Venom OG Strain — Potent Yet Approachable

Don’t let the intimidating name scare you away from this useful strain. Venom OG is as potent as the name suggests, but its wide range of potential positive effects make it worth trying. Experienced users regularly turn to this strain for pain relief when other strains can’t help.

As a slightly indica-dominant hybrid, it’s an excellent choice to pair with sativas like Sasquatch Sap.

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Venom OG Strain
10Expert Score
Venom OG Strain Flavor Scale

With a classic OG Kush type of flavor profile, Venom OG tastes like:

Fresh lemon and citrus
Rich pine and diesel notes
Classic skunk

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      Venom OG Strain Information

      With an average THC content as high as 27%, it’s no wonder this strain is largely recommended for experienced users. Without a good tolerance, you may find it a little overwhelming. However, it’s great for dealing with stress or pain that other strains haven’t been able to affect.

      Venom OG Strain Effects

      Pain-relieving 79%
      Uplifting 83%
      Relaxing 82%
      Helps With
      Stress 75%
      Depression 80%
      Insomnia 74%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 79%
      Arthritis 82%
      Dizziness 42%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 39%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 45%

      Venom OG Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Lusine — "Just a Cloud"
      Lusine — "Just a Cloud" 76%
      St. Vincent — "Los Ageless"
      St. Vincent — "Los Ageless" 85%
      Miniature Tigers — "Hot Venom"
      Miniature Tigers — "Hot Venom" 74%

      Lusine — “Just a Cloud”: Calming yet energizing, this song from Lusine has the same energy as this hybrid strain.

      St. Vincent — “Los Ageless”: A winding beat is perfect for staying focused after a few puffs of Venom OG.

      Miniature Tigers — “Hot Venom”: Celebrate this strain’s calming effects with an indie song that sets just the right mood.

      Pairs With Food
      Rhubarb tart
      Rhubarb tart 81%
      Marbled tea eggs
      Marbled tea eggs 73%
      Watercress and bacon salad
      Watercress and bacon salad 79%

      Rhubarb tart: This tart’s sour and sweet flavors will blend perfectly with the strain’s unique flavor profile.

      Marbled tea eggs: Fun to snack on, and slightly spooky tea eggs pair with Venom OG like peanut butter and jelly.

      Watercress and bacon salad: Cool and smoky flavors highlight the best of this strain’s notes.


      Pairs With Spirits
      Ramato wine
      Ramato wine 79%
      Pine Old Fashioned
      Pine Old Fashioned 86%
      Hoegaarden beer
      Hoegaarden beer 79%

      Ramato wine: A skin-contact wine with a soft orange color, this wine’s complex flavor is a good fit for Venom OG.

      Pine Old Fashioned: Highlight the pine notes of this strain with a classic cocktail updated with simple homemade syrup.

      Hoegaarden beer: Sweet and light with noticeable citrus flavors, this beer is just right for sipping alongside a Venom OG session.

      Where The Venom OG Strain Is Grown

      Bred by Rare Dankness Seeds of Colorado, Venom OG is a combination of Rare Dankness #1 and Poison OG. It’s not related to Durban Poison, although they have similar effects.

      Venom OG Strain Summary

      Give Venom OG a try at night since it can be too relaxing for daytime use. It’s a powerful option for beating pain and stress.

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