Willie’s Ghost Strain — Creepy and Sleepy

Willie’s Ghost Strain is a near-perfect hybrid with 60% indica and 40% sativa. Because of its indica dominance, it’s a relaxing strain but not enough to where it will hinder you for the rest of your day. Willie’s Ghost is a suitable method of stress and anxiety relief. Willie’s Ghost will relax the body and the mind without being too overwhelming and we endorse this strain for newcomers and veterans.

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8.5Expert Score
Willie's Ghost Strain Flavor Scale

Willie’s Ghost is natural-tasting primarily; however, it has a pleasant aftertaste of sweet bubblegum.


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      Willie's Ghost Strain Information

      David McDowell, a member of Nerdie Birdie Farms, originally bred Willie’s Ghost using the strains Russian Ghost Ruderalis and SSSC Williams Wonder. We recommend this strain for nighttime and late afternoon usage because it may make you pretty sleepy.

      Strain Effects

      Relaxed 79%
      Happy 69%
      Drowsy 72%
      Helps With
      Anxiety 81%
      Pain 79%
      Depression 79%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 50%
      Itchy eyes
      Itchy eyes 50%

      Willie's Ghost Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Fleetwood Mac — Gold Dust Woman
      Fleetwood Mac — Gold Dust Woman 76%
      Feist — Graveyard
      Feist — Graveyard 74%
      Fiona Apple — Werewolf
      Fiona Apple — Werewolf 95%

      Fleetwood Mac — Gold Dust Woman

      Willie’s Ghost sounds a little spooky, and you know who else sounds a little spooky? The witchy sounds of Stevie Nicks.

      Feist — Graveyard

      Feist’s album “Metals” is some of the most beautiful and haunting music that exists. Her voice will alleviate your worries, and her lyrics and melodies will enchant you.

      Fiona Apple — Werewolf

      Fiona Apple has always done her own thing, and luckily, we get to be a part of it. Expect the unexpected from her and sink into the sound of her raw voice.

      Pairs With Food
      Seven-Layer Dip
      Seven-Layer Dip 75%
      Pumpkin Bread
      Pumpkin Bread 67%
      Turkey 93%

      Seven-Layer Dip: It’s beautiful, it’s filling, and it’s colorful. Most importantly, a seven-layer dip will cure those munchies right away.

      Pumpkin Bread: Maybe it’s the cinnamon that makes it so good, or maybe it’s just because it tastes like fall, but pumpkin bread is so effortlessly delicious.

      Turkey: Did you know that turkey makes you sleepy? No, really. It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to enjoy this delicious bird.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Spiked Punch
      Spiked Punch 84%
      Cognac 64%
      Martini 90%

      Spiked Punch: You and your stoner buddies are hanging out, and you’re tired of getting up to get beers. Just put some spiked punch in the center of the room, and your problems are solved. You can make this easily with vodka.

      Cognac: To match the sweet undertones of Willie’s Ghost, sit back and unwind with a glass of this delicious brandy.

      Martini: One of the best known and most popular cocktails, Martinis are suitable for any occasion with any company. All you need is some gin.

      Where Willie's Ghost Strain Is Grown

      Willie’s Ghost was grown initially by Nerdie Birdie Farms, located in Washington state.

      Strain Summary

      Willie’s Ghost is a good choice for anyone who loves indica strains. It has the effects of similar strains such as Do-Si-Sos. Let all of your stress die away and renew yourself with Willie’s Ghost’s haunting powers.

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