Black Diamond Strain — Truly A Rare Gem

The Black Diamond strain, also known as Black Diamond Kush or Black Diamond OG, is a rare, indica-dominant hybrid with highly medicinal effects. While this bud is known for delivering powerful pain relief and physical relaxation, it’s also great for getting your giggle on whether you’re chillin’ at home solo or burning down with your best friends.

Black Diamond Strain
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The Black Diamond strain offers up a smooth blend of sweet, fruity, and herbal flavors that taste like:


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Black Diamond Strain Information

Black Diamond is 70% indica and 30% sativa with an average THC content of 18% to 24% and virtually zero CBD. This strain will make you feel like you’re wrapped up in a cozy cocoon, but its effects are surprisingly interactive even though it leans heavily indica.

Black Diamond is widely known for making everything seem light and fun, and it’s not uncommon for even experienced tokers to fall into random fits of giggles after enjoying this strain. Whether you’re looking for powerful pain relief or a plant-based fix for depression, anxiety, mood swings, nausea, loss of appetite, and stress, this rare gem of a strain is a solid choice.

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Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Black Diamond Strain Pairings

Pairs With Music

The Lonely Island, Justin Timberlake — “Motherlover”
Bobby McFerrin — “Don’t Worry Be Happy”
Gorillaz — “Feel Good Inc.”

The Lonely Island, Justin Timberlake — “Motherlover”: After your Black Diamond buzz sets in, this ridiculous jam will help you get your giggle on.

Bobby McFerrin — “Don’t Worry Be Happy”: A few puffs of Black Diamond will definitely lift your spirits, and when you bop along to this classic reggae tune, you won’t have a care in the world.

Gorillaz — “Feel Good Inc.”: When your carefree Black Diamond high sets in, you’ll be primed and ready to groove along to this feel-good jam.

Pairs With Food

Blackberry brie grilled cheese
Pesto pasta and parmesan chicken

Pizza: Like Black Diamond, pizza is pretty much synonymous with happiness. Plus, it happens to be the ultimate satisfying snack when the munchies hit.

Blackberry brie grilled cheese: Bring out Black Diamond’s berry and earthy notes with this unique take on the classic stoner food. It might sound odd, but it’s surprisingly tasty.

Pesto pasta and parmesan chicken: Herbaceous pesto and crispy parmesan chicken taste amazing, while Black Diamond’s earthy and herbal notes linger on your tongue. Feel-good food for a feel-good time.

Pairs With Spirits

Black Diamond
Pinot noir

Black Diamond: Yep, it’s really a cocktail. This rum, creme de cacao, and espresso concoction will help keep your energy levels up when Black Diamond’s indica effects kick in.

Floradora: This gin-based cocktail’s herbal notes and hints of raspberry really help bring out the berry and earthy notes in Black Diamond.

Pinot noir: With its cherry, berry, earthy, and oaky notes, this dry red is a great complement for Black Diamond’s flavor profile and soothing effects.

Where The Black Diamond Strain Is Grown

Black Diamond originated in Northern California as a cross between Blackberry and Diamond OG. No one really knows who first bred the strain.

Black Diamond Aroma

The Black Diamond strain smells kinda like red wine with its earthy, musky, pungent aroma that also features hints of sweet grape.

Black Diamond Strain Growing Info

The Black Diamond strain can be grown indoors or out and prefers soil rather than a hydroponic medium. If you’re planning to cultivate outdoors, know this strain produces a pretty powerful aroma, so it may be tough to conceal the fact you’re growing (if that’s something you need to do).

Indoor plants typically reach heights of about 48 inches, and outdoor plants will likely grow to around five feet. In either environment, you’ll need to ensure your plants get adequate food, either via living soil or synthetic nutrients.

Veg time is largely subjective (it all depends on how tall or bushy you’d like your plants to grow), and flowering time should take around 60 to 73 days. As a photoperiod strain, Black Diamond will need tightly controlled lighting conditions, or it may hermaphrodite, leaving undesirable seeds inside your bud.

Black Diamond Terpene Profile

Black Diamond’s dominant terpene is myrcene (0.23%), which lends a musky, fruity, earthy aroma to both its scent and flavor. Other prominent terpenes in this strain include:

  • Camphene — 0.19%
  • Caryophyllene — 0.12%
  • Pehllandrene — 0.11%
  • Linalool — 0.11%
  • Limonene — 0.09%
  • Pinene — 0.07%

Top Three Strains Similar to Black Diamond


If you’re looking for something that’ll mellow you out without lulling you into a stupor, try Blackberry, a balanced hybrid that’s one of Black Diamond’s parent strains.

Diamond OG

This heavily indica-dominant, trichome-rich strain is one of Black Diamond’s parents. If you’re looking for a strain that can soothe you straight to sleep, definitely give Diamond OG a try.


Their flavors might not be all that similar, but the Mango strain delivers many of the same effects as Black Diamond OG.

FAQs About the Black Diamond Strain

What does the Black Diamond strain typically yield?

Indoor plants typically yield around 0.5 to one ounce per square foot. If you grow outdoors, expect about 10 to 15 ounces per plant.

Is Black Diamond good for medical cannabis patients?

Many medical tokers find that Black Diamond can help alleviate stress, pain, depression, low appetite, and anxiety. If you live with one of the aforementioned conditions, this strain may be able to help you.

Is the Black Diamond strain indica or sativa?

It’s a bit of both, but the ratio can vary a bit depending on the grower. Generally, Black Diamond is 30% sativa and 70% indica.

Black Diamond Strain Summary

If you wanna relax and get giggly, the Black Diamond strain will definitely get you where you’re looking to go. This strain is pretty scarce, so if you can’t find it, you’ll probably also like strains with similar effects like Bootlegger and Blackberry Trainwreck.

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  1. […] that are perfect for daytime use. The indica body high sets in later, providing relaxation and pain relief. This makes Black Diamond a great choice for those who need effective relief from conditions like chronic pain, muscle spasms, […]

  2. […] that are perfect for daytime use. The indica body high sets in later, providing relaxation and pain relief. This makes Black Diamond a great choice for those who need effective relief from conditions like chronic pain, muscle spasms, […]

  3. Solid choice for a nice relaxed evening. I really appreciate the relaxation it gives me after a long day at work!

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