What to Bring to a Labor Day Party – Everything You Need for Labor Day Weekend

It’s Labor Day weekend, the official end of another hot, glorious summer, but figuring out what to bring to a Labor Day party is likely the next thing on your mind.

With 75% of people expected to celebrate Labor Day, there’s a chance you’re also hosting or attending a party.

Obviously, if you have some special Labor Day party ideas in mind, they should speak for themselves.

However, for this guide, we will discuss putting together the perfect Labor Day party with cocktails, cannabis, and everything else you need for a memorable weekend.

What to Bring to a Labor Day Party – The Ultimate Guide

Putting together a Labor Day party doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. After all, these parties are all about the people and the chance to have some fun together.

Whether you just want some Labor Day weed or are looking for the perfect Labor Day shooters, let’s cover all the bases.

  1. Get Outside and Grill

Ask anyone what to bring to a Labor Day party, and they’ll say no party is complete without a final cookout while the weather is still good. It’s the joint second most popular holiday for grilling.

Additionally, a grill-out is not only a summer staple but also the opportunity to create easy socialization over classic Labor Day food ideas, including burgers, hot dogs, and a rack of prime ribs.

Leave the pizzazz for Thanksgiving!

  1. Create an Atmosphere

Traditional Labor Day food often involves eating outdoors in the backyard. As a casual holiday, Labor Day is designed to help you unwind, but for a great party, you need an atmosphere. Here are some ideas:

·  Get some comfortable seating in advance.

·  Invest in an outdoor TV.

·  Grab a projector.

·  Put up a small shelter in case it rains.

·  Bring along a Bluetooth speaker to get the party started.

Above all, ensure you invite the right people. There’s little point in bringing along a quarter of weed or setting up for a liquid marijuana shot if you invite the wrong people.

Remember, opt for quality, not quantity, in your invitations.

  1. Mix Up the Hottest Labor Day Drinks

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have your own mini bar, or maybe this is a more rustic Labor Day affair. But one of the best things to bring along on Labor Day is some premium alcohol.

Some parties are about little more than a few beers, but this is Labor Day, so push the boat out. Make up some elaborate, eye-catching Labor Day shots and cocktails to get the party started.

If you invite a bunch of people, it’s also worth asking about their favorite alcohols so you have plenty on hand. After all, the 17 beverage-controlled states may mean liquor stores are closed in your area during the holidays.

Here are some Labor Day cocktail ideas to get started with:

·  Bloody Mary

·  Watermelon Margarita

·  Aperol Spritz

·  Lemon Drop

·  Blackberry Mojito

·  Dark and Stormy

·  Hot Toddy

Of course, like edible recipes, cocktail recipes are merely a starting point. If you’re feeling confident, don’t be afraid to put your twist on your Labor Day drinks menu.

  1. Create a Hazy Weekend with Premium Cannabis Strains

Did you know that 23 states have legal recreational weed?

If you live in one of these states, you can legally shake up your party by bringing your favorite weed strain. And this is also a chance for you to get everyone smiling.

Firstly, make it clear in advance that you are bringing along some Labor Day cannabis and get the host’s permission. If you are the host, tell your guests beforehand you’re hosting a 420-friendly party.

Follow these tips to decide what to bring to a Labor Day party:

·  Choose Your Flavor – The first step is to select your favorite weed strains. Labor Day marijuana offers countless options. For example, strains of weed for anxiety can give you more confidence. But if you’re planning for some post-holiday hanky-panky, think about the best weed strains for sex.

·  Sativa First, Indica Second – Labor Day weed for a party means you want people actively participating. For this reason, stick to Sativa-based strains that are uplifting and energizing. Only bring Indica for an end-of-the-night salute.

·  Have Multiple Choices – If you’re going all-out, present multiple choices. Not everyone will love your favorite Black Diamond, but they might prefer something else, like Gelato. Show your guests some love and allow them to choose.

·  Opt for Multiple Treats – Ensure everyone can join the party by offering multiple cannabis-based products. These could be brownie edibles, standard joints, or even some THC drinks.

·  Think Pairings – Finally, consider weed cocktail pairings. The aroma, taste, and effects of individual strains complement different drinks well. For example, pairing Godfather OG with a White Russian works, as does Lemon Drop cocktails with Lemon Drop weed.

Try not to overthink it. The whole point of bringing weed to the party is to enhance the atmosphere and make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.

  1. Labor Day Party Entertainment

Thinking about what to bring to a Labor Day party after you’ve covered all the basics? Labor Day offers no end of entertainment opportunities to keep everyone happy and energized.

You’ve got the music and the TV, but how else can you make this Labor Day a time to remember?

Try out these ideas:

·  Scavenger hunts

·  Tin can bowling

·  Cornhole

·  Tic-Tac-Toe (outdoor edition)

·  Lawn darts

Again, don’t overthink this aspect. Even bringing a deck of cards can get people in the mood to come out of their shells.


These ideas for Labor Day weekend should get you moving, whether you’re a guest or a host. As always, the emphasis is on the people you bring, not how much you spend on your party. Focus on what Labor Day is really about, not just outdoing your neighbor’s Labor Day festivities.

If you’re struggling with ideas, Flavor Fix has you covered. With our array of guides and recommendations, you can make the perfect cocktail, grab a strain that speaks to you, and find your ideal flavor today.

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