White Strawberry Strain — A Delicious, All-Day Treat

Wanna indulge your sweet tooth in the middle of the day? Put some White Strawberry in your bowl (or paper if that’s how you roll) and enjoy. This strain is an evenly balanced sativa-indica hybrid that brings on an energized, happy, euphoric, yet relaxing high, making it an excellent bud for all-day enjoyment.

Since the White Strawberry strain isn’t crazy potent, it’s a great bud for new tokers. Experienced smokers can use it for a little mood boost while slogging through repetitive tasks or to wash away midday stress. But beware: White Strawberry is notorious for bringing on the munchies, so if you’re gonna indulge, make sure you’ve got snacks on deck.

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White Strawberry Strain
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White Strawberry Flavor Scale

Berry is (obviously) the dominant note in the White Strawberry strain, but this bud also packs a skunky-sweet punch that makes for a delectable and unforgettable taste experience. The three main flavors in White Strawberry are:


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      White Strawberry Strain Information

      White Strawberry is a flavor-packed hybrid of Strawberry Cough and The White, crossed with the legendary Casey Jones strain. Its lineage comes from both sativa- and indica-dominant strains, so it comes as no surprise that White Strawberry perfectly marries their effects.

      A fairly mild bud, White Strawberry’s THC content ranges between 12% and 18%, which makes it great for new recreational cannabis users and medical patients alike. Its high kicks off gradually, hitting right between the eyes with a spacey, euphoric rush that brings on a relaxed, happy, and focused state along with a mean case of the munchies.

      Eventually, euphoria and focus give way to a sleepy, sedated cerebral state that’s great for pain relief and winding down the afternoon. While this strain’s CBD content is unknown, it does contain about 2% CBG, which makes it a good choice for those with gastrointestinal issues like nausea, low appetite, IBD, and Crohn’s disease.

      White Strawberry Strain Effects

      Happy 82%
      Happy 67%
      Focused 74%
      Helps With
      Depression & Anxiety
      Depression & Anxiety 80%
      Stress 70%
      Pain 64%
      Dry Mouth
      Dry Mouth 50%
      Hyperactivity 50%
      Paranoia 76%

      Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Glass Animals — Heat Waves
      Glass Animals — Heat Waves 68%
      Lucky Daye — Buying Time
      Lucky Daye — Buying Time 66%
      Cloudchord — Stay Puff
      Cloudchord — Stay Puff 74%

      Glass Animals — Heat Waves

      Vibey, catchy, and unique, this is a perfect jam for getting a little more lifted while you get lifted on some White Strawberry.

      Lucky Daye — Buying Time

      While you get your mood boost on with White Strawberry, steal a little time to vibe out to this chilled-out tune.

      Cloudchord — Stay Puff

      This tune is basically the definition of relaxing. While you puff on some White Strawberry, let this song provide some background groove for your happy high.

      Pairs With Food
      Strawberry shortcake
      Strawberry shortcake 72%
      Thai food
      Thai food 75%
      Grilled ham and cheese
      Grilled ham and cheese 72%
      • Strawberry shortcake: Berrylicious and oh so delicious, strawberry shortcake is a match made in heaven for a bowl of White Strawberry. Don’t forget the whipped cream!
      • Thai food: Dig into your favorite Thai dish and notice how the tangy, spicy, and savory flavors bring out the sweet, skunky notes in White Strawberry.

      Grilled ham and cheese: An unlikely pairing but delicious nonetheless, a buttery, savory grilled ham and cheese really brings out the sweetness of the White Strawberry strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Bellini 71%
      Strawberry mojito
      Strawberry mojito 50%
      Cosmopolitan 50%
      • Bellini: While you enjoy your happy high, take a sec to chill out with this champagne-based cocktail. Peach and strawberry are total BFFs.
      • Strawberry mojito: Bright, refreshing, and relaxing, a strawberry mojito is pure bliss when paired with a bowl of White Strawberry.

      Cosmopolitan: Bright and bouncy, a slightly sweet cosmo is an excellent complement for White Strawberry’s sweet and slightly skunky notes.

      Where The White Strawberry Strain Is Grown

      The White Strawberry strain was created when G13 labs crossed Strawberry Cough and The White and then mixed those hybrid genetics with the Casey Jones strain. There are currently two phenotypes of this strain: one leans more sativa while the other errs more toward its indica lineage.

      White Strawberry Strain Summary

      White Strawberry is a great bud for all-day enjoyment and a happy, euphoric, uplifting high. Given its moderate THC content and decent CBG content, it’s a solid choice for both recreational and medical users who are looking to alleviate stress, low mood, and digestive issues.

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