A Complete Guide to CBD Gummies

If you’re looking for calm without a buzz, it’s high time to check out CBD gummies. Both CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) have a long, long history, dating back to the first cultivation of cannabis for human use. We’ve been making use of these quasi-magical chemicals for around 2,500 years but never with the sort of endless variety we have now.

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The History of CBD

Cannabidiol was isolated for the first time by Roger Adams, an American organic chemist who worked on a huge range of goods, from anesthetics to leprosy treatments to numerous plant-derived products, including CBD. It was 1940 when he discovered CBD, having been hired by The Narcotics Bureau of Washington to investigate the mechanisms of marijuana. He went on to isolate numerous other cannabinoids, including THC, while also serving as a scientific advisor during World War II.

Twenty-three years later, Raphael Mechoulam would figure out the stereochemistry of CBD, with THC following a year later. This allowed Mechoulam and his team to confirm that CBD did not have the intoxicating effects of THC, leading to specific formulations of both THC and CBD products. The research would continue for decades, with another critical milestone coming in 1980. Mechoulam and company studied the effects of 300 mg daily of CBD on individuals with epilepsy. It was a small study with only eight participants.

The results, however, were an enormous breakthrough. Four participants stopped having seizures altogether. Three had a reduction in the frequency of seizures. Only one had no notable positive results, but even so, there were no negative side effects.

Present Day Availability

We’ve come a long way in terms of availability from a time when you couldn’t get a prescription, let alone buy CBD products in your supermarket, on the internet, or from a dispensary. You don’t need a prescription for CBD gummies. They’re federally legal, unlike THC products, and if you’re feeling it, you can probably pick up something to try the next time you head to the store for Doritos and beer. CBD has become a multi-billion-dollar industry, and there are more options every single day.

CBD gummies won’t get you high, but they will help with a number of common complaints and generally give you a lift even if there’s nothing to complain about.

Why Take CBD Gummies?

CBD, like its cousin THC, works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system. We are still learning more about how the system functions, but we know that it affects all kinds of bodily functions: sleep, appetite, memory, mood, and more.

This should rightfully make us optimistic about the benefits CBD has to offer. If you’re concerned you might mess something up, you generally shouldn’t be. According to the World Health Organization, CBD doesn’t have a risk of abuse to speak of. You can’t become dependent on it, either. There’s a super-low risk of side effects, and you really only need to ask your doctor about it if you’re on blood thinners. Although, you should always check with your medical professional before adding any supplement to your diet.

CBD gummies offer help on everything from sleep to anxiety relief to improved focus and sex drive. Depending on what you’re looking for, CBD gummies can help you relieve anxiety, protect the neurons in your brain, help with inflammation, and relieve chronic pain.

Dosage for CBD Gummies

While you’re not going to get paranoid or possibly ascend to the heavens as a time-displaced being like you might if you take too much THC, it’s still a good idea to start low and go slow when you’re figuring out how much CBD is right for you.

The truth is that you can take too much a lot more easily than too little, and one way is a lot easier to adjust for than the other.

There are calculators, guides from a ton of sources, and all kinds of resources to help find out how much to take. Most people start at around 10 mg a day, but some get a good therapeutic benefit from just one milligram a day. If you want to be conservative, it’s probably worth starting at five milligrams a day and slowly moving up until you get the optimal effect.

Pay Attention to Labeling

When you factor in the number of products that aren’t labeled accurately (particularly in Mississippi, oddly), it can seem a lot more complicated than it needs to be to figure out which CBD gummies are right for you. Especially if you purchase from a reliable source, most CBD products are labeled pretty accurately these days.

It’s important to remember that if you’re taking edibles like CBD gummies, they won’t hit all at once, which is another thing that makes it easy to take too much. For some people and some formulations, it can take two hours to hit you full force.

Because of this, it’s crucial not to fall into the trap of thinking that if it’s been an hour and you’re not feeling anything, you should take more. (The CBD professionals have already done that, so you don’t have to.)

How Will I Feel After Taking CBD Gummies?

“It’s subjective” is an unhelpful answer, so you might not like this, but … it really is subjective. Many people claim that it feels like they smoked cannabis but didn’t get high. If you’re not a smoker or are new to the world of THC and CBD, that answer is probably just as unhelpful.

CBD doesn’t get you high or anything like it, but it does give you some of the feelings you might associate with being high. For some, that means feeling calm and mellowed out. For others, they find pain relief or productivity boosts.

CBD is technically psychoactive, but only because there are only two outcomes to using it: you feel nothing or it relieves anxiety. It literally cannot produce an option for you to be anxious about.

“Oh, no. I am calmer than I should be, and it’s the worst.” (Said no one ever.)

If you’re cool with that, CBD gummies are probably for you.

CBD Gummies Recommendations

We already established that “It’s subjective” is, at best, an unnecessary answer. But, we think the absolute best flavor of toaster pastry is raspberry (regardless of brand), and the best flavor of sparkling water is black raspberry, so you might find out you have more diverse tastes than we do!

1. Best Vegan Sour CBD Gummies: Royal 10 mg Sour Drops

A delicious, chewy-but-soft gummy that reminds you of a milder Warhead and helps you wind down a couple of notches.

2. Best Vegan, Not Sour Berry That Is Not Raspberry: Smile 10 mg Acai Berry Blast

We still don’t know how to say Acai at least two-thirds of the time, but we do know that these are good both before and after you brush your teeth.

3. Best Delicious Berry Goodness With Melatonin: Infusions 20 mg Berry Flavor Gummies

If you want something to send you off to sleep and keep you there — and still leave you fresh in the morning — these are otherworldly.

4. Best Absurd Variety and Gummy Bear Goodness: CBDFx (Who Even Has Stuff for Your Pets!)

We hope you know that all of these mentioned so far have at least a healthy variety of flavors and formulations, but these folks deserve a special mention.

5. Best Mixed Flavor With Raspberry: BlessedCBD Gummies 10/25 mg

If you are the kind of person who picks the pink Mentos out to save for last because they’re so good, you’ll have a complicated love-hate relationship with these.

6. Best Natural DIY CBD Gummies Recipe: CleanEatingKitchen

Whether you want to try an out-there flavor, weird shape, or just enjoy the process of making candy for your body and mind, these are a great starting point.

7. Best Keto-Friendly DIY CBD Gummies Recipe: Gnom Gnom

Their name is accurate. These will have you going all Cookie Monster and turn you into a mad scientist of flavor creation once you’ve tried a few batches.

8. Best CBD Oil to Make Your Own CBD Gummies: Charlotte’s Web

Do you enjoy creating your own food and cannabis cocktails? Legendary, effective, and potent, all of Charlotte’s Web products are excellent, but their oil is especially so.


CBD gummies come in a tremendous variety these days, and there’s mounting evidence that they can help with a variety of issues and have positive effects on your overall health. So long as you start slowly and buy from a reputable vendor, you can begin enhancing your life with a sweet treat today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gummie Bears

Can I take CBD Gummy Bears on a Plane?

Yes, you can take CBD Gummy Bears on a plane.

Are CBD Gummies Legal?

CBD Gummies are legal where ever CBD is legal.

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