Collins Ave Strain— Stroll the Avenue in a Haze

Inspired by one of the hottest streets in South Beach, this strain named by Rick Ross is a relaxing indica that’s great for vacation. It has a unique flavor that makes it a natural fit for pairing with a wide variety of foods and drinks.

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The breeders describe the flavor as “tart cream,” which invokes images of yogurt or even the flavor of Ice Cream Cake. It’s also slightly sweet, with a strong note of diesel at the finish. The main notes are:

Tart cream
Sweet floral

      AVO Ratings



      15 -25%



      0.68 - 1.12%

      Collins Ave Strain Information

      A collaboration between Cookies and Seed Junkie Genetics, this strain was also developed in partnership with iconic hip-hop star Rick Ross. It commemorates one of the most popular parts of Miami, and it brings a balance of both head and body high for a relaxing day off. It’s a hybrid like God’s Gift with a primarily indica effect.

      Strain Effects

      Uplifting 86%
      Relaxing 74%
      Euphoric 65%
      Helps With
      Depression 91%
      Anxiety 75%
      Fatigue 69%

      None reported

      Collins Ave Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Rick Ross — The Boss
      Rick Ross — The Boss 100%
      Childish Gambino — Feels Like Summer
      Childish Gambino — Feels Like Summer 70%
      Gorillaz — Plastic Beach
      Childish Gambino — Feels Like Summer 66%

      Rick Ross — The Boss: Since Rick Ross was instrumental to the creation of this strain, it’s only natural to listen to one of his greatest hits while enjoying it.

      Childish Gambino — Feels Like Summer: Indulge in the ultimate Miami mix, starting with this classic from Childish Gambino.

      Gorillaz — Plastic Beach: If you’re ready to get couch-locked by a high dose of this indica-heavy hybrid, try putting on this Gorillaz song to transport to South Beach mentally.

      Pairs With Food
      Panna Cotta
      Panna Cotta 84%
      Butter Chicken
      Butter Chicken 74%
      Nachos 62%

      Panna Cotta: Creamy sweetness is the key to complementing the Collins Ave strain.

      Butter Chicken: Mild curry spice and creamy tartness make Butter Chicken the ideal main course for enjoying after a few puffs of this strain.

      Nachos: After indulging in Collins Ave, you’ll be inspired to try all sorts of new nacho toppings.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Rosé 87%
      Rum Runner
      Rum Runner 78%
      Pina Colada
      Pina Colada 68%

      Rosé: Rick Ross loves Rosé wine, so grab your favorite variety to bring this strain to a whole new level.

      Rum Runner: This classic Miami cocktail has the tart and sweet flavor to stand up to the strong taste of this strain.

      Pina Colada: For a vacation at any time, all you need is the combination of a pina colada and a bowl or two of Collins Ave.

      Where The Strain Is Grown

      Created by the original California-based breeder of Girl Scout Cookies, this strain is a combination of Kush Mints 11 and GTI. The resulting buds are slightly minty but mostly creamy and a little musky.

      Strain Summary

      Make Collins Ave a new part of your weekend routine. As a flavorful and unique strain, it’s easy to pair with foods that don’t always go well with other varieties.

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