s a balanced hybrid that’s half indica and half sativa. Give it a try if you’re a fan of strains like Cereal Milk.

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Lucky Charms Strain
9.5Expert Score
Lucky Charms Strain Flavor Scale

As the name suggests, Lucky Charms has a creamy and sweet flavor profile that tastes like:

Sweet vanilla marshmallows.
Tangy citrus fruits and berries.
Tropical creaminess.

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      Lucky Charms Strain Information

      Many people choose this strain primarily for its fruity and sweet flavor, but it also offers a well-balanced mix of effects. It’s known for boosting your mood and helping you focus without causing sleepiness or couchlock. Lucky Charms is a great choice if more indica-dominant strains like MK Ultra are too heavy for your daily routine.

      Lucky Charms Strain Effects

      Focus boosting
      Focus boosting 83%
      Happiness inducing
      Happiness inducing 79%
      Creativity encouraging
      Creativity encouraging 81%
      Helps With
      Depression 80%
      Fatigue 78%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 83%
      Stress 78%
      Anxiety 73%
      Dizziness 43%
      Paranoia at high doses
      Paranoia at high doses 37%

      Lucky Charms Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      The Goo Goo Dolls — “Slide”
      The Goo Goo Dolls — “Slide” 78%
      Jez Dior — “Lucky Enough”
      Jez Dior — “Lucky Enough” 84%
      Jenevieve — “Midnight Charm”
      Jenevieve — “Midnight Charm” 82%

      The Goo Goo Dolls — “Slide”: Try a 90s alt-rock classic to slide your way through the day with the help of this strain.

      Jez Dior — “Lucky Enough”: Once you feel the Lucky Charms mood boost, put on a laid-back track to keep the vibe going.

      Jenevieve — “Midnight Charm”: A breezy, smooth R&B hit is the best way to start off your day after a few puffs of this strain.

      Pairs With Food
      Tortellini with Alfredo sauce
      Tortellini with Alfredo sauce 83%
      Wild mushroom pizza
      Wild mushroom pizza 75%
      Cereal cookie bars
      Cereal cookie bars 79%

      Tortellini with Alfredo sauce: Creamy yet savory, this main dish will satisfy any munchies brought on by this strain.

      Wild mushroom pizza: Earthy flavors are a perfect counterpoint to the sweetness of Lucky Charms.

      Cereal cookie bars: Bring on the charm with your favorite sugary cereal mixed with melted marshmallows to make crispy bars.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Toasted marshmallow vodka
      Toasted marshmallow vodka 82%
      Sugar cookie cocktail
      Sugar cookie cocktail 76%
      Light wheat beer
      Light wheat beer 77%

      Toasted marshmallow vodka: A smooth shot of sweet, flavored vodka to go along with Lucky Charms is simply divine.

      Sugar cookie cocktail: Mix up a sugar-rimmed cocktail to complement this strain.

      Light wheat beer: Lucky Charms has the sweetness to bring out the best of a light wheat beer.

      Where The Lucky Charms Strain Is Grown

      A cross between The White strain and Appalachia, Lucky Charms is a strain created by Bodhi Seeds. The result is a balanced strain, much like Alchemy.

      Lucky Charms Strain Summary

      Grab your favorite bowl and some milk for a Lucky Charms session. You’ll soon fall in love with this fruity cereal-inspired strain.

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