Trash Strain — Don’t Throw This One Out

Despite the name, this strain is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid that is worth a try for any stressful or fatiguing situation. It combines a strong pain relief and relaxation effect with a slight energy boost, making it perfect for relaxing without completely passing out.

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Trash Strain
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Trash Strain Flavor Scale

Unlike some other strains, this variety isn’t primarily chosen for its flavor. However, this mild strain does have notes of:

Spicy notes
Musky flavors
Fresh earth

      AVO Ratings



      17% - 19%.




      Trash Strain Information

      This interesting strain is a hybrid like Willie’s Ghost or White Widow, but it has a unique set of effects. It’s a strongly relaxing strain, but it’s energizing too to keep you upbeat and ready to have fun. It can work equally well for morning, afternoon, or late-night sessions.

      Trash Strain Effects

      Relaxation 73%
      Pain relief
      Pain relief 74%
      Energizing 76%
      Helps With
      Chronic Pain
      Chronic Pain 50%
      Fatigue 50%
      Insomnia 50%
      ADHD 50%
      Dry Mouth
      Dry Mouth 50%
      Dry Eyes
      Dry Eyes 50%

      Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Sia — Cheap Thrills
      Sia — Cheap Thrills 69%
      The Weeknd — Can’t Feel My Face
      The Weeknd — Can’t Feel My Face 50%
      Lil Nas X — Panini
      Lil Nas X — Panini 76%
      • Sia — Cheap Thrills: You’ll feel the thrill when combining this slow-building hit from Sia and the Trash strain.
      • The Weeknd — Can’t Feel My Face: This just might become your new anthem after you give this strain a try.

      Lil Nas X — Panini: Stay upbeat and ready for anything by putting on this Lil Nas X sleeper track.

      Pairs With Food
      Rotisserie chicken salad
      Rotisserie chicken salad 50%
      Vanilla sugar cookies
      Vanilla sugar cookies 61%
      Green bean fries
      Green bean fries 58%
      • Rotisserie chicken salad: The roasted white meat and creamy flavors of a well-blended chicken salad are the perfect accompaniment to the Trash strain.
      • Vanilla sugar cookies: Sweeten up the earthy flavors of this strain with a plate of fresh-baked sugar cookies.
      • Green bean fries: Deep-fried green beans are one of those strange yet tasty snacks, just like the Trash strain itself.
      Pairs With Spirits
      Amaretto 49%
      Pimm’s Fruit Cup
      Pimm’s Fruit Cup 63%
      Bitter ale
      Bitter ale 59%
      • Amaretto: The nutty and slightly bitter taste of apricot seed liqueur is just what you need to bring out the flavors of Trash.
      • Pimm’s Fruit Cup: The citrus flavors and sweet fruit notes mingle perfectly with the earthy tastes of this strain.
      • Bitter ale: Balanced in hops and malt, these ales aren’t quite as bitter as their names suggest. Pair them with Trash to cut through the chemical notes of the strain.

      Where The Trash Strain Is Grown

      From an unknown breeder, Trash is a combination of the Trainwreck and Afghan Hash strains. This is where its clever but unflattering name comes from.

      Trash Strain Summary

      Everyone should give Trash a try, but be prepared to be a little trashed afterward. Don’t plan anything too important so this energizing yet calming weed can send you on an adventure instead.

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