Mango Strain — Tantalizingly Tasty and Tranquility-Inducing

When it comes to classic cannabis strains, the Mango strain is a decades-old OG. This evenly balanced, fruity, fragrant hybrid is the lovechild of an Afghani indica and the slightly indica-dominant KC 33 and is known for its calming, mood-lifting effects and remarkably large buds. If you’re hunting for some ganj that’ll bring your spirits up after a less-than-stellar day or need quick relief from pain or stress, the Mango strain is a marvelous choice.

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Mango Strain
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Mango Strain Flavor Scale

The Mango strain will delight your tastebuds with notes of:

Juicy mango
Sweet tropical fruits

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      Mango Strain Information

      The Mango strain is a 50/50 sativa-indica hybrid with an average THC content of around 17% to 24%, CBD content of roughly 10%, and CBN content of 1%.

      This strain was first introduced to the public in the 1960s and was subsequently modified in 1991 when breeders crossed the old-school Mango with KC 33. Their creation (the Mango strain we know and love today) won third place at the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup in the indica category and went on to be named one of the best seeds of 2009.

      Mango is a bit of a creeper strain, so if you’re fairly new to the nug, take it slow and assess your high as you go, or you could end up feeling a bit paranoid. A right-for-you dose will leave you feeling uplifted, calm, creative, slightly more energetic, and positively ravenous. You’ll also enjoy a warm, tingly body high that will quickly soothe pain, muscle spasms, and chronic muscle tension and gradually lull you into a soothed, lightly sedated state. Medical tokers also find that the Mango strain is helpful for loss of appetite, depression, and stress.

      Mango Strain Effects

      Happy 85%
      Relaxed 89%
      Hungry 86%
      Euphoric 80%
      Helps With
      Stress 87%
      Pain 86%
      Loss of appetite
      Loss of appetite 83%
      Depression 81%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 40%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 45%
      Paranoia 42%
      Headache 38%

      Mango Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Richard Elliot — “Mango Tango”
      Richard Elliot — “Mango Tango” 90%
      Childish Gambino — “Feels Like Summer”
      Childish Gambino — “Feels Like Summer” 82%
      Paco Versailles — “Unwind”
      Paco Versailles — “Unwind” 87%

      Richard Elliot — “Mango Tango”: This saxophone-heavy, jazzy jam is perfect background music for kicking back and enjoying a bowl of the mellow Mango strain.

      Childish Gambino — “Feels Like Summer”: Wanna feel like you’re on vacation on a warm beach somewhere? This sunny, funk-inspired R&B jam paired with some Mango will easily build that vibe.

      Paco Versailles — “Unwind”: Crank this super-fun song after you enjoy a few tokes of mood-boosting Mango, and let the combo help you unwind. If you get the urge to bust a move, don’t resist.

      Pairs With Food
      Mango sorbet
      Mango sorbet 87%
      Tortilla chips and jalapeno-mango salsa
      Tortilla chips and jalapeno-mango salsa 91%
      Pulled pork with mango barbeque sauce
      Pulled pork with mango barbeque sauce 85%

      Mango sorbet: Mango can help elevate your high, so why not enjoy some of this sweet, fruity goodness along with your ganj?

      Tortilla chips and jalapeno-mango salsa: When those Mango munchies hit (and they definitely will), this super-tasty snack is seriously satisfying.

      Pulled pork with mango barbeque sauce: Slap some of this super-tasty pork on a fresh roll, add some pickles, and mow down. This mega-flavorful meal will kill those Mango-induced munchies quick-like.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Mango martini
      Mango martini 82%
      Sage lady
      Sage lady 87%
      Cucumber, basil, & lime gimlet
      Cucumber, basil, & lime gimlet 88%

      Mango martini: Class up your cannabis experience with this fruity, balanced cocktail that features fresh, blended mango as the star.

      Sage lady: Scrumptious and strong, this blend of mango vodka, sage, cucumber, lime juice, and Cointreau tastes amazing alongside Mango’s tropical fruit and citrus notes.

      Cucumber, basil, & lime gimlet: It’s fresh, fragrant, and herbaceous and is an excellent complement to Mango’s super-fruity flavor.

      Where The Mango Strain Is Grown

      The breeders at Netherlands-based KC Brains Seeds came up with the Mango strain.

      Mango Strain Summary

      Mango is a magnificent choice when you wanna boost your mood, chill out, get creative, or wind down gently after a long day. If this juicy strain tickles your tastebuds and your fancy, you might also like similarly fruity, uplifting hybrids like Magic Melon, Papaya, and Juicy Fruit.

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