Shortlist of the 8 Best CBD Books

Are you looking for a curated list of the best CBD books available? No problem. Flavor Fix is on the case! CBD books are going through a huge boom right now, much like the industry itself.

After all, it’s an industry that will represent nearly two billion dollars a year of revenue in the not-too-distant future, and that’s in the United States alone. Depending on your CBD use goals, there are a plethora of good options out there.

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Best CBD Books for Beginners

Are you a total beginner to CBD? Maybe you’ve seen CBD displays at your local supermarket, big-box store, or pharmacy. Perhaps you’ve even glimpsed CBD pet products at the pet store. If you aren’t sure where to begin to become a CBD expert, here are the top three CBD books for beginners to keep your head clear through the haze of all these new hemp-based products.

1. "CBD for Dummies" by Blair Lauren Brown

Never knock a good For Dummies book. In fact, you won’t regret getting lost in a thorough analysis of the fascinating history of these noob-friendly texts. (Seriously, it all started with a love of Volkswagen manuals — and then it gets weirder, and now here we are, about 2,000 books later.)

We can’t help but be pleased with CBD for Dummies by Blair Lauren Brown. Not only is she on point with the series tradition of assuming the reader knows nothing, but she also delivers the information in a way that is easy to digest.

The author has worked in the cannabis industry for years, and it shows. Readers get the voice of a polished expert who believes in the product and is ready to answer questions about everything from CBD legality in different locations to making your own edibles. Brown also evaluates different products while teaching readers how to do the same, and she discusses CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties and more. If you know nothing or next to nothing about cannabidiol, this is the CBD book for you.

2. "The CBD Bible" by Dr. Dani Gordon, MD

Suppose you’re looking for a bible on cannabidiol and don’t want to stumble onto an actual Bible dealer by mistake like a surprising number of people. In that case, check out Dr. Dani Gordon’s book. The CBD Bible by Dr. Dani Gordon, MD, is an all-in-one CBD book for beginners that focuses on the medicinal side of CBD. With this beginner-friendly text, you’ll learn all about things you can treat with CBD, dosing and its mechanisms, and how it all works.

CBD Books for the Health Conscious

If you’re already aware of the broad therapeutic power of CBD, you probably don’t need to be convinced of its benefits. Maybe you’re not looking to fix a problem with CBD and just want to curl up with a good CBD book and soak it all in. These are our favorite CBD books for the health-conscious connoisseur:

3. "CBD Every Day" by Sandra Hinchliffe

CBD Every Day by Sandra Hinchliffe is a fast and fantastic read. It delivers practical use in spades. By the end, you’ll know how to make everything from de-stressing, anti-inflammatory bath bombs (really!) to mouthwatering edibles to salves and massage oils that will make you want to crank up the Marvin Gaye. If I were giving out an award for best CBD book photography, it would be CBD Every Day.

4. "The CBD Beauty Book" by Colleen Quinn

CBD isn’t only about relaxing and pain relief. Tons of cosmetic companies are jumping on the CBD bandwagon, and you can do the same if you snag a copy of this CBD book. The CBD Beauty Book by Colleen Quinn focuses on beauty products and steamy spa dreams. However, fair warning: This book will make you lose track of time because you’ll be too busy staring at yourself in the mirror after trying Quinn’s CBD skincare recipes.

CBD Books for Your Inner Chef

Maybe you have a crush on Gordon Ramsay that you haven’t totally come to terms with yet. Or maybe you just love to cook for yourself and the people you love. We’ve got you covered.

5. "The CBD Cookbook" for Beginners

Our mouths water a little every time we read the word “edibles,” and we’re not alone. The CBD Cookbook for Beginners has 100 recipes, and some of them are dangerous. If you make the CBD ketchup recipe by Mary J. White, you will possibly never buy store-bought ketchup again. You might even become one of those people who brings their own ketchup to a friend’s house.

Most of the recipes are best in class for their type, from delicious desserts to savory kale and sausage stew. Simple and clear directions plus gorgeous photography really send this CBD book to the top.

For super beginners, we highly recommend checking out the free CBD recipe stack of our very own Chef Korby. Get a taste of goodness before splurging on a paper book!

6. "Cannabis Infused Drinks" by Ruth Robinson

If you like to imagine yourself as Tom Cruise in Cocktail while you’re doing the Hippy Hippy Shake, you absolutely must get a copy of Cannabis Infused Drinks by Ruth Robinson.

Home mixologists will adore Robinson’s guide to combining CBD with your favorite smoothie, shake, cocktail, or tea. This book is a must-read, with over 25 recipes to help you relax, relieve sore muscles, and even ease anxiety.

Must-Read CBD Books

These are the CBD books we can’t not recommend. For novices and experts alike, these should be required reading for all CBD fans.

7. "Cannabinoids in the Brain" by Linda A. Parker

If you’re going to buy a second (or third or tenth) CBD book, Cannabinoids in the Brain by Linda A. Parker is a fascinating in-depth exploration into the scientific research behind how this appealing natural wonder works inside our bodies. MIT Press publishes it, and it shows.

Parker’s book is perfect if you’re ready to nerd out on CBD science and expand your mind on how THC and CBD affect your body and brain.

8. "A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis" by Nikki Furrer

Even if you want to “get high like a lady,” this book is fab for everyone, which is why we highly recommend A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis by Nikki Furrer. Furrer uses humor to cover the basics of CBD, how to navigate your local dispensary, understand the amazing health-giving compounds like terpenes, and tons more. 

Readers also get sound advice on getting high and reaping the CBD health benefits at the same time. Furrer is hilarious, teaches you how to get high (or not get high), and has a smattering of exceptional recipes. This book is a great all-around CBD resource.

Become a CBD Superhero

Reaping the benefits of hemp without the intoxicating, psychoactive effects of THC is just one of the superpowers of CBD. As these products become even more accessible, it’s a great time to take charge and learn more about the products you consume.

Don’t forget to check your local booksellers or library for these titles, as well. You might be surprised at what you find in your own backyard.

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