Trueberry Strain — Truly a Well-Rounded Berry Experience

Built to relax and reduce pain without completely knocking you out for the day, Trueberry is an indica-dominant hybrid with THC levels as high as 20%. This strain has a very forest-inspired flavor profile between the sweet berries and powerful pine notes.

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Trueberry Strain
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More complex than just a sugary berry flavor like Blackberry Haze, Trueberry is a combination of:

Sweet, slightly tangy forest berry flavors
Fresh cut pine
Spicy notes

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      Trueberry Strain Information

      Much like many other berry-flavored strains, Trueberry offers relaxation as a primary effect. However, this particular strain has enough sativa in its genetics to help keep couch lock from becoming a problem. It’s not unlike Berry Pie in that respect.

      Trueberry Strain Effects

      Mood-lifting 74%
      Energizing 72%
      Relaxing without sedating
      Relaxing without sedating 75%
      Helps With
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 73%
      Loss of appetite
      Loss of appetite 70%
      Depression 69%
      Anxiety 73%
      Fatigue 68%


      Trueberry Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Zedd and Alessia Cara — “Stay”
      Zedd and Alessia Cara — “Stay” 71%
      The White Stripes — “Blue Orchid”
      The White Stripes — “Blue Orchid” 69%
      Bruno Mars — “Just the Way You Are”
      Bruno Mars — “Just the Way You Are” 74%

      Zedd and Alessia Cara — “Stay”: A calming yet energizing song makes perfect sense to pair with Trueberry.

      The White Stripes — “Blue Orchid”: Let the driving beat makes the most of the buzz from this energizing strain.

      Bruno Mars — “Just the Way You Are”: For tackling those big tasks with the help of this strain, try an anthem from Bruno Mars.

      Pairs With Food
      Toasted orzo with parmesan and basil
      Toasted orzo with parmesan and basil 70%
      Sweet and sour chicken
      Sweet and sour chicken 77%
      Blueberry-topped sour cream cake
      Blueberry-topped sour cream cake 74%

      Toasted orzo with parmesan and basil: A creamy pasta dish with rice-shaped orzo is ideal for a dinner party that finishes with Trueberry.

      Sweet and sour chicken: Order some takeout to complement this flavorful strain without having to cook.

      Blueberry-topped sour cream cake: Denser than a cheesecake but bursting with berries, this dessert is as complex as this stain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Carajillo 70%
      Lillehammer liqueur
      Lillehammer liqueur 72%
      Snakebite 71%

      Carajillo: A mixed drink blending cold brew coffee, horchata, and dark rum, it’s a bracing accompaniment to the pine notes of this strain.

      Lillehammer liqueur: Flavored with raspberries and lingonberry, this liqueur is perfect if you’re going all out with the berry theme.

      Snakebite: Popular in the UK, this lager and hard cider combination has the perfect flavor for pairing with Trueberry.

      Where The Trueberry Strain Is Grown

      As a cross of the Blackberry, Strawberry Banana, and True OG strains, this hybrid comes from Elemental Seeds. It’s related to many other strains with Blackberry as a parent.

      Trueberry Strain Summary

      Trueberry has Kush genetics that gives it a pine-forward flavor profile and pain-relieving effects. If you’re a fan of strains like Runtz that offer both calming and energy-boosting effects simultaneously, make sure to give this strain a try.

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