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Flavor Fix’s Top 25 Celebrity Cannabis Brands – You’ll Be Surprised Who is in The Business

As cannabis becomes legal for both medical and recreational use across the U.S, marijuana stocks have rallied and celebrities are joining the cannabis business. They are creating their own cannabis brands, CBD lines, marijuana strains, vape pens, and more. Read below for a list of our picks for the top celebrity cannabis brands. 

JAY-Z Monogram Cannabis

1. Jay-Z – Brand: Monogram

Jay-Z – First Hip-Hop billionaire and business entrepreneur, Jay-Z launched his first cannabis line in 2019, Monogram. Teamed with the California company, Caliva, Monogram has an active website, but there is no listing date as to when the line will become available.

2. Bob Marley – Brand: Marley Naturals

The official brand of the Bob Marley legacy, Marley Natural, first debuted in Los Angeles in 2016 funded through Seattle-based Privateer Holdings.  Launching their release on Bob Marley’s 71st birthday on February 6, 2016, this is a line of flower, accessories and body care that is world-renowned.  Their flower is available in California, Oregon, Washington and major retailers, their accessories are available on the websites.

3. Snoop Dogg – Brand: Leafs by Snoop

What’s his name?  Snoop Doggy Dogg.  The legendary west coast rapper came into the cannabis game early with Leafs By Snoop, debuting in 2015 in Denver, Colorado.  The original line included 8 strains ranging from Cali Kush to Northern Lights as well as edibles known as Dogg Treats.  The products are now grown and distributed by Tweed, a Canadian cannabis production company owned by the Canopy Growth Corporation and available in west coast dispensaries.

Willie Nelson

4. Willie Nelson – Brand: Willie’s Reserve

The country star superstar announced his cannabis line, Willie’s Reserve, in 2015 and by 2016 his products were found in shops in Colorado and Washington.  His renowned name and line further established with a special infused organic chocolate line made by his wife, Annie Nelson.  And by 2018 he released hemp-infused coffee, known as Willie’s Remedy Whole Bean Coffee.  Still available in medical and recreational stores all over the west coast, this popular brand has a cool variety of flower, packed joints in multiple cases, gourmet edibles and vapes.

Tommy Chong

5. Tommy Chong – Brand: Tommy Chong’s

One of the original stoner comedians and actors to first unveil his own self-named cannabis brand, Tommy Chung, launched in Colorado in 2015. Available in multiple locations across the country in both medical and recreational shops, as Chong is an advocate for both after disclosing his cancer diagnosis in 2012.  This brand highlights flower, vapes, oils, and expanding soon to have edibles and CBD oil products.

Wiz Khalifa

6. Wiz Khalifa – Brand: Khalifa Kush Enterprises Oil

Black and yellow, Pittsburgh rapper and weed connoisseur extraordinaire, Wiz Khalifa, embarked into the market with his own strain in 2016, Khalifa Kush.  He then partnered with the Raw Brand and made his own line of natural smoking accessories, including the Wiz Khalifa Loud Pack.  After the popularity of his strain and line taking off, he engaged in a large deal with Supreme Cannabis in June 2019 to release recreational condensed oil, Khalifa Kush Enterprises Oil (or KKE) exclusively available in Canada.

B-Real Cannabis

7. B-Real – Brand: Dr. Greenthumb’s

The front man for Cypress Hill, B-Real, opened his first dispensary, Dr. Greenthumb’s, after winning a dispensary license lottery in California on February 5, 2015, and has since opened five more.  Dr. Greenthumb originated from a song to a premier cannabis brand.  Now the artist has partnered with Altanta-based SweetWater Brewing Company and their “Insane OG” lager added to the hemp-inspired beer line.

8. Cheech Marin – Brand: Cheech’s Private Stash

Cheech Marin is the comedy partner to the above-mentioned Tommy Chong, and since Cheech and Chong have been a dynamic stoner duo it only makes sense, he debuted his own custom strain after Chong, Cheech’s Private Stash.  Partnered with Redwood Cultivation, he launched his family-run business in Nevada in 2018 and has four custom strains available on the market.  You can find them in retailers in California, Colorado and Nevada.

Seth Rogen Cannabis

9. Seth Rogen – Brand: Houseplant

Known for his role in the famed stoner movie, Pineapple Express, Seth Rogen and his partner in production and writing, Evan Goldberg launched Houseplant in 2019 in Canada through parent company, Canopy Growth.  This colorful brand is available through Canadian retailers and has an array of flower, pre-rolls, softgels and a grapefruit beverage.

Martha Stewart Cannabis

10. Martha Stewart – Brand: Martha Stewart CBD

The notorious Martha Stewart has joined the cannabis industry with a unique line of CBD products and her infamous name behind it, Martha Stewart CBD.  The brand includes products like drops, softgels and gummies and is produced through the Canadian Canopy Growth company, who we know also partnered with Martha’s co-host Snoop Dogg as well as Seth Rogen.

Berner Cannabis

11. Berner – Brand: Cookies

If you’ve smoked in the west coast, chance is you’ve seen or smoked or consumed Cookies brand cannabis, but you may not be aware of the celebrity behind it, Berner.  Protégé of B-Real, this San Francisco rapper in conglomerate with the Cookie Family of marijuana genetics, owns Cookies dispensaries in Los Angeles and Maywood, as well as a clothing shop in San Francisco.  Most known for popular strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, the artist also recently announced this year the brand would collaborate with rapper and activist Killer Mike to create a strain called Ooh La La.  You can find Cookies brand merchandise on their website, we found their variety of smell proof bags to be our favorite.

Jim Belushi Cannabis

12. Jim Belushi – Brand: Belushi’s Farm

Belushi’s Farm originated after the famous Saturday Night Live actor and comedian purchased 83 acres in Eagle Point, Oregon in 2014 when marijuana became legalized in the state.  Starting with six strains under the name, Belushi’s Private Vault, they are currently available in select Oregon shops.
In addition, Belushi and Dan Aykroyd unveiled a brand, after his late brother, John Belushi and Aykroyd’s famed movie, Blues Brothers.  Blues Brothers brand launched September 2020 and has an array of strains, as well as packaged pre-rolls and vape packs.

13. Lil Wayne – Brand: GKUA Ultra Premium

If you’ve heard of Lil Wayne you usually think of the brand Young Money or even Cash Money, but now there is a new kid on the block for the infamous New Orleans rapper, GKUA Ultra Premium.  Available in California and Michigan dispensaries, the lineup includes an array of flower, concentrates, vapes and pre-rolls.

Jim Jones Cannabis

14. Jim Jones – Brand: Saucey Farms & Extracts

Harlem rapper, Diplomats member, and CEO of Diplomats Records, Jim Jones, started his own cannabis brand, Saucey Farms & Extracts, after identifying a lack of east coast influence in a market saturated with west coast sway.  Saucey brand oil is known to be renowned due to the proprietary refining process in which the cannabis oils contain higher levels of psychoactive elements compared to other brands. Packaged pre-rolls, blunts, oil, and flowers are available all over California and select stores in Portland, Oregon.

15. Bella Thorne – Brand: Forbidden Flowers

Former Disney star and social media sensation, Bella Thorne has released her own cannabis brand with Glass House Farms, Forbidden Flowers.  This sexy brand of flower and pre-rolls includes three primary strains, Midnight Thornberry (indica), Cosmic Wolf (sativa) and Rosé Lemonade (hybrid) and is available in select California locations.

Dennis Hopper Cannabis

16. Dennis Hopper – Brand: Hopper Reserve

The original stoner on film, Dennis Hopper, has graced Hollywood movies starring alongside many well-known actors including James Dean, but is most known for his role in Easy Rider, which many consider the greatest stoner movie of all time.  Although Hopper passed in 2010, his daughter Marin is upholding the legacy by developing this cannabis brand dedicated to her father, Hopper Reserve.  This line consists of three primary strains available in packaged pre-rolls, sold in Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Coachella area.

Gary Payton Cannabis

17. Gary Payton – Brand: Canna Sports

Gary Payton aka GP, former NBA point guard and Hall of Famer, designed an original line of vape batteries that are replicas of his recognized jerseys from his NBA career with his infamous number 20, available online at a retail price of $24.99.  In addition, he has a full line of oil cartridges, engraved with the same number 20, with names like Sonic Skittlez, Alley Scoop, Courtside Colada and Grape of All Time.

Paul Pierce Cannabis

18. Paul Pierce – Brand: Vesper

Another NBA legend to enter the cannabis game, Paul Pierce, is the cofounder and CEO of his own portable CBD vaporize company, Vesper.  The CBD oil cartridges he uses are sold online and amply titled after his nickname, The Truth.  Pierce refers to a definitive life moment where he encountered a severe stabbing incident outside of a Boston club in 2000, where he suffered PTSD and treated his pain and anxiety with CBD.

The Game Cannabis

19. The Game – Brand: Trees by Game

The west coast rapper, who debuted under Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records label, became a co-owner of The Reserve dispensary in 2016.  Thereafter he developed his own brand, Trees, consisting of premium flower and pre-rolls and only available at select Los Angeles locations.

20. Rachael and Megan Rapinoe – Brand: Mendi

Soccer sisters, Rachael and Megan Rapinoe have developed their own CBD line including gummies, tinctures, creams, and gel caps.  Targeting athletes and those in performance, Rachael runs the company behind the scenes while Megan is the brand ambassador, after her US Soccer team won the 2019 World Cup.  Available online, there is no THC in the products, and they have a diverse variety of items, we enjoy the No THC Massage Oil.

21. Julian Marley – Brand: Juju Royal Ultra Premium

The performer and third youngest son of the legend, Bob Marley, launched a vape pen brand in 2015, JuJu Royal, which grew into an entire line collection of CBD products.  From salves, lip balm, to flavored tinctures, gummies, honey, and flavored extra virgin olive oil, all a unique variety of premium CBD products available on their website.

Damian Marley Cannabis

22. Damian Marley – Brand: High Times

Youngest son of Bob Marley, nicknamed Junior Gong, after his father’s nickname Tuff Gong, Damien Marley has been in the spotlight and performing since the age of 13 years old.  By 2017 Marley and the investment firm, Oreva Capital, procured a portion of the magazine, High Times, and maintain controlling interest.  High Times magazine is one of the major written publications chronicling the span of cannabis culture throughout its history in America since 1974.

Montel Williams Cannabis

23. Montel Williams – Brand: Lenitiv

We know Montel Williams from his talk show and being a media personality, but many do not know he is a wellness advocate, decorated Naval officer, and he founded the CBD company Lenitiv by Lenitiv Scientific.  After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1999 he founded the Montel Williams MS Foundation and has used cannabis to treat symptoms from his disease. He has been a major advocate for medical cannabis reform, especially among the military.  Lenitiv is a line of CBD capsules, available on his website.

Terrell Davis Cannabis

24. Terrell Davis – Brand: Defy

Hall of Famer and former NFL running back, Terrell Davis, helped developed a drink for performance, Defy, that contains 20mg of hemp extract.  Available in three flavors, this beverage is designed to assist with recovery and rest after a serious workout.

CJ Wallace Cannabis

25. CJ Wallace – Brand: Think BIG

Son of the late rap legend Notorious B.I.G., CJ Wallace, developed Think BIG and teamed up with California cultivator Lowell Smokes to create The Frank White Creative Blend.  This pack comes with seven pre-rolls, as well as matches, and is available in select shops in Colorado.  Wallace established this company as a mission to change stigmas associated with cannabis, each sold pack will go towards the Prison Arts Project and promote social justice.

Ricky Williams Cannabis

26. Ricky Williams – Brand: Real Wellness

Former NFL football player, Ricky Williams, had a history of pot smoking, and reportedly lost as much as $10 million in salaries and potential endorsements due to marijuana use during his time on the field.  But he turned it all around by March 2018, launching Real Wellness by Ricky Williams, a line of hemp products dedicated to herbal-based healing.  This brand has a variety of tonics and salves available on the website.

2 Chainz Cannabis

27. 2 Chains – Brand: Gas Cannabis Co.

Atlanta rapper 2 Chains aka Tity Boi launched Gas Cannabis Co., with company Green Street Agency in 2018.  The line consists of three strains or octane levels that are rated like your gas at the station.  87 Octane line is considered the most affordable, 89 Octane they describe as supercharged with a smooth ride and 93 Octane is considered the most premium and highest octane of the strains.  Gas brand line are available in pre-rolls as well as 3.5 oz packages all over dispensaries in California.

Method Man Cannabis

28. Method Man – Brand: Tical Official

Straight from the slums of Shaolin, the Wu-Tang Clan bought us hip-hop star Method Man, who launched his own brand, Tical Official on June 12, 2020. Consisting of four notorious strains, Cake, Gelato, OG and Punch, Method Man made a strong socially conscious statement by ensuring this line will be sold exclusively in “black owned and socially conscious dispensaries”.  Focusing on the systemic and economic injustices, as well as racially-biased oppression in communities across the country.

Honorable Mentions: Celebrity Cannabis Businesses on the Way

Chelsea Handler – Comedian, author, activist and cannabis enthusiast announced a partnership brand and product line with NorCal Cannabis Company in 2019.  The brand will be female-focused and will include three vape lines as well as edibles, and has yet to launch.

Ghostface Killah – The Wu-Tang member took a ten-year long break from weed to return to cannabis in a whole new way.  Wu-Goo is his new line of vape cartridges released through Dynamite Stix.  Currently not available on the market, but the Twitter is still existing and is still slated to launch soon.

Master P – In 2016 he launched Master P’s Trees, a line of cannabis products that includes flower and edibles in addition to a “liquid gold” oil line which is produced with edible-grade, preservative-free oil. Unfortunately, the website for Master P’s Trees does not seem to be available so we are unable to verify whether these products have yet reached the market.

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