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If you’ve got a need for top-shelf weed, the OG 18 strain is for you. Commonly called “Private Reserve,” this award-winning, indica-dominant strain is a phenotype of the iconic OG Kush and is a heavyweight in its own right. Supremely mentally and physically relaxing, OG 18 is ideal for smoking your cares away at the end of a long day and getting yourself ready for a ridiculously good night’s rest. If you’re gonna partake, make sure your schedule is clear, as you probably won’t be getting much done after your high sets in.

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OG 18 Strain
9.5Expert Score
OG 18 Strain Flavor Scale

The OG 18 strain tastes like a more sour version of its OG Kush relative. Each toke will drench your palate in notes of:

Earthy pine
Pungent diesel
Sour kush

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      OG 18 Strain Information

      The OG 18 is pretty moderate in the THC department, clocking in at an average of 16% to 21%. But that doesn’t mean it won’t deliver some superbly soothing, sedating effects. Just a few tokes of this 70/30 indica-sativa bud will leave you with a relaxing, all-encompassing head and body high that’ll quickly ease stress, chronic pain, depression, mood swings, and headaches. If you struggle to fall asleep or just can’t get your appetite up, OG 18 can help with that, too.

      OG 18 Strain Effects

      Relaxed 86%
      Happy 89%
      Uplifted 88%
      Sleepy 85%
      Helps With
      Pain 85%
      Stress 85%
      Insomnia 87%
      Lack of appetite
      Lack of appetite 89%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 43%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 45%
      Paranoia 41%
      Headache 39%

      OG 18 Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      GRiZ — “I’m Good”
      GRiZ — “I’m Good” 83%
      Purrple Cat — “Bedtime”
      Purrple Cat — “Bedtime” 85%
      Parcels — “Lightenup”
      Parcels — “Lightenup” 88%

      GRiZ — “I’m Good”: This funky, feel-good track is exactly the vibe you need alongside a bowl of the feel-good OG 18 strain.

      Purrple Cat — “Bedtime”: When you need some tunes that’ll soothe you straight to sleep, this incredibly relaxing track should pair perfectly with OG 18’s snooze-inducing vibe.

      Parcels — “Lightenup”: Need a mega mood boost? Listen to this lighthearted track while you light up and feel your spirits soar.

      Pairs With Food
      Caesar salad
      Caesar salad 86%
      Lemon pepper chicken with roasted potatoes
      Lemon pepper chicken with roasted potatoes 88%
      Lemon bars
      Lemon bars 87%

      Caesar salad: This refreshing salad has a bit of a tang to it, which makes it an excellent pairing for OG 18’s limonene-heavy flavor profile.

      Lemon pepper chicken with roasted potatoes: Complement the sour, earthy notes in your smoke with this filling and flavorful dish (that’ll help quell the munchies, too!).

      Lemon bars: If you’re craving something sugary that’ll complement the flavors of your smoke, these tasty treats can quickly satisfy your sweet tooth.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Angostura Sour
      Angostura Sour 84%
      French 75
      French 75 87%
      Hot Toddy
      Hot Toddy 90%

      Angostura Sour: This cocktail’s star ingredient is Angostura Bitters, so it should be a total palate-pleaser if you’re a fan of the pungent, sour taste of OG 18.

      French 75: Balance out the sour, pungent notes in your smoke with this sweet ‘n’ sour sipper that’s refreshing and relaxing all at once.

      Hot Toddy: If you wanna usher in sleep as speedily as possible, sip on this warm, relaxing evening classic while you enjoy a few tokes of the super-soothing OG 18.

      Where The OG 18 Strain Is Grown

      Amsterdam-based DNA Genetics created the OG 18 strain, which went on to win the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2009 and 2010. It was also awarded at both the 2010 Europe Champions Cup and the Spannabis Indoor Hydro Cup.

      OG 18 Strain Summary

      OG 18 might be your ideal green if you’ve been hunting for a soothing strain that’ll help you wind down in a hurry and enjoy a calm, stress-free evening. Strains with similar effects that you might also want to try include Peanut Butter Breath, Duct Tape, and Triangle Kush.

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