Apple Jack Strain — A Bowl a Day Keeps the Blues Away

Need some positive vibes in your life? Then puff on a bowl of the delightful Apple Jack strain and take a trip to happy town. This balanced hybrid bud is the lovechild of the famous Jack Herer and White Widow strains, and like its parents, Apple Jack is quite the stunner. Excellent for a mid-morning or afternoon boost, this strain will quickly lift your spirits and leave you with a sense of clear-headed euphoria and focus for hours on end.

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Apple Jack Strain
9.5Expert Score
Apple Jack Strain Flavor Scale

The Apple Jack strain smells so amazing you might be tempted to lick your bud to see if it tastes as good as it smells. Spoiler: it does. Each delicious toke will bless your palate with notes of:

Golden Delicious apples
Earthy cheese

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      Apple Jack Strain Information

      Although Apple Jack’s THC concentration tops out around 20%, this delicious strain delivers intensely euphoric, mood-lifting, and pain-relieving effects that last for hours. After a few tokes, you’ll feel a wave of bliss wash over your brain while a tingly, soothing body buzz takes over your physical form. You’ll feel joyful and gently relaxed but not sedated in the slightest, so you can still be productive even while you enjoy your high.

      In low-to-moderate doses, Apple Jack will lock in your focus, so if you’ve got any humdrum tasks languishing on your to-do list, you may feel oddly inspired to tackle them. In high doses, however, this strain can be paranoia-inducing, so if your tolerance is a little low, take it slow.

      If you suffer from nausea, Apple Jack can give you rapid relief, and it’s also particularly helpful for depression, anxiety, and stress.

      Apple Jack Strain Effects

      Uplifted 78%
      Calm 76%
      Focused 83%
      Helps With
      Pain 81%
      Depression 78%
      Nausea 82%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 43%
      Dizziness 40%
      Paranoia 42%

      Apple Jack Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Surfaces — “Good Day”
      Surfaces — “Good Day” 79%
      Pink Sweat$ — “I Feel Good”
      Pink Sweat$ — “I Feel Good” 75%
      Glass Animals — “The Other Side of Paradise”
      Glass Animals — “The Other Side of Paradise” 81%

      Surfaces — “Good Day”: After a few mood-boosting tokes of Apple Jack, it’s pretty hard not to have a good day. This chill song should provide a fitting soundtrack for the experience.

      Pink Sweat$ — “I Feel Good”: Let this upbeat jam be your anthem while you enjoy your feel-good Apple Jack high.

      Glass Animals — “The Other Side of Paradise”: After a few tokes of Apple Jack, lock in your focus on this psychedelic song and let it take your mind on a trippy journey to the other side of paradise. You might even wanna listen to it on repeat.

      Pairs With Food
      Cheese plate and crusty bread
      Cheese plate and crusty bread 81%
      Apple pie
      Apple pie 86%
      Apple Jacks
      Apple Jacks 82%

      Cheese plate and crusty bread: Cheese and apples are a natural pairing, so if you’re feeling snacky, this tasty combo works wonderfully with Apple Jack’s flavor profile.

      Apple pie: Noshing on some pie is a surefire way to lift your spirits, and when you combine it with a few tokes of Apple Jack, you’ll get a double dose of mood-boosting deliciousness.

      Apple Jacks: Cereal is oddly satisfying no matter what time of day it is, and this one is extra tasty alongside its namesake strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Hard cider
      Hard cider 79%
      Apple martini
      Apple martini 83%
      Washington Apple
      Washington Apple 81%

      Hard cider: It’s crisp, refreshing, and perfect for a little pick-me-up, quite like Apple Jack.

      Apple martini: Also known as an appletini, this delicious vodka-based cocktail tastes almost like an apple Jolly Rancher and pairs really well with Apple Jack’s tasting notes.

      Washington Apple: Crisp, sweet, and slightly tart, this whiskey-based cocktail is a great pairing for Apple Jack’s complex flavor profile. Here’s how to whip it up.

      Where The Apple Jack Strain Is Grown

      Netherlands-based cannabis breeders Seedism Seeds first bred the Apple Jack strain.

      Apple Jack Strain Summary

      If you’re looking for some bud that’ll boost your mood and motivation while soothing your physical form, Apple Jack won’t disappoint. If you have a great time on this strain, you may also want to try out strains with similarly balanced effects like Alchemy and Pink Runtz.

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