Berry Pie Strain — Bake Some Bliss Into Your Day

Craving some sweet, daytime bud that delivers a mildly stimulating yet seriously soothing high? Then you’ll wanna give the Berry Pie strain a try. This sativa-dominant cross of the Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies strains is excellent for those days when you need to slash stress and boost your mood to bliss level.

Whether you want to enjoy an uplifting afternoon smoke or melt mental and physical tension after a long workday, Berry Pie will help you kiss your cares goodbye.

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Berry Pie Strain
9.5Expert Score
Berry Pie Strain Flavor Scale

The Berry Pie strain tastes strikingly like its namesake dessert, with some earthy notes on the exhale. With each toke, you’ll taste:

Blueberries and tart cherries
Sweet vanilla cream
Nutty earthiness

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      Berry Pie Strain Information

      Berry Pie clocks in at a relatively high 21%-25% THC and 1% CBD. Although this strain leans sativa, it hits almost like an indica and delivers surprisingly soothing effects. After a few hits of Berry Pie, a gentle buzz will gradually permeate your headspace, leaving you cerebrally activated, uplifted, stress-free, and ready to chat.

      As your mood soars, Berry Pie will steadily soothe and relax your physical form, alleviating tension and eradicating pain. You may feel slightly more spirited, focused, and creative than usual, but don’t be surprised if you end up chilling rather than checking things off your to-do list.

      If you’re on the hunt for an energizing sativa to help you power through your day, Berry Pie probably isn’t your best bet. But if you’re searching for some daytime bud that’ll chill you out without weighing you down, this strain won’t disappoint.

      Berry Pie Strain Effects

      Uplifting 82%
      Calm 78%
      Talkative 76%
      Helps With
      Stress 81%
      Depression 80%
      Pain 79%
      Dizziness 41%
      Paranoia 44%
      Headache 42%

      Berry Pie Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Alina Baraz — “High”
      Alina Baraz — “High” 79%
      Glass Animals — “Take a Slice”
      Glass Animals — “Take a Slice” 81%
      Masego — “Veg Out (Wasting Thyme)”
      Masego — “Veg Out (Wasting Thyme)” 76%

      Alina Baraz — “High”: Let Alina’s velvety vocals and mellow instrumentals float your mind away as your Berry Pie high gently relaxes your physical form and soothes your stressed-out brain.

      Glass Animals — “Take a Slice”: Put this entrancing electronic track on and let it envelop your mind while you enjoy a slice (ahem, spliff) of stress-relieving Berry Pie.

      Masego — “Veg Out (Wasting Thyme)”: Planning to kick back and relax while you burn some Berry Pie? This chill R&B jam provides a perfect soundtrack for loosening up and letting go.

      Pairs With Food
      Pie 76%
      Ice cream cone
      Ice cream cone 84%
      Loaded turkey sub
      Loaded turkey sub 76%

      Pie: It just makes sense. Nosh on whatever kind you like, but if you wanna enhance the fruity notes in your smoke, opt for something with blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, or cherries.

      Ice cream cone: While you burn some mood-boosting Berry Pie, lift your spirits into the stratosphere with a double scoop of ice cream (preferably vanilla bean) in a waffle cone.

      Loaded turkey sub: If you’re craving something savory and satisfying to go with your sweet smoke, a loaded sub and some crunchy chips should quell even the gnarliest Berry Pie-induced munchies.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Espresso Martini
      Espresso Martini 77%
      Blackberry mojito
      Blackberry mojito 81%
      Strawberry basil lemonade
      Strawberry basil lemonade 76%

      Espresso Martini: Sip on this indulgent and invigorating cocktail if you wanna keep your energy levels steady while you enjoy your soothing Berry Pie high.

      Blackberry mojito: Why not enjoy some tart, boozy berries alongside your sweet, berrylicious smoke?

      Strawberry basil lemonade: This herbaceous, sweet-tart cocktail is a super-refreshing complement to Berry Pie’s sugary-sweet flavors. It’s perfect for an altered weekend afternoon in the sun.

      Where The Berry Pie Strain Is Grown

      California-based breeders, Cookies and Seed Junky Genetics, collaborated to create the Berry Pie strain.

      Berry Pie Strain Summary

      When you want a delicious daytime strain that’ll bliss you out without weighing down your eyelids, don’t hesitate to give Berry Pie a try. If this strain tickles your fancy, you’ll probably also enjoy strains with similar flavors and effects, like Member Berry and White Strawberry.

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