Top 7 Annual Weed Events In NYC

New York City is the country’s new mecca for cannabis connoisseurs. People aren’t just coming to New York to visit a dispensary and leave, though — they’re coming for cannabis cultural events and especially these top 7 annual weed events! 

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Our Top 7 Annual Weed Events In NYC

From hearing about every element of the cannabis industry, to meeting and greeting educators, cultivators and professionals, these events we listed are the cream of the crop.  We have attended, gained insight, and recommend these events to aficionados and enthusiasts alike.

The Empire State has an abundance of marijuana-themed events, and we could spend all day listing, but here are our top 7 favorite weed events in the city, in no particular order:

Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference

The very first business-to-business trade weed event of its kind, the Annual Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference, has been going strong since 2018.  Held in the new Hudson Yards in NYC, with nearly 1,000 attendees, it’s the prime spot to find brands showcasing their hemp, CBD, and cannabis products and businesses.

Participating retailers include The Vitamin Shoppe, Ulta Beauty, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Standard Dose, KITH, and others. Global Media will be present, as will some of the world’s leading dispensaries.


Having launched in 2014, the annual New England Cannabis Convention has turned into the country’s second-largest cannabis industry event. 2023 will see over 300 exhibitors, over 100 industry experts giving speeches, the famed NECANN cup, professional workshops, and lots of opportunities to network and learn from each other. 2023 New York Cannabis and Hemp Convention is scheduled for September 29-30, 2023 at the Albany Capital Center.

This weed event is open to consumers as well! Connect with cannabis entrepreneurs, established businesses, advocates, investors, patients, educators, and cultivators.

NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally

Otherwise known as May Day, the annual NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally began as a “smoke-in,” then turned into a march, then turned into a four-hour rally that included live music and speakers. Since legalization, things have only gotten bigger and more fun. On May 6th in NYC the parade goes down Broadway and ends with a rally in Union Square. 

 The key focus of this annual rally is to celebrate and fight for cannabis rights. That includes the right to cultivate and consume cannabis, which still has strides left to make, even in a progressive state like New York.

You’ll be surrounded by a sea of joint-smoking cannabis lovers. You’ll hear about social justice. You’ll be encouraged to be an activist. And most of all, you’ll revel in the fact that people really do come together in love when marijuana is involved.

NYC Cannabis Film Festival

New York’s annual Cannabis Film Festival, hosted by High NY, features a range of filmmakers who bring awareness to cannabis through movies, documentaries, comedy sketches, and shorts.

Some films focus heavily on cannabis; in others, it’s an incidental part of the plot. If you want to smoke during the intermission, just step out onto the patio and blaze up — you’ll be in great company. They may even be serving free ice cream or all-you-can-eat snacks for your munchies.

New York Cannabis Freedom Festival

The New York Cannabis Freedom Festival, now in its fifth year, is scheduled around 4/20 and brings all kinds of cannabis positivity into one place. Shop among vendors selling top-notch cannabis products (legal in New York since 2021). Meet with budding entrepreneurs to learn how things are going in the New York cannabis cultivation community. If you’re looking for a job in the green sector, this is also a great opportunity to network!

The atmosphere is lively, with music, guest speakers, and tons of vendor exhibits. Make this one an annual tradition — it’s not to be missed.

Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCBExpo)

Taking place in the late spring, at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC, this business-centered weed event is an annual trade show that brings together cannabis business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other industry personnel to network, collaborate, and learn from each other.

From interviews with celebrities and known faces in the industry to open forum discussions with educators and innovators, this is a connecting community event with reach on all levels.

The really interesting thing about the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition is that it also brings international players in the cannabis market. Talk to growers and sellers overseas and learn what is happening in the broader cannabis scene.

NY Cannabis Insider

Hosted by NY Cannabis Insider Live, this annual event is an in-person session that brings cannabis thought leaders and entrepreneurs together to learn from each other and discuss important topics in the New York cannabis industry.

The most important part of this event is its networking time. People in the industry can connect with others, answer questions, and become resources to one another as they build their businesses.  There will be three full-day conferences in Albany, Buffalo, and the greater NYC area and three industry insight networking all over the Empire State.

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