Jay-Z Launches Monogram Cannabis

Jay-Z launches Monogram. Our favorite rapper is the latest celebrity to get into the marijuana business as legalization for recreational use spreads across the US

We all know Jay Z is lit, but he’s about to bring new definition to the word and change the game yet again with the launching of his own cannabis line.  The New York native, Grammy Award-winning rapper and entrepreneur is a music executive who founded a streaming service and became a billionaire by 50 years old.  By the end of October 2020 he launched his cannabis line, Monogram, with California-based Caliva, where he is a chief brand strategist.

Monogram boasts its line is grown in small batches catering adequate attention to each plant as well as a board of cannabis experts who their team describes as “luminaries” who hand-pick premium flower.  The premium line of four strains is divided into two categories of medium and heavy, and available in flower in 2 or 4 grams, and pre-rolls, sold loose or in packs.

Here is the breakdown of the four strains:

No01, described as a sweet, earthy, cerebral strain that will get skunky when lit and chill you out, without losing focus.

No88, according to the Monogram team is the flagship strain known to be the signature thanks to decades of exceptional cultivation experience, that is sweet, spicy and crafted for optimal elevation. 

 No70, is the game changer amongst the strains and is an elevated hashy high that gives off sweet hints of citrus and earthy, spicy pine.

And finally, No96, their specialty strain that is described as creating maximum bliss, with fruity aromas and a strong herbal finish that will leave you lifted.

By 2019, and at 49 years old, Forbes magazine named Jay-Z the first hip-hop artist to become a billionaire.  Also that year, Jay-Z entered his role to oversee creative decisions and outreach strategies, in addition to initiating a criminal justice group known as the Reform Alliance who set a goal aimed at releasing one million Americans out of jail and on probation or parole in the next five years.  He plans on increasing job training for former prisoners as well as maintaining fairness and equality in the legal marijuana industry.  As we know the racial bias prevalently exists, as Black Americans are 3.73 times more likely than whites to be arrested for possession of cannabis based off of study from the ACLU

In addition to the streaming giant, Tidal, rap’s first billionaire has assets including entertainment company, Roc Nation, management for artists and athletes, as well as partnerships with liquor brands, Armand de Brignac and D’Usse.  Jay-Z made an exclusive Tidal playlist to give the brand definitive rhythm and its streaming straight on the Monogram website.  We at Flavor Fix are more than stoked for this brand from someone who’s not a businessman, but a business, man

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