Limoncello Strain — Bright Lemon Cherry Fun

Named after one of Italy’s most popular lemon liqueurs, Limoncello is practically a summer’s afternoon in a bud. It also has unusual good looks with dark purple coloration marbled over mint green highlights and bright orange pistils to top it all off. It’s much sweeter and fruitier than Lemon OG.

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Limoncello Strain
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Limoncello Strain Flavor Scale

Unlike many other citrus-dominant strains, Limoncello has hints of deeper flavors like:

Sour lemon
Fresh twist of lime
Sweet cherries

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      Limoncello Strain Information

      Mood-boosting and prone to encouraging conversation, Limoncello is a great choice for a party or brunch. It can trigger anxiety in those with a low tolerance, so start with small doses until you know your tolerance for this particular strain, just like with Animal Mints.

      Limoncello Strain Effects

      Sociability 78%
      Euphoria 81%
      Giggling 76%
      Helps With
      Depression 83%
      Stress 78%
      Low mood
      Low mood 72%
      Fatigue 79%
      Social anxiety
      Social anxiety 82%
      Paranoia 42%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 43%
      Anxiety at high doses
      Anxiety at high doses 38%

      Limoncello Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Beach House — "Lemon Glow"
      Beach House — "Lemon Glow" 84%
      The Books — "The Lemon of Pink"
      The Books — "The Lemon of Pink" 81%
      Tash Sultana — "Mellow Marmalade"
      Tash Sultana — "Mellow Marmalade" 75%

      Beach House — “Lemon Glow”: Summer tones set the mood for a Limoncello session at any time of the day.

      The Books — “The Lemon of Pink”: When you’re in the mood for something avant-garde after indulging in this strain, try some of the most interesting folk-noise music from the ’90s.

      Tash Sultana — “Mellow Marmalade”: Let the dulcet tones of Tash Sultana and an upbeat bassline send you floating away on a cloud.

      Pairs With Food
      Eggs with merguez and pistachios
      Eggs with merguez and pistachios 76%
      Avocado chicken burritos
      Avocado chicken burritos 81%
      Cherry Italian ice
      Cherry Italian ice 83%

      Eggs with merguez and pistachios: Fried eggs mixed with spicy sausages and sweet pistachios will brighten up your brunch with Middle-eastern flavors.

      Avocado chicken burritos: Creamy avocado and spicy chicken play well with the flavors of this strain.

      Cherry Italian ice: Bring out the cherry notes in the Limoncello strain with a refreshing frozen snack.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Hard cherry limeade
      Hard cherry limeade 78%
      Limoncello 84%
      Mirto 78%

      Hard cherry limeade: Sweet and spiked, this drink has all the same flavors of Limoncello for a truly refreshing experience.

      Limoncello: With a long history of being sipped in the summer, try the European liqueur that lends its name to this strain.

      Mirto: A similar liqueur made with the berries of the myrtle bush, this drink has floral notes that blend perfectly with the cherry and lemon of the strain.

      Where The Limoncello Strain Is Grown

      With a sweet background befitting its summery flavor profile, Limoncello came from a cross between Cherry Pie and The Original Lemonnade strain. It’s sometimes called Lemoncello instead.

      Limoncello Strain Summary

      Don’t miss this citrus strain that offers a lot of fun effects in a potent package. It’s a great choice for daytime sessions with friends.

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