The U.S Legal cannabis market forecasted to make up to $43 Billion by 2025

Two separate research studies have shown that the legal cannabis market is projected to stack up at least $43 billion dollars by 2025.

Let’s get into the two studies.

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New Frontier Data: $43 Billion by 2025

New Frontier Data, one of the top cannabis market researchers found that, with 10 newly legalized states slated to begin selling cannabis in 2021 or 2022, the legal market is forecasted to rake in $43 billion by 2025. Their study gives hope to investors, medical marijuana patients and recreational enthusiast a like. The growth in revenue means new tax dollars that will benefit the States and US as a whole. We highly recommend you download the report here.

New Frontier data study

Headset Data: $45.8 Billion by 2025

Headset is predicting that the total annual United States cannabis market has the potential to reach $45.8 billion. Their study breaks out a State by State analysis that you should take a look at. See the limited example below. We recommend you download the study here.

headset forecast

Why this matters

These data backed projections are important because they really provide:

  • Use current usage, consumer demand and State legalization status to show how much cannabis can benefit a State 
  • It allows us to predict the potential tax revenue that can be gained and used for public good
  • It gives an example other States that don’t favor legalization can follow based on the rewards that States that have legalized will get
  • Hope to the citizens who want and some need cannabis to be legal. Legalization provides jobs, medicine, and hope that decriminalization for cannabis use & possession will happen.
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