Bootlegger Strain — Get Baked

The Bootlegger Strain brings on the giggles. This indica-dominant hybrid is sure to make you goofy and silly. While your brain goes to sleep, your body will be active and aware until the drowsiness kicks in.

This strain is the key for a lazy Sunday or a night in with your stoner friends. Just make sure you don’t have plans to be functional for a while. Compare with other couch-locking hybrids like Platinum Cookies.

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Bootlegger Strain
8.5Expert Score
Bootlegger Strain Flavor Scale

Bootlegger tastes like the typical weed strain. It has a pretty strong skunk taste and smell.


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      Bootlegger Strain Information

      Colorado Seed Inc bred Bootlegger by mixing AK-47 and Gupta Kush. Everything about the strain is potent, including the taste, the smell, and the high itself.

      Strain Effects

      Silly 76%
      Disoriented 84%
      Drowsy 82%
      Helps With
      Pain 78%
      Depression 85%
      Mood swings
      Mood swings 79%
      Anxiety 50%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 50%

      Bootlegger Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Bazzi — Paradise
      Bazzi — Paradise 73%
      Tyler the Creator — I THINK
      Tyler the Creator — I THINK 86%
      Superorganism — Something for Your Mind
      Superorganism — Something for Your Mind 93%

      Bazzi — Paradise

      Bazzi’s songs sound like a music festival on the beach. Euphoric pop meets vibey R&B, and it’s something quite beautiful and delicious.

      Tyler the Creator — I THINK

      Whether you like rap music or not, Tyler the Creator seems to have something for everyone. He wrote and produced the entirety of his new album IGOR, and after smoking Bootlegger, you’ll be able to appreciate all of the weird sounds he played with.

      Superorganism — Something for Your Mind

      Superorganism is the weirdest and most fun group you’ve never heard of (You may have heard the song they wrote for The Lego Movie). Their music is a happy, silly mind-trip you will love.

      Pairs With Food
      Pizza Rolls
      Happy 77%
      Garlic Shrimp
      Garlic Shrimp 90%
      Thai Takeout
      Thai Takeout 87%

      Pizza Rolls: Now is not the time to worry about carbs. Now is the time to throw some pizza rolls in the oven and have a Netflix binge. Wait until they cool down, though (we know you won’t).

      Garlic Shrimp: If you’re thinking dinner, you’ll want something bite-sized and full of flavor, and that’s precisely what this garlic shrimp recipe will do for you.

      Thai Takeout: We know you don’t want to cook, and that’s okay. Thai food is bursting with diverse flavors, tastes fresh, and tastes homemade.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Pale Ale
      Pale Ale 91%
      Old-Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail
      Old-Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail 84%
      White Port
      White Port 72%

      Pale Ale: After smoking bootlegger, you might be looking for something lighter and refreshing. Crack open a locally brewed pale ale for that floaty taste.

      Old-Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail: Using this recipe, you can make your own version of an old-fashioned. Kick back and melt away with a smooth whiskey.

      White Port: On the sweetness scale for white wines, white Port is at the very top. It’s casual enough to pass as wine but sweet enough to rival a cocktail.

      Where The Strain Is Grown

      It was originally bred and grown in Colorado.

      Bootlegger Strain Summary

      Bootlegger is what we think the crew from That ’70s Show might have been smoking. It’s going to make your brain go numb and energize your body at the same time.

      Maybe think of some good jokes ahead of time because, first of all, they’re going to be way funnier after smoking Bootlegger, and after smoking, you won’t be able to think of anything at all.

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