Top 12 Women In Cannabis Marketing And Advertising

If you’re an avid cannabis enthusiast, you’ve noticed the incredible surge of women making a name for themselves in the industry. Exactly for this reason, we have created our selection of the top 12 women in cannabis marketing and advertising. From popular influencers to critically acclaimed cannapreneurs, women of all backgrounds are shaking up the cannabis marketing and advertising space. This list is in no specific ranking order. They are all amazing women who are making it happen.

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Why Does Weed Need Marketing and Advertising?

Marketing and advertising are important for the cannabis community because they provide a way to spread awareness about the industry and its products. Advertising brings attention to new products, services, and innovations that may not be as well-known or understood. However, cannabis and CBD advertising is heavily regulated and it’s impossible to do paid media on some popular advertising platforms. This makes it even more important to have professionals who can help grow your cannabis or CBD brand.

Meet the Wonder Women of Cannabis Marketing and Advertising

Good weed marketing creates better public relations between companies within the cannabis community and those outside of it. By highlighting the positive aspects of cannabis use, like its health benefits or potential economic contributions, while minimizing any negative connotations associated with it, marketing efforts play an essential role in how the public perceives the industry as a whole.

That’s why we’re here to give it up for these female trailblazers and celebrate some well-deserved recognition. So, light a fatty, sit back, and be infinitely inspired by this top 12 list of revolutionary women who have proven they know their stuff about cannabis marketing and advertising.

Learn from the Best: Top 12 Women in Cannabis Marketing and Advertising

1. Lisa Buffo:

Lisa Buffo is the Founder & CEO of the Cannabis Marketing Association, a trade association focused on education and best practices for industry marketers with the vision of rebranding cannabis at the national level. Lisa is an active speaker and has spoken at WomenGrow, NCIA, and CMA events.

Lisa Buffo

Photo credit: Lisa Buffo

2. Rosie Mattio

Rosie Mattio is an inspirational dynamo in the cannabis industry. In 2004, she recognized that emerging brands had special needs for marketing and PR professionals. So Rosie launched MATTIO Communications as a one-woman show from Seattle. She now has over 32 prestigious clients. She even earned the #1 Cannabis PR Firm ranking by Greenmarket Report.

Rosie Mattio

Photo credit: MATTIO 

3 Lisa Weser

Lisa Weser is the founder of Trailblaze PR Company. Lisa has earned a reputation for building culturally relevant consumer brands through creative campaigns and flawless execution within high-stakes, regulated environments. Trailblaze Company has been featured on Forbes, The New York Times, Women’s Health, CNN, People, The Wall Street Journal, Allure and many more. 

Lisa Weser

Photo credit: Trailblaze PR Website

4. Mara Gordon

Mara Gordon is an outstanding advocate for the power of cannabis, passionately championing its potential therapeutic benefits worldwide. She co-founded Aunt Zelda’s to pursue data-driven plant medicines.

Photo credit: Forbes 

5 Cynthia Salarizadeh

Cynthia Salarizadeh is a powerhouse cannabis entrepreneur who doesn’t slow down. She founded the luxury brand House of Saka, Inc., and AxisWire — an entrepreneur tech suite for the cannabis industry. Cynthia also co-founded Green Market Media and is on the Forbes Communication Council, covering women in business within the Cannabis sector.

Cynthia Salarizadeh

Photo credit: Newsweek 

6. Gia Morón

Gia Morón is an expert in public relations, branding, and business development. With 25 years of experience, she’s currently the president of the Women Grow Organization and a media relations officer.

Gia Morón

Photo credit: Women Grow

7. Andrea Cabral

Andrea Cabral is no stranger to breaking boundaries and blazing her own trail. This dynamic leader has done just that throughout a 28-year career in government, most recently as the Executive Secretary of Public Safety for Massachusetts’ Governor Deval Patrick. From 2003 to 2013, she held the title of being twice elected Sheriff, and, more importantly, she made history by becoming Massachusetts’s first female Sheriff ever.

Andrea Cabral

Photo credit: Suffolk University

8. Chanda Macias

Chanda Macias is a woman of many accomplishments. She’s the Chairwoman and CEO of Women Grow, as well as the owner of National Holistic™, making her an unstoppable force in cannabis healthcare.

Chanda Macias

Photo credit: Women Grow 

9. Ophelia Chong

Ophelia Chong is a community activist and educator, an amazing graphic designer, a talented photographer, and more. As if that weren’t enough, she founded Stock Pot Images and Asian Americans for Cannabis Education (AACE).

Ophelia Chong


10. Yvonne DeLaRosa Green

Yvonne DeLaRosa Green is a trailblazer in the cannabis industry. In March 2018, she was named one of High Times Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People. Yvonne created 99 High Art — the first luxury medical cannabis dispensary in the world. Rolling Stone has recognized it as being among California’s best.

Yvonne De La Rosa

Photo credit: 99 High Tide

11. Emily Paxhia

Say hello to Emily Paxhia, co-founder and managing partner of Poseidon. She’s a brilliant investor in the cannabis industry with an impressive track record. With countless companies under her belt, she is also highly involved with policy organizations like The Marijuana Policy Project and Athletes for CARE.

Emily Paxhia

Photo credit: Poseidon 

12. Amy T. Margolis

Amy T. Margolis is a veritable force in the cannabis industry. As Founder and Program Director of The Initiative, which helps female-founded businesses access funding opportunities. She was the founder of the Oregon Cannabis Association, a highly influential state trade organization.

Amy Margolis

Photo credit: Margolis Legal

These 12 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs are Shaking Up the Industry for Good

From CBD brands to cannabis clubs, the sky’s the limit when it comes to leading female figures in cannabis marketing and advertising. When these women put their heads together, they can move mountains.

It’s inspiring to see women from around the world advocating for change in the industry, community by community. We’ve listed just ten of this inspiring group. But there are many more out there making a positive impact on cannabis through marketing and advertising. We hope you enjoyed our list and are inspired by the stories of women pushing boundaries and achieving greatness in this growing industry.

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