5 Spooky Halloween Strains

It’s officially the spooky season, and that means dressing up, candy, and, of course, Halloween weed strains. Every season is the season for getting baked, but with Halloween strains, it’s an opportunity to change your usual flavor for something new.

If you’re searching for something special, here’s some ghostly ganja to pick up.

Halloween Strains to Quiet the Dead

Whether you’re searching for premium cannabis brands or just looking to explore a new web of the wonderful world of cannabis, Halloween weed strains are the way to go – and you won’t be alone.

You’ll join the full half of Americans who have tried cannabis and the fifth who smoke it regularly. So, grab your broomstick, and let’s take a cannabis tourism trip to explore five of the scariest Halloween strains you can try this year.

1.             Ghost OG

Let’s start with the ideal quarter of weed for those who would rather be anywhere but outside on Halloween. This ghost-named strain is the type of Kush that hits you like an axe to the dome, offering ultra-relaxation with effects that’ll put you to sleep immediately.

This high hits you both in the mind and body, making it ideal if you’re looking to climb into a casket and avoid all those Halloween Insta videos.

Ghost OG is such a reliable marijuana choice because it was developed from the old faithful strain of OG Kush.

Its genetics have led to a terpene profile that delivers citrus, funk, pine, and diesel notes.

2.             Skywalker OG

There’s nothing scary about Star Wars, but there’s nobody who hasn’t seen Darth Vader or Chewbacca while on a Halloween jaunt. For a holiday where you’ll regularly see hints of Skywalker in the air, it makes sense to load up on some Skywalker OG.

Sort of like the identity of Anakin Skywalker’s father, Skywalker OG’s history is also murky. Nobody exactly knows where this cannabis strain originates.

Legend has it that it involves OG Kush and another unidentified strain to create a sweet-tasting Kush that swaps out the earthy flavors for berry and diesel notes. Either way, the potency of Skywalker OG is well-known, so expect it to put you down for the count if you’re heading for a chilled Halloween outing.

3.             Alien OG

With 70% of Americans participating in Halloween this year, you may want something to increase the vibes. Anyone who knows how to roll a blunt will likely come across Alien OG at some point.

Also known as Alien Kush, Alien OG comes from Alien Kush and Tahoe OG to create a euphoric cannabis strain that packs a devilish punch.

Of all the Halloween weed strains, this is the one that will lift you to the highest of highs. You’ll notice it is slowly flooding your whole face and bringing a mighty euphoria that will leave you ready to hit any Halloween party.

Not sure if you’ve got the right stuff? These weed recipes dump the earthy Kush tones for an intense set of citrus notes.

4.             Jack the Ripper

Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the Thirteenth, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, who doesn’t love a good slasher movie on Halloween?

Celebrate with one of the many Halloween strains that give a nod to the famous serial killers of history. Jack the Ripper was a breed invented by Subcool, renowned among cannabis marketing gurus and passionate breeders alike.

Jack the Ripper is one of his most popular strains, developed from Jacks Cleaner and Space Queen. This heady concoction brings a terpene profile that eliminates fruity notes and replaces them with the spice that harkens back to old-school Sativa brands.

Named after the legendary 19th-century London serial killer, the effects are uplifting and designed for those who need a burst of energy as the witching hour approaches.

5.             Pennywise

Stephen King’s IT has spawned a whole new reason to fear clowns. The horror legend Pennywise has been a staple of fiction for years now, so it may surprise you that this is a high-CBD strain that doesn’t make you particularly high at all.

It’s often recommended to people with anxiety but don’t want to be zonked out on the sofa. With a balanced 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, Pennywise produces a morale boost if you’re wilting at the idea of attending that costume party.

From the first time you encounter Pennywise, you’ll notice a distinct smell and taste of earth, space, and dank. But when all is said and done, this is the only member of this list of Halloween weed strains that focus on the therapeutic side of marijuana instead of getting you high.

Halloween Weed Strains – Bonus Strains for a Hellacious Halloween

Did you get your weed measurements set and still want more?

Halloween has spawned a range of ghoulish strains inspired by everything from shambling zombies to grinning pumpkins. If you’re still looking for suggestions, here are some bonus Halloween strains to sample.

·                Frankenberry – With a taste like a sweet cereal and the distinct odor of berries, Frankenberry is a Denver classic. Countless dispensaries raise this sleepy brand from the dead every Halloween.

·                Boo Berry – New on the scene, this weed was developed by 710 Labs. Fans of Blueberry Haze will instantly spot the influence because it’s like the fresh nugs were dipped in syrup and rolled in sugar. This is a physically relaxing cannabis strain that won’t leave you debilitated.

·                Spooky Sunset –Consistent, effective, and gets the job done is how to describe Spooky Sunset. If you’re looking for a body high that also turns your brain into mush for a few hours, this is the one.

·                Witches Weed – Bred from Chemdawg D, OG Kush, San Fernando Valley OG, and Cinderella 99, Witches Weed delivers a funky, unpredictable high.

·                Fatso – Named after Casper the Friendly Ghost’s uncle, this after-hours strain is one of the most effective sedatives you’ll come across. The high begins with euphoria before quickly putting you to sleep.


Indulging in Halloween weed strains is an excellent way of putting the finishing touches on the scariest night of the year.

Whether you’re handing out candy, heading to a party, or vegging out with Michael Myers, Flavor Fix has all the recommendations for the perfect night in or out. Check out our platform for more recommendations as the big night approaches.

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