The Beginner’s Guide on How to Smoke Hash

Are you ready to reach the highest of highs by learning how to smoke hash?

Smoking cannabis has always been the go-to open for getting high, but if you thought learning how to roll a blunt or chomping on a high-potency edible was the peak, think again. Hash is a concentrated form of cannabis, and the incredible THC content makes this an experience you’ll never forget.

Here’s what you need to know about how to smoke hash.

What is Hash?

Today, more Americans smoke marijuana than tobacco, and hashish is a big part of this number. While hash creates smoke like any other type of cannabis, there are many misconceptions about what it is.

So, what is hash?

Hash, or hashish, is a form of cannabis concentrate. It’s made by collecting the trichome resin of the cannabis plant and condensing it. The potency of hash can range from as little as 20% THC to 60% and up. Think of it like comparing the 3-4% THC weed your grandparents used to smoke with the cannabis of today, which is three times stronger.

Where is Hash Legal in the US?

Since marijuana legalization took hold, hash has also become available in dispensaries across the nation.

Unlike in Canada, THC caps broadly don’t apply (except in Vermont and Connecticut), so there are no restrictions on cannabis concentrates like hashish, making them perfectly legal to sell anywhere that has legalized marijuana.

What is Hash Called at a Dispensary?

Note that due to its similarities to other products, you may not see any signs or cannabis marketing that tell you about hashish.

Instead, most dispensaries will call hash “cannabis concentrates.” If you’re looking for hash specifically, you’ll need to ask the staff for your flavor.

What is in Hash Smoke, and What is the Best Time to Smoke Hash?

As a cannabis concentrate, you can expect the same effects when learning how to smoke hash as you would when toking away on your usual weed measurements, but to a greater degree.

Remember, hash is nothing more than concentrated cannabis resin, so it still contains THC and various other cannabinoids.

For reasons of potency, it’s best to smoke at the end of the day.

How much is hash in the US?

Asking how much does weed cost will tell you that there’s a massive amount of variation: typically $10-$30 a gram.

Hash sits somewhere in the middle at $15 a gram.

How to Smoke Hash: Six Different Options

What is the best method of smoking hash? It depends on whom you ask. Head around the world for some cannabis tourism, and everyone approaches hash smoking differently.

To help you find your way, here’s a selection of options for smoking this ganja offshoot.

1.    Smoking Hash in a Pipe

Pipes have been around for thousands of years, so it’s no surprise you can smoke from a pipe. Smoking is easy, whether wood, glass, metal, or silicone rubber.

Several pipe smoking options exist, including:

·                Bowl – Pack the bowl to cover the mesh and use a good old-fashioned lighter.

·                Blowtorch – Look incredibly cool using a blowtorch to take your hash to 350-450 Fahrenheit. Hold the flame over a bowl and inhale.

·                Rosin – Apply heat to pressurize some rosin oil and place it over some hash in a bowl.

2.    Smoking Hash with a Dab

If you wonder, “Can I smoke hash like a dab?” the answer is a comprehensive yes. Grab your dab rig and use it as an alternative to wax or shatter.

·                Load your hash onto your dab’s nail with an “oil can” tool.

·                Light your oil can with one hand.

·                Invert the dab rig and inhale air into your rig.

·                Release the air from your mouth until you’ve got your preferred smoke level.

·                Continue drawing until your rig is full of cloudy smoke, and exhale.

3.    Smoking Hash With a Vape

Vapes are always popular for getting through a zip of weed but also for hash. Plus, when vaping hash, you can make a little go a long way.

Here’s how to do it:

·                Inhale from both ends while holding down the vape button.

·                Hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds before exhaling.

You can also change things by putting one finger over one end of your vape while sucking on the other to create a vacuum and speed up the heating process.

4.    Smoking Hash With a Bong

If you’re going for a bong as your hash or weed delivery method, expect to use more hash to get the same result. Furthermore, as hash is often crumbly, you’ll need to pack the bowl more tightly than usual.

·                Fill your bong with water. Remember, more water equals a smoother hit.

·                Pack your hash tightly into your bowl.

·                Light and inhale deeply, with the aim of holding it in your lungs for as long as possible.

·                Exhale and let the sensation sink in!

5.    Smoking Hash in a Joint

Is hash good in a joint? Of course. It’s easy, convenient, and milder than this list’s other methods.

Smoking hash in a joint is as simple as using a dollop of hash and rolling as with any cannabis strain.

6.    Smoking Hash with a Hot Knife

Fancy going old school with your weed recipes? Then try the hot knife method. Despite the name, any metal utensil will get the job done.

Here’s how to do it:

·                Use a metal spoon or two knives and place it/them on a hot stovetop or griddle.

·                Place your hash on the heated spoon.

·                Wait for up to a minute for your hash to begin smoking.

·                Inhale the smoke from the top.


While the fancy part of the cannabis industry focuses on the fast-paced world of marijuana stocks and other cool innovations, hash smoking is as old as time.

At Flavor Fix, we don’t just guide you on how to smoke hash. We also support you as you seek new flavors. Browse our site to expand your horizons today.

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