Animal Face Strain — Amped Up and Animalistic

Rare and worthy of seeking out, the Animal Face strain is known best for offering a powerful set of sativa-dominant effects. It has almost a nutty scent that makes it ideal for enjoying any time of the day. You may find it labeled as Animal Face #10 as well. This strain is similar in effects to Lemon Skunk, but it has a different flavor profile than most sativa strains today.

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Animal Face Strain
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Animal Face Strain Flavor Scale

Combining unique notes that aren’t often found together in a marijuana strain, Animal Face has a flavor profile that includes:

Hints of menthol.
Fresh cut pine.
Sweet and sour notes.

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      Animal Face Strain Information

      Animal Face has a strong set of effects thanks to its average THC level of around 25%. However, it’s easily overwhelming for beginners, so try small doses at first to test your tolerance.

      Animal Face Strain Effects

      Tingling 85%
      Supreme relaxation
      Supreme relaxation 82%
      Mood lifting
      Mood lifting 75%
      Helps With
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 79%
      Depression 77%
      Stress 82%
      Anxiety 78%
      Lack of focus
      Lack of focus 84%
      Paranoia at high levels
      Paranoia at high levels 39%
      Dizziness 43%
      Headaches 44%

      Animal Face Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Animal Collective — “Grass”
      Animal Collective — “Grass” 78%
      Glass Animals — “The Other Side of Paradise”
      Glass Animals — “The Other Side of Paradise” 81%
      Honey Claws — “Digital Animal”
      Honey Claws — “Digital Animal” 77%

      Animal Collective“Grass”: Think outside the box with the combination of noise music and Animal Face.

      Glass Animals“The Other Side of Paradise”: Pop and grind your way to a new mindset with this strain and one of Glass Animal’s first hits.

      Honey Claws“Digital Animal”: Groove the day away with a chill song and a few hits of this strain.

      Pairs With Food
      Spiced nuts
      Spiced nuts 76%
      Cream of broccoli soup
      Cream of broccoli soup 80%
      Hot wings
      Hot wings 77%

      Spiced nuts: Also a good fit for the Peanut Butter Breath strain, spiced nuts are easy to make at home.

      Cream of broccoli soup: Creamy soup plays off the sweet notes of this strain.

      Hot wings: Blast off with a few puffs of Animal Face and your favorite hot wings.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Pine-centric IPA beer
      Pine-centric IPA beer 82%
      South side cocktail
      South side cocktail 81%
      Txakoli wine
      Txakoli wine 77%

      Pine-centric IPA beer: An IPA with more citrus and pine notes than bitter flavors will pair just right with this strain.

      South side cocktail: A tangy and minty cocktail, this easy-to-mix drink will mingle perfectly with Animal Face.

      Txakoli wine: Try a tangy white wine from Spain to complete a session of this strain.

      Where The Animal Face Strain Is Grown

      A rare strain created by Seed Junky Genetics, Animal Face was the result of combining Face Off OG and Animal Mints.

      Animal Face Strain Summary

      With a strong body high and an energy boost that lasts, Animal Face is a popular strain that you should try for the tingling effects alone.

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