Kaya Tropical Frost

Kaya’s Tropical Frost strain is amazing. Its sativa-dominant smoke will refresh your taste buds while giving a clear sativa high first, followed by a sense of relaxation without paranoia or anxiety. Its bright-green buds have a medium ratio of pistils.

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Kaya Tropical Frost Strain
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Tropical Frost Flavor Scale

Sweet and fruity with hints of grape blending with smooth fresh mint, this hybrid definitely lives up to its name, Tropical Frost. You should also pick up on a woody aroma of pine, this strain is earthy and smooth.


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      17% THC



      0% CBD

      Tropical Frost Information

      Tropical Frost is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that lives right up to it’s name, with its fruity and minty fresh flavors.  There is a nice earthy pine note that you can also pick up from this flower that originates from Jamaica, Afghanistan, India and USA.

      The smoke will refresh your taste buds and the frost effect is a minty hint that delivers a clear sativa high, followed by elevating effects that are free of paranoia or anxiety.

      Its’s minty, tropical flavor palate reminds us of a refreshing mojito, while its earthy grape tones pair lovely with a Pinot Noir or Merlot.  Another bright tropical cocktail we recommend is Starfruit Mint Bramble, which combines the fruit and mint with and lemon juice. This strain also pairs well with rum, tequila and cognac.

      Tropical Frost Effects


      Tropical Frost Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Ziggy Marley
      Beach in Hawaii 89%
      Smoke Marijuana 77%
      Spirulina 75%
      Pairs With Food
      Pesto Cavatappi with Grilled Shrimp
      Corkscrew-shaped pasta, mangia! 90%
      Leafy Green dish with Spinach and Kale 95%
      Oven Baked Cod
      with Tomatoes, Basil, Garlic & Lemon 85%
      Pairs With Spirits
      Classic Mojito
      Mint and White rum base 80%
      Red Wine
      Pino Noir or Merlot 61%
      Starfruit Mint Bramble
      Gin, Mint, Starfruit and Lemon Juice 86%

      Where Tropical Frost Is Grown

      Tropical Frost Summary

      Tropical Frost is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has distinctive hints of of grape and mint and pine tones.  The smooth earthy flower has a refreshing palate as well as refreshing elevating effects that are relaxing and up lifting.

      It’s bright green buds have a medium ratio of pistils and will not leave you paranoid or anxious.

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