NFL Donates $1 million to CBD Pain Management Study

The NFL is finally doing something right for their players. They are investing $1 million to do research to find out if  cannabidiol  (CBD) can really help their players deal with pain. They made specific mention to the hope that CBD will help with concussions as well. If proven correct then the goal would be to substitute CBD with some of the more harmful pain medications that are currently being administered to players.

“Researchers will conduct a systematic, ‘real-world, real-time’ study with professional athletes … which should shed further light upon the many anecdotal reports that cannabis is helpful in reducing post-competition pain.”

Dr. Mark Wallace, co-principal investigator and director of the Center for Pain Medicine at UC San Diego Health Tweet

Our opinion

The NFL has been criticized for being a league that does not do as much for their players as other leagues do. From how players are paid, to the early denial of concussions being a problem, and then the race issues. There is everything that went down with Colin Kaepernick, to the recent racial discrimination lawsuit from Brian Flores and the racial discrimination for concussion payouts. Regardless of how you feel about the NFL, we think it is amazing that they are investing in this study.

If the study shows that CBD does help with pain management for their athletes, then they can take them off the more addicting drugs that destroy their bodies. This would be a great thing for their players. Especially since, CBD has been used by athletes for pain management and is even allowed in the Olympics.

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