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Biggest Dispensary in Santa Cruz County Opens – 3Bros™️ Midtown

New 3BrosTM Cannabis Dispensary Opens Santa Cruz Based Cannabis Company Announces the Opening of a New Dispensary 1515 Commercial Way, Santa Cruz, CAHappy ...

The U.S Legal cannabis market forecasted to make up to $43 Billion by 2025

Two separate research studies have shown that the legal cannabis market is projected to stack up at least $43 billion dollars by 2025. Let's get into the ...

Cannabis Stash Box Guide

At first glance, it’s pretty obvious what a “stash box” is: it’s a place to stash away your weed and other cannabis accessories. But these days, a stash box ...

Cannabis News round up

This week was full of marijuana news, both positive and negative, with mixed results across the globe. Here’s some international news in addition to plenty of ...

Friday (11/19/2021) Cannabis & Alcohol News Round-Up

The third week in November was a busy one for announcements of legalization support. From federal level bipartisan efforts to more limited movements within ...

Cannabis & Alcohol News Roundup

This week was a particularly juicy one in the world of weed, folks. We’ve got some authoritative new research advocating for legalization, a Michigan doctor ...

Friday (10/29) News Roundup

Happy Friday! Here is your weekly cannabis, CBD and alcohol news. Table of Contents 1. The VA is opposing a veterans’ marijuana research bill. During a recent ...

Cannabis & Alcohol Weekly News – Friday 9/24/21 Roundup

It’s a good time to be the cannabis plant. Misunderstood and persecuted for nearly a century, the tides are finally turning — and despite some setbacks, ...

Boar Distillery

Directions Hours Website Location Reviews Claim listing Boar Distillery Information Boar Distillery Description Boar Distillery Hours Disclaimer: ...

Bozeman Spirits Distillery

Directions Hours Website Location Reviews Claim listing Bozeman Spirits Distillery Information Bozeman Spirits Distillery Description Bozeman ...

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  1. Stewart,

    Thanks for the comment. Yeah we will get one done for December. Is there something specific you are looking for. We can pull those stats for you and get them in there.

  2. Foggy BD,

    This is called canoeing and it happens to everyone. There are several reasons it happens to joints and blunt. Air flow, uneven flame and hard pulls are a few reasons. Make sure the blunt is rolled tight. That will stop air from getting in unevenly.Try and make sure to light your blunt evenly.
    Take it easy when you pull on the joint or blunt. A lot of the times people pull to hard and that triggers the canoeing process.Yeah and wetting the side that has the run will stop it.

    That should help. Let us know if that works.
    We will also write a full article on canoeing for you
    because canoeing sucks, unless you are in an actual canoe
    on a glorious river. That’s bomb.

  3. Tessline,

    Thanks for the love. Where there is a will there is a way. Don’t let not having a dispensary license get in your way. That is one way to join the industry. It’s also expensive and extremely hard to make money with a dispensary because of all of the taxes here in the states. There are so many other ways to get in. Check out Leafwire dot com. You can connect with tons of people in the cannabis industry. Make sure you know the law in SA as well. Hope that helps. Feel free to send any other questions our way.

  4. Hi Oren,

    Thanks for the love. We wanted to make sure we bring something unique to the table. Not just the same ole strain info.

  5. Shannon,

    Ease into it and keep the dose low. If you have a lot of stress in your life from your job or things happening then it might be good to go to therapy first. One of our founders could not smoke because he would always bet paranoid and it would trigger his anxiety. He went to therapy and sorted out some things out. Once he did that, his anxiety rarely gets triggered. Hope that helps.

  6. We got you!

  7. If we gave you the ability to make your music pairing recommendations would that help?

  8. Bill,

    Was it the strain finder page? Check that out here:

  9. Hi Pam,

    Yeah you can. If you add a lot of shake and trim then it will be stronger. Hope that helps.

  10. Nsh,

    Can you email press at and we will connect with you. Would love to learn more.

  11. Thanks. Good luck!

  12. Erin,

    Good morning. Nah, you have to decab the weed before you make it.
    Yeah, it can be real strong so Green Dragon responsibly. The strength is going to be determined by the type of strain you use and the over proof alcohol you use. Have fun but always be safe and responsible. This is the Cross Faded way.

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