Gran Champagne Strain — Bubbly and Blissful

Ready to get your bliss on? Partake in the Gran Champagne strain. This balanced hybrid offers an excellent blend of calming, mind-body effects that’ll help you de-stress and relax without feeling too sedated.

Just like you can easily enjoy champagne with brekky, you can totally enjoy this bud at any time of day — as long as you don’t have anything you need to focus on. Gran Champagne’s effects are super heady, so zeroing in on your to-dos will be tough. This strain is a potent appetite stimulator, too, so if you’re planning to indulge, plan to get your grub on.

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Gran Champagne Strain
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The Gran Champagne strain features distinct sweet berry and citrus notes accompanied by a gassy, diesel punch. The three main flavors in Gran Champagne are:


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      Gran Champagne Strain Information

      The Gran Champagne strain is an evenly balanced sativa-indica hybrid, with a THC content ranging from 17%-19% and a CBG content of about 1%. Its rapid-onset effects hit almost immediately after your last mouthwatering exhale, kicking off with a mind-numbing sense of happiness accompanied by a wave of hazy, cerebral serenity. Simultaneously, Gran Champagne delivers a relaxing body buzz that’s not overly sedating, so it won’t glue you to your couch.

      Medically, this strain is excellent for alleviating depression, stress, nausea, low appetite, and eye pressure. If you stare at a computer all day and your eyes are begging for a break after work, a few tokes of this bud can offer soothing relief.

      Gran Champagne Strain Effects

      Happy 76%
      Hazy 70%
      Calm 69%
      Helps With
      Stress 84%
      Depression 73%
      Appetite Loss
      Appetite Loss 63%
      Dry Mouth
      Dry Mouth 54%
      Dry Eyes
      Dry Eyes 43%
      Dizziness 24%

      Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Cautious Clay — Shook
      Cautious Clay — Shook 83%
      H.E.R. (feat. Chris Brown) — Come Through
      H.E.R. (feat. Chris Brown) — Come Through 72%
      Alina Baraz (feat. Khalid) — Off the Grid
      Alina Baraz (feat. Khalid) — Off the Grid 64%

      Cautious Clay — Shook

      While you’re flying high and happy, groove out to this tune — it’s happy; it’s catchy; it’s perfect for your Gran Champagne buzz.

      H.E.R. (feat. Chris Brown) — Come Through

      Soulful, sultry, and totally chilled, this duet is an excellent accompaniment for your Gran Champagne high, especially if you’re tryna stay in and blaze with someone special.

      Alina Baraz (feat. Khalid) — Off the Grid

      This enchanting duet is an R&B dream. Uplifting and simultaneously relaxing, put this tune on while you burn some Gran Champagne. Get lost in the lush soundscape.

      Pairs With Food
      Sunday brunch goodies
      Sunday brunch goodies 64%
      Charcuterie board
      Charcuterie board 64%
      Fried chicken
      Fried chicken 57%

      Sunday brunch goodies: Do it up and go for the grand shebang: pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, French toast — all of it. Toss in a mimosa and a bowl of Gran Champagne, and you’re in for an incredibly satisfying, relaxing nosh no matter what time of day you indulge.

      Charcuterie board: Cheese, fruit, crackers, cured meats, veggies — put it all on there. The varied textures and flavors are a party in your mouth after a few tokes of Gran Champagne.

      Fried chicken: Most people associate bubbly with super-fancy foods, but fried chicken is one of the best things you’ll ever put in your mouth while you sip some champagne. The same idea applies while you’re enjoying a bowl (or spliff) of Gran Champagne. Plus, fried chicken is a stoner-approved, munchies classic.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Champagne 66%
      Mimosa 74%
      Sour Seoul
      Sour Seoul 67%

      Champagne: Could there be a more perfect pairing? If you’re feeling uber motivated, you could whip up a champagne cocktail, but seriously, straight bubbly is chef’s kiss all by itself.

      Mimosa: Refreshing and juicy, a bubbly mimosa is a perfect complement for Gran Champagne’s flavor profile and effects.

      Sour Seoul: This super-simple soju-based cocktail brings a balanced mix of sweet and sour citrus to the table that tastes amazing alongside a bowl of Gran Champagne.

      Where The Gran Champagne Strain Is Grown

      Gran Champagne is the love child of Mimosa (a sativa-dominant hybrid) and Sour StrawburieD (an indica-dominant hybrid with Afghani heirloom genetics). This uplifting, balanced hybrid bud was created by Twenty20 Mendocino in California.

      Gran Champagne Strain Summary

      Gran Champagne is a great choice for those looking for blended mind-body effects and total serenity. Given its moderately high THC content, this bud is probably best reserved for seasoned cannabis users. If you can’t get your hands on this California native, try out similar strains like GG4 and LA Confidential.

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